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Bart: don't forget you don't own us.

Me: yeah listen to the speedster...( who I plan on keeping here)

Bart: What! You are gonna kidnapp me?!

me: I prefer the term 'surprise adoption'

Bart:...0_o ( runs off) Wally!

Me: damn it!

They managed to get Miss Martian to lower the bio ship. It hovered in mid-air just low enough for Cassie to carefully lift up the girl. She flew up to the open hatch on the underside of the ship. Miss M noticed the girl in her arms and quickly formed an organic make-shift bed. Wondergirl layed her down on the soft, jelly-like material and stepped back. The blonde gasped as she noticed the girls left wing that hung limply over the edge. the once white feathers were singed at the tips, covered in dirt or completly missing. There was some dried blood near where the wing was conected to the girls shoulderblade.

She bent down and brushed a loosened feather aside to see clearly. There was a break on the underside of the wing. The bone was at an odd angle and definatly wasn't symetrical with the right. She cast a glance over the rest of the girls thin frame. Her arms were black and blue, cuts and grazes covered her legs and her hair was a tangled mass of red knots and curls that reached her mid waist.

" Any luck?" Asked Miss M as the rest of the team joined them aboard the spaceship.

Robin waved the USB stick in his left hand " got the info we need" he fixed his white lenses on the girl " and we have proof" Bart had zipped over to Cassie.

" Wellisshegoingtobeokay?" He speedtalked. Cassie had an idea, she turned to Jamie.

" Blue could you do an internal and external scan?" He nodded and fixed his orange orbs on the girl, he blinked after a couple of seconds and spoke his verdict.

" Fractured wing, minor scratches and bruises. No sign of internal bleeding or abnormalities although she could have a very bad headache when she wakes up."

Cassie sighed with releife and thanked Jamie. Bart on the other hand was transfixed on the young girl. Who was she? Better than that what was she? This girl couldn't be any older than himself. Where were her parents? did she have any? He pondered all the way back to the happy harbour watching her the whole time. A thought came to him as he studdied her. He grinned. She was really pretty.

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