Amaris Victoria POV:

I covered my child's eye for she did not need to see who was after us. "Mom what's going on?" she asked.

"Not important." I whisper to her. "So," I state out loud to the white hair man "are you going to finish what you started now or later?" I almost spat. He grinned as I heard two other angels come from behind us. One was around five o'clock and the other was around eight o'clock. The man in front of us was at twelve o'clock. I hummed for a second. "You know I'm not going down without a fight." This made him jerk his head.

"I know." he said as he purple eyes glisten in the moon light. "You always been a fighter." he paused with this I took the time to tell my daughter something.

"When I did you to run you run you hear me?" I said in her ear. She was about to say something when I cut her off "Just do as I say OK sweetie? Fined your dad give him the letter and see what happens." I hold her tight one last time. I didn't want to tell her go but, I slowly loosened my grip on her. "Run towards three o'clock you'll have a chance than." she nods "I love you my child" I said happily. She smiles.

"Love you too" she said sweetly. I stopped covering her eyes and pushed her towards three o'clock and she started running.

"You ready to fight now that she's out of the way?" He asked coldly.

Scarlet Victoria POV:

I start running faster and faster as my heart pouted harder and harder. I stop when suddenly I fell I stayed on the ground for a minute or two. I slowly started to shake. Maybe it was the cool air or the fact that I'm scared for the first time ever in my life. My mom didn't let me see who he was but I know who it is. Tears started running down my pale face. I sigh, I pull myself off up from the ground and start running again. I have no idea what can be straight ahead but it has to be better than what's going on behind me.

Instantly I heard rustling in from the trees in front of me. With that I started running to my left only to be pushed back to my right andup against a big oak tree. The man in front of me had dark silvery hair up to his shoulders, and almost yellow honey eyes. If I only knew why before we left home I would have brought my gun or anything for that matter I could use to hurt someone. "Too bad your exists is a sin" he said as her put his free hand that wasn't holding me on my hip. "you're kind of attractive."

"Get your hands off me. NOW!" I shouted. He grinned.

"Make me girly." He said coming closer to my face. As he did so I spat in his face. He let go of me and i thought i was home free until another man not ever a boy came and grabbed me the same way the other was. This boy had bleach blond hair and bright red eyes. I sighed.

"What are you think you were going to do?" The blond asked.

"Have a little fun. She's going to be killed ether way so why not." The silver one said.

"Why can you ever just follow orders?" The blond asked.

"Because there never fun." He said " You need to take a chill pill bro." "I don't need a chill pill you need to grow up"

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