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"After all these years

She stopped the tears,

But she brought the fear

Of losing someone so dear" – Rain by Me

Summary: IchiRuki AU. Kuchiki Rukia has cancer and she had already closed off her heart, resigned herself to her fate of dying, but when Ichigo crashes into her life, she doesn't know what she should do anymore.

Chapter 1: The Story of Love Begins

Kurosaki Ichigo made his way down the hospital corridor. 'Damn Ishida, why'd he have to threaten me with Inoue's cooking if I didn't come?'

He was too lost in his thoughts of thinking of ways to kill Ishida when he bumped into someone. Instead of the mumbled "I'm sorry." He normally would have heard, he was met with: "What the hell is wrong with you?!" and he felt something – a foot? – connect with his shin. He sunk to the ground groaning in pain.

"What the hell's wrong with you, bitch?!" Ichigo shouted at the midget who bumped into him. "That's for bumping into me, fool!" She shouted back, just as loud. Now they were face to face, both fuming at the insufferableness of the other person.

"What are you doing, Kurosaki?" Said a very calmed and calculating voice from behind Ichigo. Ichigo turned around to face Uryu Ishida. "It's nothing, Ishida. It's just that this midget over here-" Ichigo pointed to the black haired, violet eyed person standing next to him who had calmed down considerably "-bumped into me."

The midget next to him started to shake with anger. "You moron! You were the one who clearly wasn't paying attention!"

"What'd you say, you bitch?!" Ichigo screeched at the short, angry midget in front of him. They glared at each other as Ishida sighed and pushed up his glasses. "Really, Kurosaki, you can't control your mouth can you?"

Ichigo stopped glaring at Rukia to glare at Ishida. Ishida was unaffected by his glare and only stated: "Kurosaki, you're so thick-headed. You're disturbing the patients." With that said, both Rukia and Ichigo stopped glaring at each other immediately, even though that wasn't the cause of the ruckus they were causing.

"Kuchiki-san, why don't you go back to your room?" Ishida said calmly, now glad that he had the situation under control.

"Sure, Ishida-san. Sorry for that." The Kuchiki girl said as she started heading away from them. He watched her as she disappeared around the corner. Che, she didn't even say goodbye.

Then it clicked for Ichigo. "Wait- did you say she was a patient here?!"

"You sure are slow, Kurosaki." Ishida sighed.

There was no way that girl was a patient at the hospital. She was too healthy, too lively, to even be considered here.

"What's she in here for, Ishida?" Ichigo said, oblivious to the answer as always.

Ishida let out a sigh and said one word that would change his world forever. "Cancer."

A/N: Hello! I was just trying out this new story idea that had just been circling through my head for a while. It's kind of short, but just bear with me! :D I'll try to update soon!