Summary: Deep down, Lucy never healed from her friend's death. The guilt was still there. So when she finds out her brother-in-law is dating her friend's older sister, she has to find a way to cope. Sometimes finding happiness means learning to let go.

**Please note: The Camdens are still living in Glen Oak. They did not rent an RV to go traveling across the country. In the meantime, Lucy and Kevin had another daughter after Savannah, named Sarah Rachel (known as Sarah). She is two years old.**

Disclaimer: I only own Sarah Rachel and Point Place.

Coming Full Circle

"Luce, we're home!" Kevin Kinkirk shouted as he opened the back door of their home, right next door to the Camdens, the home of her parents.

"Mommy!" 4-year-old Savannah cried as she ran to her mother. "Look! I got to finger paint!" She held up a beautiful painting that held many scratches and scribbles and paint splotches all over. It clearly looked the artwork of a 4-year-old. Nevertheless, Lucy smiled at her daughter and said, "That's beautiful, Honey."

"Hey Savannah, if you go put away your schoolbag in your room like Mommy and I showed you yesterday, I can take you the park," Kevin told his daughter.

"Okay!" Savannah ran upstairs with her backpack in hand. Kevin and Lucy laughed, as they watched her. "She's a bundle full of energy," Lucy told her husband, as she gave him a kiss.

"I'll say. How's our other little one?" he asked about their second daughter, Sarah Rachel, who was only two years old.

"Sleeping. Finally. Savannah was never this difficult to put to sleep."

Kevin shrugged. "By the way," he said, opening the refrigerator, "Ben called."

"He did? How's he doing?"

"He's doing well. He has off for the holidays, and decided to come out and spend time with his family."

"And this has nothing to do with a girl? Whatever happened to what's-her-name?"


"No, Clara was three months ago. He's been out since her."


Lucy shook her head.


"God, was he trying to go out with a girl who had a name similar to Mary's?"

"There's always Patty-Mary," Kevin reminded her.

Lucy rolled her eyes. "I'm not referring to your sister. He definitely went out with Mary-Ann because of her name."

"He's not that shallow."

Lucy looked at him. "This is your brother we're talking about."

"Come on Luce."

Lucy sighed. "Fine. So, what's her name?"

"You know I love you?"

"What did you do?"


"Stop trying to change the subject. You know you're a bad liar."

Kevin laughed. "Seriously. He just feels like dropping by for the holidays."

"What about your mom and Frank?"

"They went to Hawaii."

"He couldn't go with them?"

"I guess not."

"Why not?"

"Can't you just be happy he wants to visit?"

"He's up to something…"

"Luce, no he isn't."

Lucy shrugged. "Okay, then."

Yeah, right.

Ben Kinkirk made his way onto the plane. He double-checked his ticket. 38B. He groaned. He hated the back seats. It took forever to make his way to his seat in the crowded aisles, and then it took forever to get off of the plane once it landed. "Excuse me, pardon me, sorry sir," he had to repeat over and over again. If I was still dating Mary, he thought, but shook it out his mind. No, Mary had remarried Carlos and they had three children together. He had to stop thinking that he had a chance with her.

Ben groaned when he realized that he would be sitting in a middle seat. Both seats next to him were vacant. "Fantastic." He settled himself in and decided to drift off to sleep. At least the flight wasn't as lengthy as some other flights. Like, say, Australia. Although that would be a pretty cool to visit.

"Excuse me?" Ben opened his eyes and looked at the woman who was standing over him. She had a scar that went right down the center of her face, but she still managed to look pretty. "I'm supposed to be sitting in the window seat."

"Sure." He stood up and let her pass through. She settled herself down, put her small duffel underneath the seat, buckled her seatbelt and just stared out the window, not bothering to make conversation.

Wow, she's really pretty. I wonder if she has a boyfriend. However, after years of dating, he knew better than to ask that outright, so he decided with simple pleasantries. "So…heading for Glen Oak, huh?" Way to go, Moron.

She looked at him. She has such pretty eyes. "Yeah – visiting my parents for the holidays. What about yourself?"

"My brother and sister-in-law. I thought it was time I visited. Besides," he said with a grin, "My nieces miss me."

She laughed. She has such a great laugh, he thought. "Are you living in Buffalo?" Ben asked.

Jen nodded. "I moved out here a few years ago. I work as a receptionist down by Point Place." Point Place was an upscale spa and nail salon. "You?"

"I grew up in Buffalo. I'm a firefighter." Ben wanted to know more about the scar, but he decided not to press the issue, and the two of them talked for awhile about their hobbies and interests. The flight passed too quickly by, and before they knew it, they were landing in Glen Oak. "Maybe I'll call you sometime?" Ben asked. "That is, if you're interested."

Jen took a deep breath. "Look Ben, you seem like a really nice guy, but…I'm not ready to date." The truth was, Jen was more than ready to date. She was nearing the age of 28, and she had never been in a relationship before. She didn't want to mess things up, especially if they found out about her past.

Ben, however, knew that he enjoyed speaking to Jen and wanted to see her again. "Please, just one date. If, after the one date, you are still not ready, then I'll leave you alone. I promise." Jen gave him a feeble smile. She took out a pen and a small pad of paper from her purse, and jotted down her number. "It's my cell phone."


Jen turned and left the plane, and Ben smiled goofily after her.

He had a good feeling about this.

End of Chapter One. Hope you enjoyed!