The writing bug bit; I must scratch the itch, but, not having any great ideas at the moment for something long and complex, am turning to drabbles and having a lot of fun. Brevity not being one of my strengths, I find the word limit (and I do hold myself to exacts) to be a skill-honing challenge.

You all know how I roll by now. These are all Eilonwy-centric, and romantic tension will come into play at some point. Probably more than once.

Prydain and its characters are the creation of Lloyd Alexander.


She's afraid, the first dozen nights or so, to sleep.

Because it might be a dream; the moonbeams slanting through the loft window, the smell of Coll's pipe and the crackle of the woodfire in the room below, the quiet murmur of male voices that don't make her skin crawl. It might all vanish like mist in the morning, and she'll wake up in her cold chamber in Spiral Castle, with its stark opulence and bolted door.

It is, finally, Taran's voice, shouting from below, to shut UP and go to sleep already that silences the fears, and she does.