This is probably just going to be a one shot depending on responses. I haven't ever written the guys in the camps, so I thought I would give it a try. It is Hannibal's POV. Hope you all enjoy!

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It's night. Another day in hell coming to a close. I have my reasons for preferring the night over the day.

I can't see the anguished faces of the other soldiers as they cry quietly for GOD or their mother to take them home. Though I can still hear their screaming as the guards drag them away. I don't think I will ever get that particular sound out of my mind.

It's in my own cage the main reason I prefer the night.

My men.

Seeing the other soldiers wither away is bad enough, but seeing the four men who make up my unit turn into damn near nothing?

That's unbearable.

I shift my eyes to where I know B.A is sitting. It's where he always sits. Directly in front of Face and Murdock, near the back corner of the small cage.

I know he is awake, the man barely sleeps. His bad attitude is still there, you can catch a glimpse of it when Face or Murdock are being threatened,but for the most part he sits still, not daring to move and let our tormentors have a glimpse of the broken men behind him. His momma would be proud.

Courageous in an understatement for B.A. It always has been.

I then turn my glance to where Ray should be. Like B.A ,his position is predictable.

He sits just a few feet from me, in the center of the cage. He says it's because the bugs don't crawl all over him when he sits there, but I know the real reason. The center of the cage has the best view of the moon. Everynight he gets in position and turns his head upwards. Ray has something to go home to. I think he pictures that his wife, Trish, is looking at the same sky, and maybe he feels a little less lonely because of that.

I don't bother to even look in Murdock's direction. I can hear him muttering quietly to himself, so I know he is awake. Murdock and Face have it the worst. Each for different reasons.

The VC hate anything to do with pilots, and Murdock is ours.

He screams when they drag him away, but it's a different scream than that of the other soldiers. I think it's because he knows that there is a better chance that anyone else that he may not be coming back. We all knew when we were captured that Murdock was in for it, but he never said a word.

To be honest, Murdock is one the bravest men I know. Not more brave than anyone else, just different,and believe me Murdock is a different kind of crazy.

Next to Murdock is Face.

Ah, Face. I can barely look at him in the daylight.

His handsome features is what brought him to his current condition. He was taken today. Well taken is a nice way to put it. Actually they charged in, and after subduing the angry B.A, they grabbed Face by his legs, and drug him out, not caring about the sharp rocks and sticks he was pulled over. The kid looked like he had been tortured before he even got there.

We didn't know why they were so keen on taking the kid until he was brought back and dumped inside the cage, blood covering every inch of his body, except his face.

B.A growled and I felt sick. They might as well put a bullseye on his head. Once all the guards found out about the 'handsome american soldier', they had their turns with him. His body was covered in bruises, and he was thin. God he was thin. He wasn't big to begin with, but now...

I can't think about that.

Face never screams. There are times, after they take him and he has been gone so long, I think he is dead, and fear grips me. He won't give them the satisfaction of hearing him scream. How he does it, I don't know.

Lately I've been seeing that defeated look in his eyes. The look men get when they know their time is just about up.

Like I said, I prefer the night, because if I had to see the defeated look on my men's faces every minute of the day, I would be crazier than Murdock.

I will get them out of here, even if it's the last thing I do.

-The End?