Zombies 'n Stuff

An original fanfiction by TheEcho911

(Author's note: Parts of this fanfic will be written in a screenplay dialogue style, just to add a spin)

Chapter One


The 17 year boy old runs for his life, his heart pounding in his chest, the inhuman guttural growls following after him. "Please, not today," he thinks, "Not today..." He feels the empty holster where his sawed-off shotgun usually rests. "Ehren, you idiot!" he mutters through his heavy panting. His eyes speedily scan his surroundings as he runs, looking for a ledge, a gutter pipe, anything that could help him get off ground level, and away from the undead beasts.

He tips over dustbins, boxes, whatever he passes to slow them down. "Finally!" he thinks when he sees a relatively low building with a dumpster in front. In two quick hops and a scamper, he's on the roof. He sees the horde approaching, standing at the foot of the building, and hopelessly trying to claw their way to the roof. "HA! Catch me now, asswads!" he yells down as he detaches one's arm with a brick he throws down, just for good measure. "I guess its roof-hopping home today" he says to himself.

Now, you're probably wondering, "What's happened to our dear Planet Earth?" Well it's my job, as narrator, to inform you. It's the year 2028, and, as the nerds and conspirators predicted, the zombpocalypse (zombie apocalypse, to the n00bs) has happened. It's been two years since, civilians are forced to fend for themselves, since the UN cancelled their operation to eliminate the undead threat after half the troops turned or died (which is probably one and the same).

The survivors pulled out and headed back to New York, to the UN HQ, which is probably the safest place to be at this time. Our hero, Ehren Dremshire, is an English 17 year old boy living in Philadelphia with his father and a few other survivors. Our story continues... Who am I? My name is of no importance... But lets just say not every narrator get's to kill latex clad nuns with guns on his normal day job...

*******************END OF CHAPTER ONE*******************

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