Ocean in Her Eyes

Today was the first day of her forever. Korra woke up and breathed in deeply, trying to calm the instant wave of nerves she felt wash over her. She looked over at her wedding dress hanging on the closet door, and she couldn't help but smile as she bit her trembling lip. She stretched and begrudgingly got out of bed as she ran her fingers through her hair. She had washed it the night before and put it in a bun to keep it as neat as possible to make it easier for the hairdresser to deal with. However, it had come undone during the night and there was no telling what kind of mess it was in now. But she couldn't really bring herself to care all that much about it, for there were going to be plenty of much more momentous things to be concerned about today. It was her wedding day.

There was a soft knock on the door, and Korra opened it to see her mother's smiling yet hesitant face on the other side. "Good morning, sunshine," Senna greeted gently as she held up a cup of coffee for her daughter.

"Good morning, my beautiful, wonderful savior," Korra greeted with eager hands as she reached out to take the large coffee mug.

Senna chuckled as she came into the room and drank from her own mug before looking over her daughter thoughtfully. "Your henna is holding up nicely," she noted as she looked closely at the designs on the back of Korra's hands and palms.

It was a tradition that had been practiced by Senna herself at her own wedding, and by Nana as well. Nana was half Indian, and she had proudly painted the tattoos on Korra's skin the night before.

"Yup," Korra answered before sipping languorously from her coffee mug, smiling as the aroma and steam drifted around her face. She loved how the henna had turned out, and how it even synchronized with the tribal tattoo on her upper arm.

Senna smiled in return, then sat on Korra's unmade bed as her eyes went to where the dress was hanging. Suddenly her chin began trembling as tears pricked at her eyes.

"Mom, please, don't start crying already," Korra begged as she watched her mother sympathetically. "You're gonna make me cry too, and when we start we won't be able to stop, and I can't have puffy eyes walking down the aisle!"

"I know. I'm sorry. It's just that every mother starts dreaming of this moment from the first day she learns she is going to have a child," Senna admitted before she took a deep breath to calm herself. Then she gazed back at Korra proudly. "I'm so happy for you, baby," she said before standing again to embrace her daughter, rubbing soothing circles into her back as she did so, helping Korra to relax. "Everything will be perfect," Senna assured her before releasing her and pulling away.

"But what if it's not?" Korra asked, suddenly uneasy as she thought of all the potential disasters. A hail storm, power outage, fire, puffy eyes. The list was endless.

"Well… unexpected things happen sometimes, and sometimes there's nothing you can do about it," Senna answered with a shrug.

Korra frowned as she downed the rest of her coffee. "That's not reassuring."

Her mother smiled as she took the now empty mug from her. "Even if something does happen, it's still going to be a wonderful day that you're going to treasure for the rest of your life. Don't worry, sweetie. We're all here to make sure it goes smoothly. But if you start feeling stressed, just think about your groom. Trust me, it helps," she suggested with a wink as she turned to leave the room. "Oh, and don't forget to thank Asami and her mother for letting us all stay here," she reminded her over her shoulder.

Korra nodded as she stretched again, then heard as her mother announced to the rest of the house that she was awake. The Satos had graciously opened up their mansion to them for yesterday and today, and it had been the most practical choice as it was closest to the church and large enough to house everybody.

Just a few seconds passed before her wedding planner, Mel, zipped into the room, her planner and toiletry bags bursting at the seams. "Good morning, Sleeping Beauty!" she greeted cheerfully.

"Good morning," Korra greeted back, significantly less enthusiastic. Her coffee still hadn't kicked in.

"I told Senna you needed espresso," Mel groaned. "Now, go brush your teeth and put on these whitening strips before the photographer gets in here. We want your smile to be nearly blinding, remember?" she reminded her as she handed Korra one of the toiletry bags.

Korra huffed a chuckle and suppressed an eye roll as she took the bag and went into the large, adjoining bathroom to do as she was told. She looked at herself in the mirror, stopping mid brush to take in her appearance. She smiled a little at herself. It was her last day as an unmarried woman. Then she finished and went on with her routine of washing her face, along with applying the moisturizers and eye creams Asami had given her a few weeks ago. Then she put the whitening strips on and went back out to see several more people filing into her room.

The wedding photographer, Sierra, was the first one in, and the moment she came into the room she told Korra to make the most ridiculous face she could. Korra curiously obliged and Sierra snapped the shot before Korra broke into a laugh, instigating Sierra to take a few more.

"That's different. Why did you do that?" Korra asked.

"To break the tension and to get you smile like this," Sierra said as she showed the display of Korra on her camera. "You're extremely photogenic; my job is going to be crazy easy today," she assured her.

"Korra, you have 20 minutes left to keep those strips on, then you can have breakfast," Mel dictated as she made notes in her planner and typed things into her phone.

"Oh, great, breakfast! I'm starving!" Korra replied gleefully. "I want a stack of pancakes and like a ton of bacon."

Mel shook her head. "Sorry, no can do. You have to eat light today. Need I remind you that you have a seventeen thousand dollar dress to fit into? We can't risk bloating." She sighed sympathetically at Korra's crestfallen face and added, "But hey, you can pick what kind of fruit you want on your parfait."

"Strawberries and Kiwis, I guess," Korra said resignedly, turning to brush her hair and put it back up into a messy bun.

"Awesome," Mel chirped as she quickly sent a text message on her phone. "Now I need your attention as we go through the first half of today's schedule," she said, pulling out her tablet. "Okay, so right now you get half an hour at the breakfast table with your family and friends and bridal party, then it's into the tub for another 30 minutes for your last chance to really relax and have a moment to yourself. But after that it's hustle time," she listed off, her face lit up by the bright screen as she scrolled through it. "Rachel will be here to do your hair and Chelsea will do your makeup, and that'll take a couple hours at least."

Korra's eyes widened as Mel spoke. That was a long time to have to sit still, and the thought of that alone made her stress levels go up. She closed her eyes and just tried to breathe. Then she remembered her mother's advice and thought about Tahno. If he was here he would have found her annoyance of having to sit and be dolled up amusing. She could just picture his smirk now, and it was surprisingly calming. She wondered what he was doing right now. Oh well, she would see him soon.

"And then it'll be lunchtime, and again, nothing too heavy, then you'll get your hair and everything touched up again," Mel continued. "After that, you finally get to put on your dress, and once you and everyone else are dressed and ready, it's off to the church!" she exclaimed just as her phone started beeping. She checked it then informed Korra that the florists were on schedule with decorating the church and reception hall.

Korra nodded at the news, somewhat relieved that there were no catastrophes. Yet. Then a little bit later, after taking the strips out of her mouth and rinsing in the bathroom sink, she began making her way downstairs for breakfast, the photographer right behind her.

"So I know it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding on the wedding day," Sierra said in a low voice as she came up beside her in the hallway. "But how do you feel about seeing the groom?"

Korra stopped before going into the kitchen, her eyes lighting up in excitement as Sierra showed her a picture on her phone. It was Tahno still in bed with his hair in absolute shambles, looking like he had been ran over by a truck.

"Oh my god, is he okay?"

"Yeah, looks like he just partied a little too rough last night. He'll be fine; Iroh made sure he's not sick or hung over," Sierra assured her.

They entered the enormous kitchen to find what appeared to be Korra's entire family and bridal party sitting at the table or standing around the counters. They were all chatting and eating from the overabundance of expertly prepared food laid out, but all stopped to turn and greet the bride with smiles as she made her appearance.

"What did you do, Asami, hire a chef?" Korra asked her friend as she sat down and was handed her own personalized parfait. It looked amazing.

"Something like that," Asami answered with a grin. "Don't worry about it."

"Okay," Korra conceded with a shrug as she put her food down and went to get a cup of orange juice and another cup of coffee. She took a sip of orange juice and grimaced.

"You okay, honey?" Norah inquired.

Korra nodded and shuddered. "Yeah, I just forgot, beer after liquor, never sicker and most importantly, orange juice after toothpaste – DEATH," she said with a face.

Sierra took a picture of her expression the exact moment she said that, and everyone erupted into laughter before breaking out into excited chatter again. Korra sat back down to eat the rest of her breakfast before she sneaked a corner of a waffle from Sapphira's plate that had strawberries and whipped cream stacked over it along with a few pieces of bacon when Mel wasn't looking. She enjoyed being able to laugh and talk with her friends and family before the rush to get ready began. All too soon, she was dragged away from the table and back upstairs for her bath.

"Oh hello, friend," Korra said to the Jacuzzi as she took off her slippers and sunk into the hot water and bath oils.

She was left alone for a little bit to enjoy the heat and luxurious jets, but soon there was a knock at the door and the muffled sound of the photographer calling her name.

"Yeah, you can come in," Korra answered.

"I just wanted a picture of you relaxing. I'll only see the tub and your head," Sierra said as Korra nodded her consent.

She took a few shots from the doorway as Korra followed her directions to tilt her head, close her eyes, and smile serenely. "Beautiful," Sierra praised as she got up and walked over to another vantage point to get a different angle.

"Hey, so my friend Asami…" Korra started to say before she hesitated to think it over again.


"On Asami's wedding day, she had her photographer take a 'tasteful' picture of her in the bathtub and send it to the groom..." Korra furthered and looked up to see Sierra trying to hold back a scheming smile. "And I was wondering..."

"Of course," Sierra agreed as she positioned herself at the foot of the tub and tilted the camera lens accordingly. "Now, give me the look you would give Tahno if you wanted him to get in the tub with you."

Korra looked at the camera and gave her best hooded stare. Then once the picture had been taken she asked worriedly, "How does it look?"

"Uh, I think my camera is about to catch on fire," Sierra declared with a grin. "It looks great. I'll send it to your phone and you can send it to him yourself whenever you want," she said as she made for the door. "I'll get out of your hair now. Enjoy your relaxing time while you have it."

"Thanks," Korra said as she reached for her phone and waited for the picture to come. Then she sent it to Tahno and bit her lip while she waited for his reply.

Meanwhile, Tahno was eating breakfast when he received a picture message from Korra, and nearly choked when he saw what it was.

Iroh eyed him questioningly. "You okay, buddy?"

"Yeah…" Tahno answered as he typed a reply back to Korra.

"What happened?"

Tahno chuckled before answering in a low tone so only Iroh could hear. "My bride decided to send me a preview of the honeymoon."

"Oh," Iroh answered before clearing his throat awkwardly. "If it's what I think it is, Asami did the same thing to me on our wedding day. You may not want to linger on it too much, or you won't be able to stay focused all day."

"Don't worry. I got it, man," Tahno assured him as he stood and walked back to his room to continue texting Korra.

Tahno - That's not fair, Pretty Girl. You shouldn't tempt me like that.

Korra - Oh really? Then how should I tempt you?

Tahno – If you still want the wedding night to be reserved for tonight and not right now, I suggest you stop while you're ahead. Otherwise, I'll be getting you back for this. LATER.

Korra - I'm counting on it Pretty Boy ;)

Tahno - I'm sure you are… I love you

Korra - I love you too. Can't wait to see you.

Tahno - Are you nervous?

Korra - Are you?

Tahno - I asked you first.

Korra - So?

Tahno - You're not getting cold feet on me are you?

Korra - Hell no! My feet are actually hot :p. What about you?

Tahno - I'm not going anywhere, Pretty Girl. Get back to your bath. See you soon baby.

Korra - Bye Pretty Boy :*

Tahno - :*

Korra sighed happily as she set her phone down and the music resumed, relaxing further into the water and trying to make the most out of the time she had left. But all too quickly she was being called for, and then it was a blur of smiling faces, hair, makeup, food, and dresses. Then the moment came for her to put on her wedding dress and time seemed to slow down again. Asami helped lace it up correctly and make sure it was perfect. From there it was a mad dash into the limo and off to the church and into a closed off room to wait for the guests to arrive and the ceremony to start. Korra kept looking over her bouquet and smelling the flowers that made it up as she waited, occasionally glancing at the clock. She could hear the gradual buildup of voices as people started to arrive. She blew out a shaky breath as her nerves started to build. But her breath hitched when she heard Tahno's smooth voice talking to a few of the guests. It had only been a day since she heard his voice but it felt like it had been so much longer than that. Korra found it funny that his voice made her relax while making her anxious, if only to see him, all at the same time.

"The wait is almost over; it'll be okay," Asami whispered into Korra's ear as they sat on the couch in the small room.

Korra looked over and nervously smiled, her anxiety rising nevertheless.

"Trust me, the moment you see him at the end of the aisle, all of your nerves will melt away and all you will see is him," Asami assured her.

"Ten bucks Tahno at least tears up," Sapphira blurted out.

"I'll take that bet," Sasha piped up as she fist bumped Sapphira and everyone started to chuckle. "And another ten that Tonraq will absolutely bawl his eyes out," she added.

Korra rolled her eyes and shook her head but couldn't help but laugh along. Mel popped her head in and announced to get ready to walk down the aisle in 10 minutes, and everyone stood and started to get in order. Sakari was in the front with her basket of flower petals along with the ring bearer, Tahno's only little cousin Killian, who checked the pillow to make sure the rings were still tied to it.

"Everything okay, Killi?" Korra inquired as she watched his little brow furrow in determination.

"Yup," he affirmed with his little Irish accent and a nod as he turned and stood next to Sakari who was now four years old and getting bored just standing around.

"Hang in there, sweetie. It's almost time," Korra tried to soothe her little cousin even though she felt like she was about to jump out of her own skin any second.

Sura was in line too, lost in her own little world as usual. She was nine years old now and looked beautiful in her smaller version of the other bridesmaid dresses. At the moment she was holding Shorty by a decorated leash in one hand and her mother's hand in the other. They would be walking down together right after the bridesmaids.

Tonraq finally came back just a few minutes before the ceremony started and took Korra's hand and placed it in the crook of his arm before giving it a reassuring squeeze. Then the groomsmen came in just after that and stood next to their respective bridesmaids. Soon the music began and the flower girl and ring bearer were sent down the aisle first. Sakari was a good two steps ahead of the ring bearer because she just wanted to get her job over with and get back to her mom. Killi tried to keep up but it was no use. He tried to catch her and hold her back a little, but she just turned on her heel to smack his hand away before dropping the basket of flowers and pushing Killi down to the ground. And a wave of hushed murmurs and chuckles echoed throughout the church.

Tahno tried not to laugh, he really did, but when he heard Korra's unmistakable cackle from somewhere in the back he couldn't help it. Killi got up and glared at Sakari, who just turned up her nose, flounced around, and picked up the flower basket to continue walking down the aisle as if nothing had happened.

Soon after, the couples started walking down the aisle as Mel gave them the signal to go. One by one they went and took their respective places at the altar, until it was time for Sura to walk down. Everyone by the door held their breath, including Korra. They had practiced this with her many times, and she was much better about being around people now, but that didn't mean she still couldn't decide that this was too much for her to handle. Despite the obvious concerns, they had made the choice to include her in the procession. She was extremely important to both Tahno and Korra, and they had wanted so much to share their day with her.

However, it didn't seem that Sura walking down the aisle was going to be in the cards today. Her feet had suddenly become frozen to the carpet at the sight of countless faces staring at her expectantly. She wouldn't move, backwards or forwards, despite her mother's calm encouragements or Shorty licking comfortingly at her hand.

"It's okay, Sura, you don't have to go down," Norah said soothingly, leaning down to try and meet her eye. "You can go stay outside with Hannah."

Sura still wasn't moving. Instead she began to cry, face turned toward the inside of the church like she wanted to go in, but feet still glued to the floor. The music halted and guests began murmuring in hushed tones again as the wedding came to a standstill. Korra's heart was beating so hard she could feel the pulse in her ears. No one seemed to know what to do, and poor Sura was getting more distraught by the moment. Just as she made up her mind to see how she could help, Mel began shooing her back into the bridal room.

"Hurry! Tahno's coming back to help. He can't see you."

"What? No, it's just a dumb tradition. Let me help too," Korra tried to protest.

"Don't be silly. If we need you, we'll come get you. In the meantime, Tonraq, don't let her come out. We're going to get back on schedule ASAP," Mel commanded authoritatively as she closed them in.

Tahno closed the distance to his little sister and wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug. Sura clung back to him, and then let him wipe the tears off her face after he pulled back.

"That's a lot of people, isn't it?" Tahno said as she nodded. "You don't have to walk in front of all of them, you know. You can go back and wait for us, and we'll see you at the party."

At this suggestion, Sura's face scrunched up and she shook her head with more tears coming down. "You still want to watch me and Korra get married?" he asked.

Sura nodded.

"Maybe you could watch us from upstairs. Could someone take her up to the balcony?" he said, looking at the people gathered around them.

"I will," Cohen said as he came up beside them.

"How about that, Sura? Go upstairs with Dad and watch the wedding up there?" Tahno said, turning back to her.

Sura looked at Cohen's outstretched hand for a moment and then grasped it with her own. It didn't take long for them to get settled, and then the wedding picked up where it left off. Tahno walked his mother down to her seat himself, then resumed his position at the front of the church.

And then it was time. The music soared with the song they had chosen for Korra to walk to, and Tahno felt suddenly anxious. But the moment she came into view, even with her face somewhat obscured by the veil, he felt all the anxiousness leave him. He felt a deep sense of calm and serenity wash over him as he watched her walk toward him. She looked absolutely radiant and impossibly beautiful, and she was his. All his. What in the world had he ever done to become so lucky?

Korra looked down the length of the aisle to see Tahno at the end, and Asami's words came true. All she could see was him, and even through the delicate veil, he looked as handsome as ever. In no time at all she was beside him, her father handing her over and shaking his hand. Tahno lifted the veil up and over her head so he could see her face, and his breath was immediately taken away.

"Hi," Tahno breathed, not knowing what else to say.

"Hi," Korra whispered back, nearly losing herself to giggles at her effect on him. "Let's get married," she said before taking his hand and turning toward the priest.

As the priest addressed those in attendance, Korra and Tahno never took their eyes off each other. They even zoned out a bit until the priest announced it was time for them to recite the vows they had written themselves. They both pulled out the cards with the lines written on them, still holding onto each other with one hand, and Korra read hers aloud first.

"Tahno," she began, looking him in the eye before lowering her gaze to read the words. "I have been fortunate enough to have always lived a life full of love, family and adventure, yet I never could have imagined the intensity and the depth of love and passion I feel for you."

Tahno's thumb rubbed against the back of her fingers, and already she could feel her throat clogging with tears. She cleared it the best she could before continuing. "Somehow, you manage to bring out the best in me and make me realize I'm stronger than I thought. You're my best friend, and nothing ever felt more right than deciding to marry you." Her voice was cracking horribly, but she went on. "There may be times when you make me so mad I want to scream and swear at you," she said to the sound of quiet laughter among the guests.

"But at the end of the day, I will always choose you above all others, and you will always be my home as I will be yours." She glanced back up at him for a moment as a single tear tracked down her cheek. He lifted their joined hands to catch it as she finished up. "I promise to always love you for who you are, imperfections and all. I promise to be the one you can always turn to, to laugh with you, cry with you, or just to hold you. I promise to put your needs before my own, and to love and honor you more every day, for as long as we both shall live," she ended, putting the card away and feeling extraordinarily lighter.

Then Tahno began his after giving her a tender smile. "Korra, my life since I have started it with you, has been anything but easy, smooth, or uneventful, but it's been more amazing then I could have ever hoped for. I used to always look for the easy path, but now I know that the best things in life are the things you have to face your fears and fight for," he worded sincerely, looking up at her often as he seemed to have the words almost entirely memorized.

"And we have fought," he said with a particularity pointed look at her, and she squeezed his hand while another but smaller wave of quiet laughter echoed throughout the guests. "We fought our circumstances, fought each other, but I wouldn't change it for anything, because it's led us to this moment." He had to stop for a moment, then breathed deeply before going on. "Since falling in love with you, my world is brighter, fuller, crazier, and so, so much better. I promise to spend the rest of my life by your side, no matter what hardships we may endure. I promise to trust you, and to work as hard as I can to deserve your trust in me. I promise to love you, Korra, unconditionally, with everything I have. I will always cherish, honor, and adore you, for as long as we both shall live."

A few more words were spoken by the priest, and then they exchanged the rings. And just like that, they were husband and wife.

"You may now kiss your bride," the priest announced as Tahno and Korra both leaned in and gave each other a kiss that was pretty chaste by their usual standards, but their lips lingered for several seconds and finally parted with the promise of so much more.

They turned to the cheering crowd and walked back down the aisle together with their wedding party following behind. Everything was a blur for the next few minutes. There was the certificate to sign, hugs and congratulations from friends and family members, and what seemed like thousands of pictures. But finally, as Korra and Tahno made it to the limo that would take them to the reception, they caught a break.

"My mouth hurts from smiling," Korra admitted with an exhausted chuckle as she sank into Tahno's side. Her head rested on his shoulder as his arm draped over her shoulders, and she closed her eyes for a moment of peace before the party began

"Same here," Tahno agreed as he did his best to relax. The "hard part" was now over, and a whole night of celebrating was ahead of them.

"I can't believe Sakari did that to Killi," Korra muttered with a snort that turned into a laugh.

"She is a little spitfire, isn't she?" Tahno murmured with a small chuckle of his own. "What do you think the chances of them getting hitched in 20 years is?" he questioned as he thought back to the first wedding that brought them together for the first time.

"Oh lord, who knows," Korra answered as she snuggled even closer to him, perfectly happy to soak up the moment of peace and quiet while it lasted. "Mel said you really came to Sura's rescue in there," she said as she remembered the episode that nearly happened.

"Well, she wanted to be there; she just needed to have some space. We're lucky the church had balconies."

"She's lucky she's got you," Korra contradicted. "And so am I. I love you so much."

Tahno looked down at her and couldn't help but softly smile and kiss the crown of her head. "I love you too."

Korra tilted her head back so she could kiss him fully. Soon she was moaning into his mouth as he deepened the kiss, using his other hand to reach up and hold her jaw as his body angled towards hers. But of course just as the kiss became really heated, they arrived at the reception.

"Damn it," Korra complained, irritated and disappointed she couldn't do more.

"We have all night to make up for it, Mrs. Malek," Tahno reminded her as he pulled his arm from around her and straightened his bow tie, rolling his head to the side to crack his neck.

"True," Korra allowed as Tahno opened the door and got out to help her out of the limo.

"And we're going to need all night, baby," Korra taunted in her sultriest tone, causing Tahno's breath to hitch in his chest.

"On second thought, get back in the limo. We don't need to go in. They can party without us," Tahno suggested.

"No, no, I'm not leaving without cake and at least one dance in," Korra admonished as she steered him toward the doors.

Tahno cursed under his breath as he noticed his ushers coming to open the doors for them. Korra turned to give him a brilliant smile before squeezing his arm reassuringly. Then they were ushered in to a hallway before they were announced, and her hair and makeup people came out of nowhere to touch her up and to bustle her dress.

"And that's why we wear lip stains on our wedding day," Chelsea the makeup artist asserted as she reapplied a clear gloss to Korra's lips and gave Tahno a tissue to wipe off the gloss that had smudged onto his own. "Keeps the smudges and mess down to a minimum." She added with a wink.

The rest of the wedding party came back into the hall and lined up to make the big entrance into the reception. The DJ announced them as the lights dimmed and a spot light shown against the doors. Each couple was announced as the guests cheered, then it was finally Korra and Tahno's turn. The booming cheers nearly deafened them as they came in, and almost immediately they were handed champagne and hors d'oeuvres. Then there were more pictures, mingling, and then it was finally time for the first dance.

As previously planned, Norah walked with Sura to the Piano as Mel got a microphone to make the announcement.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. The time has come for the bride and groom to have their first dance, and this dance is extra special since it is the groom's sister who will be performing the song they will dance to. The song selected was created by the groom himself a few years ago when he was first inspired by the bride..." she explained before turning to Sura at the piano. "The song is called 'Ocean in Her Eyes'," she finished as the spotlight went to Tahno and Korra on the dance floor.

Sura leaned over the keys and began playing the song by heart without any sheet music to aid her. Her performance was flawless as her fingers danced along the keys with more elegance and grace as the song progressed. It started out simple before getting a little more complex, then the orchestra chimed in little by little. First a violin then a cello joining in the melody, before a drummer softly added the beat. Then all at once the whole orchestra came together and completely filled the very large ballroom with their exquisite sound. Even the DJ played just the digitized and enhanced whale songs that Tahno had originally used when he first composed the song.

Tahno and Korra had been practicing this moment for months. How the song would build and how their dancing would mirror it; where and when he would twirl her, dip her, or whatever the case would be. But as the song began to draw to a close, Tahno and Korra were content to simply sway back and forth while they watched Sura. Slowly, the orchestra faded out in the order in which they chimed in until it was just Sura and the lead violinist. The lights had softened as well, giving everything a soft glow.

Then the violinist softly faded out until it was just Sura playing, slowing down a little to signal the end of the song. With extra care she played the last notes before taking her hands off the piano and folding them in her lap before everyone erupted into applause and cheering. Tahno and Korra came over to Sura and hugged her and thanked her for such an amazing gift.

After that it was time for all the father-daughter dances, which Cohen made sure he and Sura took part in, something they too had practiced for months.

After some more dancing, it was time to cut the massive and opulently decorated cake. Tahno and Korra each fed the other a small bite, and at first it seemed they wouldn't be smearing it on each other's faces as some couples did. But then Korra dabbed some frosting on Tahno's lips, for which he got back at her by kissing it off onto her neck.

After that the party really picked up when the band/orchestra gave control of the dance floor over to the DJ. Then the laser lights, disco ball, and a smoke machine made their appearance. After that it was hard to find space on the dance floor.

When Korra had felt like she had practically danced her feet off, she pulled Tahno aside and let him know they could go. They left after saying their goodbyes and finally crashed again in the back of the limo as the driver drove them to the hotel they would be spending their wedding night in. Or so Korra thought.

She hadn't been paying that much attention to where they were going at first; she was too lost in her husband's lips. But then as they began a steep and twisting ascent, she looked out the window curiously. "Something's really familiar about this road," she said. "But this isn't the city. I thought you wanted to stay by the airport?"

Tahno shrugged, his bowtie askew and his hair wild from Korra's fingers. "I may have said that, but as I remember you weren't too crazy about spending our first married night in some nameless hotel."

"Yeah, but then you won me over to your practical side," she reminded, pointing at him accusingly.

Tahno waved her off. "That was just to throw you off the scent."

Korra couldn't help the excited smile that sprung to her face. "So… where are we really going to stay the night?"

Ten minutes later the limo pulled to a stop at a cabin where two teenagers had once spent the night together for the first time, what felt like ages ago. The driver helped to unload their bags and left; Tahno's car was parked in the driveway for them to use in the morning.

"I can't believe we never came back here before now," Korra said, smiling at him before they went inside. "This was a perfect idea."

Tahno smiled back before leaning down to scoop her up and carry her inside as she laughed in surprise. A caretaker had clearly been in recently to get the room set up; a fire was already crackling in the hearth and was a welcome remedy to the late autumn chill. There were rose petals carefully strewn across the bed, chocolates and other goodies in a welcome basket while very light and delicate scented candles lit throughout. The first thing they did after helping each other take off their clothes, which for Korra was easier said than done, but Tahno figured it out easily enough, was curl up in front of the fire and relax in the warmth from the flames and each other, knowing they had time later to fall into the sheets of the large bed behind them. The night was spent in peaceful tranquility in their secluded retreat beneath the millions of brilliant, twinkling stars. Everything was done with slow, passionate intent, from kissing and nuzzling, to whispering sweet nothings, and eventually to hours of making love until they began to drift off to sleep in each other's arms. Their eyes slid closed as serene smiles touched their lips, thinking fondly of the few sweet years they had already had together, and looking forward to all the ones to come.

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