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Chapter 1: Don't look 'em in the eye

These are dark times, there is no denying it.

2013. The war has ended. While to some, to say that war is over is a joyful thing, that it is something to be celebrated. To say 'war is over' is to be greeted with loud yells and cheers of joy, gleeful faces, both happy and relieved. To say 'war is over' is to see those young, fresh faces lined with age smile again. These smiles may be seen side by side with tears, but these are happy tears; tears of joy.

"War is over. "

But there were no celebrations.

There were no yells and cheers.

No one was smiling.

No one was crying happy tears.

War was over, and Voldemort has won. Harry and Ron were dead; Ron was blown to pieces by an unknown Death Eater. Voldemort got to kill Harry, finally getting what he had always wanted. Hermione has somehow survived—although barely—she was still broken; one can see in the lines on her face and draw the conclusion that she has been through so much.

In the final Battle at Hogwarts, a total of three hundred and ninety-five people have died. Three hundred and ninety-five lives were lost that night. Two hundred and fifty-six were Hogwarts students and members of the staff (house elves included); Eighty seven of the total death toll were Death Eaters, and fifty-two were members of the Order of the Phoenix.

Of the teachers who fought that night, only McGonagall, Slughorn, and Flitwick have remained at Hogwarts. Others, like Professor Sprout have gotten themselves killed, which scared the others into quitting their teaching jobs, preferring to stay safe in their homes and live a little longer. Not long after the Battle, the Dark Mark was found outside Madam Pomfrey's modest cottage in Leadworth, and inside was the pale, mangled body of the mediwitch, presumed to have been strangled to death by a large snake.

As expected, the school is now run by Death Eaters, with Thomas Mulciber as the Headmaster and siblings Amycus and Alecto Carrow as Deputy Headmaster and Headmistress. Defense Against the Dark Arts was replaced by Dark Arts, taught by the Carrows themselves. McGonagall tried to teach as normally as possible, determined to take the students' minds away from their school's sinister atmosphere, but every lesson was carefully monitored to ensure that the Professors were teaching "properly", and not planting ideas into their minds. McGonagall, Slughorn and Flitwick were often seen with gashes on their cheeks and bruises on their arms and necks.

A few, maybe four or five years before, Hagrid had staged a student riot and rallied the students to leave their classrooms and gather in one huge crowd at the courtyard to protest. As expected, the current school administration was not pleased. A few spells were cast, enough to dissipate the crowd of protesting students, and a few more spells later, Hagrid lay dead on the courtyard. No student protests were held ever since.

Nobody felt safe anymore. Once, Hogwarts was warm and welcoming. Its stone walls were once a home to hopes and dreams; simple joys and celebrations; but now it carried nothing but an air of despair. It was rare to see anyone smile these days. Quidditch was banned. The school stopped assigning prefects. However, the students were still allowed to visit Hogsmeade, the only thing left to look forward to, except the end of the term.

The Muggle-born population at Hogwarts has dwindled to a mere ninety-eight. So did the number of half-bloods, although not as much. Muggle-borns and anyone who was brave (or stupid) enough to speak out were severely beaten and punished.

Their only refuge was Miss Granger, the school's resident mediwitch, since Madam Pomfrey's incident. Hermione knew that even with Ron's and Harry's deaths, her mission was not over. Despite being constantly bullied by her Death Eater coworkers (and even some inconsiderate students), she put on a brave face and carried on. She provided aid to the sick and tortured, and basically became every student's best friend, especially a special group of sixth year boys, who were constantly getting themselves into trouble.

They reminded her of her younger self sometimes.

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