Family History

Summary: Maka's mom returns to Death City to take her to a trip to Japan. They soon get wrapped up in in battle against a force that is after their family. Their friends soon get pulled into their struggle against ancient forces.

Disclaimer: I don't own soul eater or any of it's elements.

Chapter 1: Reunion

She was wearing a thick black coat as she made her way towards the steps of the DWMA, she looked up taking in the view of the largest school in the middle of the dessert. A small smile crept onto her face as fond memories made their way into her mind.

Her train of thought was brought to a screeching halt as a blue screaming streak running right to her. As it inched closer to her she reacted by forming a fist as sticking it towards the incoming object. Her fist came into contact with the face of one Black Star.

Having no time to react to the incoming object all he could say in the aftermath was, "Ow."

"Hello Black Star." She greeted him.

"Hey Mrs. Albarn." Black Star muttered pulling his face off the fist.

"Black Star!" Yelled Tsubaki chasing after the meister.

Following were two of their friends one a scythe and another a meister. The woman in the dark coat was the target of this meister attention.

Maka Albarn had hair in her usual pigtails, she was wearing a blue skirt and white uniform with a long white coat with blue highlights and a pink bow in front. Her green eyes widened and a smile spread upon her face, "Mama?"

"Hello Sweetie." Kami smiled at her daughter.

Before she could say another word Kami bent herself backwards to avoid Black Star's sudden punch.

"Black Star!" Tsubaki shouted. "What are you doing?!"

Black Star didn't even answer as he kept trying to strike the woman only to have her dodge the attacks easily.

Maka's smile faded and she rolled her eyes. "What he always does when he spots my mom. He tries to beat her in a fight."

Kami had her hands in her pockets practically mocking Black Star's attempts. He kicked at her feet only for her to leap and landing on his head and jumping off again forcing him to tumble to the ground.

As they continued to fight Maka explained, "My mom used to watch us when we were young. She even helped train Black Star a little when Sid was on a mission. No matter how hard he tried he could never actually manage to land a hit. It didn't help that every time Black Star said he a was a big man she reminded him she was taller and then carried him."

Black Star jumped at Kami just pulled off her coat and tossed it right into Black Star face. He struggled to removed only to manage it just in time for Kami to punch him in the face.

"Dirty trick." Black Star told her as he stumbled to the ground.

"Coming from the assassin who is supposed to use surprise to attack people but fails to... it doesn't mean much."

Kami picked up her coat from the now unconscious Black Star. Soul studied her for a second. Kami did look a lot like Maka they had the same emerald eyes and the same blonde hair but Kami's hair was put into a long pony tail. Kami was wearing a pair of dark jeans and a white dress shirt. They did look alike but he found that Kami had more curves and more ample bust than her daughter.

"Come here sweetie." Kami opened her arms for her daughter.

"Mama!" Maka quickly ran into her mother's embrace.

Soul kept studying the pair as he had only heard about Maka's mom he didn't really know what to expect from her. They were very similar they certainly looked alike but Kami was much taller and she looked young even though she had to be in her thirties she looked to be in her twenties she could pass herself as Maka's older sister is she had to. Thinking about it Soul guessed something in their genes that let them look young, even at times Maka looked like she was younger than she really was.

"Mama, let me to introduce you to my friends." Maka spoke with a burst of energy.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Kami greeted them.

"It's very nice to meet." Tsubaki gave a polite bow. "Yes, I'm Tsubaki Nakatsukasa."

"Yeah, I'm Soul Maka's partner." Soul introduced himself scratching the back of his head not sure how to greet the mother of his partner.

"Kami extended her hand towards Soul. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Maka has told me a lot about you."

"Uh, sure." Soul said nervously. He wanted to make a good impression but really didn't know what to say.

"i heard my Maka just recently turned you into a death scythe. Congratulations"

Hearing that Maka and Soul blushed hearing her talk about it.

Though Maka didn't talk a lot about her mother Soul knew Maka cared about her and respected her. Also Soul had heard about her enough from the teachers how she was such an amazing meister, the one that made Spirit Albarn into a death scythe.

"Mama!" Maka started. "It's been a long time since I've got to see you face to face. Where have you been? Where were you? How long can you stay?" Maka spoke with the energy of a small child waiting for Christmas to come.

Kami scratched her head, "Actually I can't stay for too long. That's part the reason I wanted to see you-"

"KAMI!" Someone yelled cheerfully.

Kami instantly felt a pair of strong arms wrapped around her and crushing her with their strength.

The other turned around to see Marie giving the scythe meister a bear hug.

"Hi Marie." Kami managed to say with the little breath she had. "Mind letting me go?"

"Oh sorry." Marie let her go.

Kami normally should have been able to detect Marie coming like she did with Black Star but she was distracted by her talk with Maka.

Marie smiled bashfully rubbing her head having forgotten how strong she was in her excitement of seeing an old friend.

Taking in a deep breath she noticed following the blonde hammer were Stein and Spirit.

"Kami," Stein said calmly but with a half smile. "you look well."

Kami replied with a , "So do you." And with a wry smirk to boot, "It's good to see you again."

"... Hello Kami." Spirit said with a sad smile. His eyes were filled with with a turmoil of emotions, happiness, fear, shame, hope and so many others to hard to list.

Kami's face become stoic devoid of any emotions and her eyes became still and quiet, hard, and devoid of the joy she had when she saw Maka. "Spirit."

The air around them became still and thick, usually the oblivious Marie noticed it and the usually emotionless Stein seems disturbed by the situation.

Spinning on her heel she turned to Maka and Kami's voice was suddenly filled with the joy and her eyes softened. "So as I was saying, I would you like to-"

"Kami!" Another voice called out to her.

The unlikely group turned towards the top of the stairs where the blueish figure waved to them.

"Oh." Kami sighed it looks like someone else wants to talk." Kami gave a half smile as she started to climb up the stairs.

"NOT SO FAST!" Black Star jumped up again and placed his palm firmly on Kami's side. "Black Star Big Wave." A wave of energy burst through his palm.

The instant the energy shot into her Kami placed her her palm on Black Star's face and the energy the energy that coursed through her shot right back at Black Star. The force was enough to shot Black Star back several feet.

"Oh you learned how to use soul force. Good for you." Kami said before starting to go up the stairs. Kami had often spared with Stein who would used soul force on her and so she learned to develop a means to counter it by redirecting the attack back onto the ran to help Black Star up, not that he was too hurt. The others went up following Kami.

She greeted Sid with, "Oh Sid you look different, a little pale."

"Very funny." Sid told her. "I was always a man who could take a joke at himself. Yeah, I'm a zombie now."

"Stein I'm guessing."

The others quickly made it behind Kami but Sid continued. "Yeah, but we can catch up later. Lord Death noticed you were here and wanted to talk to you."

"Then let's do this." Kami was already off. "Come along Maka, we still need to talk."

"You can talk now." Sid said. "He doesn't need to see you right now."

"Who has time to wait?" With that Kami was off.

The others followed sensing some urgency in Kami's tone. Maka was the first person to chase after her.

In the Death Room stood the grim reaper known as Lord Death. Before him stood two blonde weapons known as the Thompson sisters and the other gun Yumi Azusa. That was when a blonde meister came running in.

"Kami?" Lord Death tilted his head not expecting her so soon.

"Hello Lord Death." Looking around. "Hello Azusa."

"Hello Kami." Azusa gave her a small smile.

"You wanted to see me." Kami said before spotting the girls. "Hello I'm Kami Albarn."

"Albarn?" Liz asked. "Are you Maka's mom?"

"Yes, you two must be Liz and Patty."

"Yeah." Patty chirped. "Hi."

"Oh." Kami said with an understanding. "You're looking for Kid."

The room went silent even as the other arrive behind her.

"How did you know?" Lord Death asked.

"You have Azusa and Sid, your team of information gathers, here today with the weapons of your son. Then you have me and my skills. It's not a hard deductions to make. I am sorry, I really am but I can't right now."

The room was silent Kami wasn't trying to be cruel in her denial to help but there was a sense of urgency in her voice even as they others arrived.

Spirit arrived last panted. "How do you run so fast?!"

"I do an awful lot of running." Kami said looking at Lord Death.

"Can you tell me why you can't help me find my son?"" Lord Death questioned.

She looked at him for a moment as she carefully picked her words, "Something has come up."

"That's pretty vague."

"Well, part of the reason I'm here is because something has come up. I actually have come to ask if Maka could come on a trip with me."

"Me?" Maka who'd been listing the whole thing spoke.

"On a trip?" Soul questioned fearful.

"You're taking Maka?" Spirit said terrified.

"Only for about a week." Kami clarified. "You know how my mother was Japanese and grew up in a shrine and something is going to happen and I wanted Maka to be there when it starts."

"Well, since Maka had just turned Soul into a death scythe we were going to start special training but I suppose it could wait a week."

"So I would get to go on a trip with you?" Maka asked joy entering her voice.

"Yes." Kami smiled.

"Can I go?" Maka looked at her partner then her father and then Lord Death.

"Well, Kami, you do have all the parental rights to Maka so I really can't say no." Lord Death thought it over. "And it's not like Maka can't make up the work she'll miss. Fine you two go and have fun together."

"Yeah, go spend sometime with your mom." Soul agreed.

Spirit looked at both of them and just nodded.

"When do we go?" Maka questioned her mother.

"In a few hours. A friend of mine will come by biplane and land close to here and fly us all the way to LA and then we can go from there to Tokyo."

"This is so fast I have to pack somethings. I'm going to need to get books for the flight."

They rushed out of the Death room and back to Maka and Soul's apartment where Maka quickly packed up her things. Marie, Azusa and Kami waited out Maka's room.

Marie took Kami to the side and smiled, "You look good."

"I feel good." Kami returned her soft smile.

"I'm happy." Marie hugged the scythe meister.

Kami sighed contently as Azusa watch the pair awkwardly.

"Come one Zuzu get in on this." Kami teased Azusa.

She sighed before hugging them in what was an awkward hug. "Please don't call me that again."

In front of the apartment building Stein and Spirit waited as Spirit.

"Didd you see that look she gave me?" Spirit moaned. "She didn't care. I expected her to hate me but this is worse. She doesn't care about me at all. I'm nothing to her. She said two words to me. That's all."

"Well," Stein took a long drag from his cigarette. "you two are divorced. She doesn't need to feel anything towards you."

"You're no help."

"I didn't say I was trying to help." Stein gave him a teasing wry smile.

Maka came down with a duffle bag along with the three women and Soul.

"Maka!" Patty cheered coming with the others carrying a bag.

"Hey!" Maka waved back.

"We brought you some snacks for your trip." Patty smiled.

"Yeah, just come back safe." Liz added.

"Have a fun trip." Tsubaki said kindly.

"I added some of those Death Chocolates you liked for you Mrs. Albarn."

"Oh" Kami cooed. "thank you Black Star I haven't had those in a while."

"Maka," Patty got the meister's attention. "Be sure to get a souvenir."

"I will." Maka smiled before she turned to Soul.

"Make sure you call me when you get to Japan." Soul told her in a little more than a whisper. "I want to make sure you got there safely."

"I will." Maka promised.

They all said their good byes and Spirit could only watch and just say, "Good bye."

They spent the next few hours traveling just talking and catching up. Maka gave her all the detail about turning Soul into a death scythe and her life at school. Though they did talk through post cards and occasional phone calls it was nice just to talk face to face. Eventually the pair made it to their plane heading towards Tokyo. Maka fell asleep on the plane ride as she snuggled next to her mother. Maka could feel her mother's soul reach out to her embracing her. As she started to drift off Maka couldn't help but think about that parent child bond, that even after all this time apart it was still strong. Kami wrapped her arm around her daughter holding her close.

Stein became the unlikely company for Spirit as the red head drank his worries away, "Did that ex of yours seemed strange?"

"No, unless you mean the fact that I'm basically a stranger to her."

"No, not that. I meant did she seemed scared. I've known her a long time, about as long as you, and I don't ever recall seeing her scared well not like that."

"What are you talking about?"

"She was trying to hide the fact that she was scared. It was like she was afraid to even acknowledge that she was afraid. Afraid that if she spoke of it something would happen."

Spirit was worried now that he had it pointed out something did seem off about his ex. He really didn't know what to think.

As Maka slept peacefully and Kami rain her fingers through Maka's hair playfully. She was happy to have Maka by her side. She had so much to tell her but at the moment she wouldn't be able to relax until they arrived to their destination. Something was coming for Maka and herself and if they had any chance they had to her mother's old home. Kami was scared that something might happen to her daughter and promised herself she would do anything to protect her even if it meant giving up her own life. Something from their families past was moving against them and they had to be ready.

Authors Notes: Okay, so there wasn't any stories about Maka and her mom so I decided to write the first one. I know Kami isn't her real name it's a fan name so I'm going with it. This is based on a rp me and someone were doing but never got to finish so I decided to write it up and flesh it out. Anyway feel free to write a review if you like it.