Family History

Summary: Maka's mom returns to Death City to take her to a trip to Japan. They soon get wrapped up in battle against a force that is after their family. Their friends soon get pulled into their struggle against ancient forces.

Disclaimer: I don't own soul eater or any of it's elements.

Chapter 12: Good Bye For Now

White light engulfed their world and the sky and the ground trembled. It was like the world took a sigh in relief.

"Huh? What happened?" Patty asked after having fallen onto the ground.

"I don't know Patty." Liz replied as she looked around.

The sky which had been dark moments ago was bright blue as any day in the late morning, the white clouds parted revealing the blue sky and the Sun in the sky. At the end of the battle the land had been shifted back to the regular world and the storm had dispersed. A day and more had passed since they had been taken to the dimension that the demons ruled and fought them.

They spotted a gold fox with a happy grin, "Well, it looks like everything is back to normal and all is right with the world."

"Wait, where is Maka?" Tsubaki was quick to worry.

Yuki stood before her as she readied to leave. "I think you should give them some time."

"Maka, you okay?" Soul's familiar voice rang out.

Maka forced her eyes to open again. The blast had sent her and Soul back. She had been knocked out but it didn't seem like she had suffered any real damage she was more stunned. She felt a strong arm holding her. Maka felt safe and a little groggy she cuddled to his chest, then after a moment she felt her face nuzzling something soft. Maka finally fully opened her eyes to find out she was nuzzling her mother's chest.


"Hi Maka." Kami whimpered.

"Mama!" Maka got up when she realized what happened. She stood next to Soul who was standing next to them.

They were all blasted back but Kami wrapped her arms around Maka and cushioned her crash but as they crashed into the tree she broke her arm. Her arm laid limp and at a slight odd angle.

Kami forced herself not to cry out in pain as she got up holding her arm.

"…A little help." They heard in little more than a squeak.

They turned around and all the ghosts had left, all but one. Kami's mother stood over a cowering Spirit Albarn.

Haruhi stared daggers at Spirit with enough force that you'd think she was throwing literally daggers at him. Her eyes were focused and anger dripped off her very aura. There was a sense that the planet itself would not be enough to stand in her way to get to the ex husband of her daughter. Her stare alone made it seem like the world got colder.

She held the sword she gave to Kami in hard before she raised it above her head.

Spirit somewhere in the back of his mind expected this thought in reality he thought Kami would be the one killing him, Stein had often agreed with that sentiment even when Spirit never brought it up. Spirit closed his eyes and braced for the attack.

He heard the sound of the sword swinging down.

"Mom!" Kami yelled out.

Spirit dared to open one of the eyes to find Kami standing between him and her mother, Haruhi held the sword before Kami only stopping it just before it hit her.

"Please stop." Kami said in a soft voice.

"Kokoro? He hurt you."

"Yes, Spirit hurt me worst than anyone has ever hurt me…" she paused for a moment. "And I was killed in the last twenty-four hours …." At that moment she realized she probably shouldn't have said that, but that really did put things in perceptive. "Despite everything he did but all the hurt he caused I never tried to kill him, just burned some of his ties and was a little petty during the divorce procedures. And I know that if Soul ever cheated on Maka I would cut him up until they couldn't call him a man anymore and shove that sword up where the sun doesn't shine." Soul flinched and so did Spirit for many reasons. "So I understand what you feel but I can't let you do it. Despite everything he is the father of my daughter and he was the first person I ever loved. I will always treasure that, even with all that pain it was worth it."

Haruhi put down the sword and stuck it in the ground, "Kokoro…."

"Please don't call me that." Kami said through her tears as she knew this was good bye.

Maka rushed to them and hugged both of them.

"My girls…." Haruhi held her family close. "My stupid and rash girls." She moved away. "Haruhi chop!"

Both Kami and Maka hissed as they both had their heads chopped. "Ow!"

"Mom! What was that for?" Kami wanted to rub her head but it was hard when she was using her hand to hold her broken arm.

"You're both too rational. It's not bad to be reasoned or anything of the sort but you two both have to listen to your hearts." Haruhi explained to them.

"What grandma?" Maka hoped around from the pain of the chop she got.

"I've seen you fight, you are reasoned, you calculate everything. You see an attack and don't move out of the way but stand there just missing it so that you can get close to land an attack. It's not bad but you have ignored your heart. One had hers broken and the other had the emotion of love clouded." Haruhi turned to Spirit and glared. A dark purple aura wrapped around her and a demonic visage seemed to appear behind her to help the glared. Spirit put his head in the ground trying to hide it. Soul was starting to see why Death was scared of the woman and why even the fox seemed scared of her angry. Haruhi turned back to the girls dropping the glare. "You two need to listen to your hearts, not all things can be reasoned sometimes your hearts will know better than your heads. That's why neither one of you can use the sword to its full power."

"What do you mean?" Kami questioned.

"It lies in your blood and it should it's the source of the family. Most of the family had roots here and this places always brought out the emotion. If I had brought you here more and you passed down those memories your connection would still be strong as your feelings for this place."

"What is the source?" Maka asked not understanding it more than her mother.

"Love." Haruhi said casually. "Love is what made the warrior fight and what made the priests bless the sword. Love for this land, the people and spirits is what has always urged our family to fight and has always been our greatest strength. Love is a pure emotion that drives us and is the passion that moves humanity and redeems us. Love is one of the things that truly speaks to better the people of the world. In the end that is what you used to help power the attack and drive it in with the sword. The love you two have for one another and that is what helped drive your attack through the demon king. To fight hate you have to love, to fight fear you must have courage and to fight despair you must have hope. The greatest thing in a fight is to have a drive to protect someone because you will fight like nothing else to protect those you love. So trust your hearts a little more and I know they won't let you down."

Kami and Maka smiled at the sweet thought, Haruhi quickly moved out of the way and punched Spirit in the face.

Kami blinked, "Still better than I was expecting." She really didn't think she was going to stop her mother from killing him so she settled for this.

Haruhi smiled at her daughter, "Your father and I are waiting on the other side for you just don't rush to meet us. We love you." Haruhi ran her hand tracing the outline of Maka and Kami's faces. "I have two requests: if you must fight then fight for what you believe is right."

"And your second request?" Maka looked up to the grandmother she knew she'd never be able to speak to again.

"Be happy."

Haruhi smiled that beautiful dazzling smile that they wanted to remember forever. Haruhi started to vanish little by little until only a few bright sparks of light filled the air until they too were gone.

Kami looked up a tear in her eyes. "Mama…"

Kami collapsed onto the ground.

"Mama!" Maka yelled.

"Uh, go get Stein I need stitches." Kami said from the ground.

The following morning Marie helped wrap Kami in bandages being careful to avoid the arm that was now in a sling as they sat on her bed.

Stein chuckled, "I think that is some of my best work. I really don't think you should have too many scars."

"Don't rub it in, Franken." Kami said bitter using his first name whenever she was annoyed.

Stein smirked widely, "I wouldn't move to much if I were you, you might rip a stitch or break your other arm. I would avoid all travel too."

"I get it, I'm grounded here until I get better."

"You should also have a doctor check the wounds in a week to make sure they're healing properly."

"Yeah, I have just the doctor and he should be able to help. I really hope he picks up for once."

Stein gave her a nod and walked away.

Marie helped get Kami into her robe as they got up.

Kami sighed, "I still can't believe you're with him."

"Kami!" Marie covered her mouth.

"Don't try to hide it. I see the way you look at him." Kami smirked. "And remember when you two were on the run, who helped you stay hidden while you looked for Justin?"

"You did." The hammer pouted.

"And when I let you stay in that cabin in the woods I had, I was in the next room… I heard you two."

Marie blushed. "Ah, so you heard us?"

"Yeah, you aren't exactly quiet." Kami chuckled. "I suppose you could do worse. If you two ever have kids I would love to be godmother. I think it would be fair you two are Maka's."

"I'll think about it." Marie smiled.

As they walked into the hall Kami turned around.

"Ah!" was followed by, "Ow!"

Marie opened wide her eye as she saw Black Star with Kami's foot kicking into his groin.

"Black Star!" Tsubaki yelled on sight. "You tried to attack her again?!" Tsubaki asked as Black Star fell to the floor and Kami leaned on a wall.

"Of course I did." The blue haired assassin huffed. "Even hurt she's still one of the best meisters the school ever made. How am I ever supposed to surpass god if I can't surpass her?"

"You are still too early Black Star." Kami smiled, "but you are getting closer."

Black Star smiled back. They had an odd relationship but it was special. Kami thought of Black Star a little like a son or what she imagined having a son might be like. She was happy that he was family even if just in the metaphorical sense but she was happy that Maka had a metaphorical brother.

Tsubaki and Marie helped drag Black Star away. Tsubaki apologized for Black Star and thanked her for letting them stay there.

"Thanks for letting stay here, it was fun!" Patty smiled as she came up to Kami as Liz followed.

"Yeah, it was a weird night but it was fun to see the mom Maka is so proud off." Liz told her.

"Thank you." Kami was overjoyed hearing that. "Oh, and I heard about what happened to Kid. I hope you get him back soon."

Liz's mood soured, "Yeah, we haven't had much luck since he got sucked into that Book of Eibon."

"Book of Eibon?" Kami looked them over in shock.

"Yeah," Patty chirped as she stared back at the older woman. "This guy had a book and used it to suck up Kid."

"Did you try looking in the library?"

"Yeah," Liz shook her head. "We couldn't find anything about it."

"No, I mean the book. They have a copy of the book in the library, well, the manuscript."

"Are you sure?!" Liz practically yelled.

"Yeah, I'm the one who found the manuscript hidden in the Library of Babel and sent it to the school. It should be listed as the manuscript of Eibon it should be hidden in the restriction section."

"Thank you." Liz quickly hugged the woman before she pulled away and raced to find Stein as they finally had a clue to find Kid.

"Yeah thanks." Patty waved as she raced to follow to her sister.

Kami stayed there in the hall silently, "I know you're there."

"I could never sneak up on you." Spirit walked up to her.

"I'm trying so hard not make a comment on sneaking around."

Spirit ignored that comment, "About everything, I wanted you to know that I'm sorry. I really am."

"I know." Kami said.

"Is there any chance that we could… I don't know, we can try again?"


"But the way you talked yesterday-"

"You are the father of my daughter and you are my first love. Spirit, for the longest time, since I was a little girl, I could see souls and no one understood it. Other children avoided me and called me a freak or crazy. You flirted with me, you held my hand, you made me want to kiss you, you made me feel loved and for however short time you loved me and I want to think you were true even for a short time. You made me feel wonderful and like I was worth being loved. That was then, you also betrayed me I can't really trust you but part of me will always love you."

"But why not? I promise-"

"Spirit, you did break my heart. Part of me would love nothing more than to kiss you and just drag you to my bed room and start a life together again but I just can't risk it anymore. If you ever hurt me again I don't think I could recover. It's one of the reasons I had to leave the city. Every time I saw you I wanted to be with you but I always remembered how much it hurt. I could bare it for Maka but then she started school. She wanted to be a meister and if I stayed she'd always be compared to me and be in my shadow. At that point I was doing more harm being around. I left to get myself sorted and now I am."

Spirit looked at her, he didn't know what to expect when he asked her. "I understand."

"Spirit, Maka might never forgive you for what you did but she does love you so she might one day. She doesn't show it but she does care. Try to be the best for her, give her some space and stop smothering the girl. Maka is independent and you'll just aggravate her if you try too hard."

"I'll try and keep it in mind."

Spirit's eyes widened in surprise and Kami leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Spirit let his eyes close and savored the feeling of her lips against his. For one moment they returned to their youth, back to when they were madly in love.

After a moment Kami pulled away and smiled, "Good bye Spirit." Her hand lingered tracing the outline of his face for a moment.

Spirit watched her leave and he didn't utter a word for a moment. He couldn't help but marvel at her and how he fell in love with a woman that would kiss him good bye.

In another room Maka finished packing by putting the old kimono now ripped and stained with her blood into an old wooden trunck. Still Maka was lucky to only get a few minor wounds.

"Are you ready?" Soul came into her room. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah, I think so." Maka picked up her bag.

"Leaving without saying good bye?" Kami stuck her head into the room.

"No of course not." Maka said before she looked her mother over. "Maybe I should stay and help you out. You are hurt."

"Don't worry about me. Yuki said she is coming here later to help me out, and she is only the first of many spirits to promise their help. Then there are all the people we hired to maintain the Shrine who along with the spirits will have everything fixed in a few days. I already woke up Kouga and Eiga and they're busy cleaning outside and will help me around the house." The statues went back to being statues when Kami died and she had just gotten around to waking them. "I'll be fine. There is power in the land and that power is going to help heal me faster."

"Okay, but don't work yourself too much." Maka told her mother.

"I'm going to rest here for a while."

"And then are you going to keep on traveling?"

"Maybe." Kami admitted.

"I was hopping that you'd coming back to Death City."

"I don't know when I will come back. I will be sure to visit soon, Maka, I just have a feeling that I have do something first. And I probably let some people know I'm not dead." Kami smiled at her daughter, "Besides why do you want your mother when you're living with your boyfriend?"

Both Maka and Soul turned bright red.

"Mama! Me and Soul- We aren't-"

"No, you're not pregnant yet but just give it time but I do want a grandbaby soon."

"Ah!" Soul yelled out.

Maka was sure she was choking on her breath. "Mama! No! It's not like that. I'm not going to make the same mistakes as you."

"How is Soul a mistake?"

Maka turned to Soul and then they both looked away. "We're not each other's types."

"Sure you're not." Kami smirked at them. "Tell me whatever you want."

Maka was desperate to change the subject, "What about the sword?"

"Oh, I got it and its fine now. It's tied to the land for its power."

"Which neither of us can really use for to its full extent?" Maka lamented, maybe in someway the sword could be used against the kishin even if confined to the land.

"I'm not sure, there are a lot of kinds of love. I think it's because the Hiiragi name doesn't have a lot of sway with us we couldn't use it. We didn't live with the name or grow up in the land. I think if we attach ourselves to the land we can make the bond to it stronger over time. We have to respect and care for the land like our family has over time. I think visiting here would help that and maybe we can eventually use that power hidden in the sword."

Maka smiled again, "Yeah, I like that. I would love to know more about our family."

"Then be sure to visit too. I told you this is your home too."

Maka walked up to her mother and carefully hugged her making sure to avoid her broken arm. "I love you mama."

"I love too sweetie." Kami hugged her back.

Kami walked them outside and waved at them as they stepped out of the home. Maka waved to the animated statues as they tried to sweep the ground using a broom.

As they started to walk down the long stairs Maka turned back and waved at her mother one more time.

As they walked away Soul thought of something, "If we ever have a kid we'd have to make sure to bring them here a lot wouldn't we?"

"I guess, but that would be pretty great. There is a lot of room to play and we'd have a lot of family history here and a lot of old books. It would be a great vacation home."

"I guess all the magical spirits would be a cool thing for kids to play with."

Both stopped mid step when they realized they were talking about having kids and their face went redder than they thought was possible.

"Ah… I-" Soul stuttered.

"It's mama. She got into our head with the talk about babies."

"Yeah, like we'd ever…." Soul looked away and hoped his nose didn't start to bleed. "Wait babies? She said baby. You want more than one baby?"

"Ah, it's nothing. It doesn't matter." Maka waved him off as she started to run down the stairs.

"Wait up!" Soul quickly chased not wanting to be left behind.

They didn't have time to think of anything about that. They had friends to find, a kishin to stop and a world to save.

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