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Ok, I know the demigods are supposed to meet Percy and Annabeth at the Doors of Death, but I changed it. The remaining seven and Nico are going into Tartarus to find Percy and Annabeth. Ok, got it? Good. We are…moving on!

"Father, will you help us navigate through Tartarus and find the lost demigods?"

Nico bent his head and prayed hard that Hades would give him what he wanted. He wrung his hands nervously and looked away

The seven demigods of the prophecy had rescued him from Gaea's torture, but at what cost? Percy and Annabeth had fallen into Tartarus! All because of him. Nico knew that it wasn't really his fault, and Hazel had tried to drill that into his broken mind, but there was nobody else to blame.

Percy was like the brother Nico never had. His sister and mother were dead, and his father and stepmother hated him. Annabeth was like a sister. He remembered having a crush on her when he was younger, but she was all Percy's.

Nico looked up into the stare of Hades. Yes, that was right. Nico was in the Underworld, more specifically, Hades' palace. And he did not go there alone. The remaining 5 demigods of the prophecy were waiting skeptically right in front of the palace doors. Hades was so intimidating that they did not dare go closer.

Why was he there you ask? Well, Tartarus was part of Hades' domain. If anyone could help Nico find two lost demigods in Tartarus, it was Hades.

But would his godly father help him? After all, when Nico was captured, he hadn't even lifted a finger to help. If he didn't care about his son, then why would he help his brother's child?

Little did he know what was going through Hades' mind.

Hades was distraught, but ready to throw a party on the inside. His son was back! His only son was alive and in his palace. Alright, he was only asking for help to find his friends, but Hades had made a promise that he would never hurt or let Nico down ever again.

But what Nico was asking for was absurd. How could Hades, the powerful god of the dead, help a group of kids find two demigods in the middle of Tartarus, assuming they were still alive. The lost demigods, Percy and…Annabell was it?, had saved his son but trudging through Tartarus was too much of a price to repay.

Even Hades did not dare go down to Tartarus. It was living hell. The banished Titans and all the killed monsters lived down there. It was impossible for those two demigods to even survive down there, but their lifelines were still connected.

Hades leaned forward in his throne, ignoring the piercing glares that Persephone was sending towards him. Forget the wife for once, this was important.

"I am sorry Nico, my dear son, but I cannot help you." He bellowed.

Nico looked up, confused.

"But Father, I..we cannot save Percy and Annabeth without your help! We do not know how to navigate Tartarus. We will all die if you do not help us. Please Fath-"

"Silence, my son. I did not say that I wouldn't help you at all. I cannot come down to Tartarus but I will assist you. I will clear your path so you do not run into any monsters and I will oversee your journey from here. I will also try to keep Percy and Annabel-beth alive."

Nico's face shone with glee. Hades could not resist smiling a little. After all, a father had the right to be proud of his son, right?

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