Hey Everyone! This is my first story and I love KND so I wanted to make a future fic. I hope you like it! -BlueReader P.S. Sorry this is going to be a little close together with the talking my enter key won't work. :(


Me: Say it. Numbuh 1: Wait, wait, wait, why does Numbuh 4 get to say it?! I'm the leader! Me: Because I said so! NOW SHUT UP NIGEL UNO! Numbuh 4 Haha! Numbuh 2: You sound like Lizzie. Me: WHAT. DID. YOU. SAY. Numbuh 2: Nothing….. Me: Good. Numbuh 4? Numbuh 4: BlueReader does not own Kids Next Door only our future kids- wait OUR KIDS!? Lizzie: And why is sounding like me a BAD THING?! Me: Uhhh….. Look an…umm….Ice Cream Truck! *Everyone: Looks around* *Me: Runs away*

Chapter 1: The Sleepover

"NUMBUH 4! GET IN HERE AND CLEAN THIS UP NOW!" Numbuh 1 screamed. "What did ah do?" Numbuh 4 said walking in. "Oh yeah….oops?" There were soda cans and candy wrappers all over the floor and the T.V had a fist sized hole in it. "Would you care to explain how this happened?" "Ummm ah was playing some video games and ah lost meh temper and sorta punched the T.V." Numbuh 4 said guiltily. Numbuh 5 walked in with Numbuh's 2 and 3 following her. "Numbuh 1, Numbuh 5 wanted to know where- what happened to the T.V. ? "Well look at the time." Numbuh 4 started. "I have to go….. clean my room and ackk!" Numbuh 1 grabbed his hood. "Great job Einstein." Numbuh 5 said. "Everyone will be here any minute what will we do when they get here?" "Ooh Ooh we can play with my Rainbow Monkies!" Numbuh 3 shouted. "I have a better idea." Numbuh 2 said. "I've been working on a new invention the T.I.M.E.P.O.D (Female Voice: This Ingenious Machine Edits Period Of Destination) it would be perfect to try out with everybody!" "Well are you sure it works….?" Numbuh 1 said thoughtfully. "Because- DING-DONG! "Oh Fine!" Numbuh 1 snapped. "Numbuh 4 go and help him get it. Numbuh's 3 and 5 clean this up immediately. I'll go get the door." Numbuh 1 opened the door. "WELL IT'S ABOUT TIME YOU STOOPID-" "Hi Nigel!" Numbuh 362 said cutting Numbuh 86 off. "Numbuh 362 sir!" Numbuh 1 said snapping into a salute. "No formalities Nigel" Numbuh 362 said (AN: I'm going to call them by their real name now.) as Fanny, Patton, Virginia, Bartie, Sonya, and Lee filed in behind her. "This is a sleepover not a mission report." They all walked into the main room talking quietly to each other. They saw Numbuh 2's new invention under a tarp. It look pretty big, big enough to hold all of them with extra room. "May I present my newest invention the T.I.M.E.P.O.D!" Hoagie said proudly whipping off the tarp. Congratulating him on how nice it looked everyone peeked inside to check it out. "Hey Hoagie what does this button do?" Wally said while jabbing a big blue button. "NO! DON'T TOUCH THA-" And with a flash of red light they were gone. Down the lane five figures were watching this development on a screen. "How interesting…" They mused.

So the DCFDTL are going to be the main villains with Father if you didn't get that last bit.

DCFDTL: That's right! So those stupid KNDorks better watch out- Me: Anyways enough of your boring rant. DCFDTL: BORING RANT! Me: Yes that's what I said. So I was thinking of- Sonya: How come me and Lee didn't say anything? Lee: Not cool. Me: You will next chapter! So before I was RUDELY interrupt- Patton: Yeah me, Bartie, and Virginia didn't get to talk either! Fanny: I didn't even get to finish talk- Me: SHUT UP! Fanny: WHAT!? Me: AHHHHHHHHHHH! *runs off* Fanny: GET BACK HERE! * chases me* Wally: BlueReader doesn't own Codename: Kids Next Door. *I run back up*Me: Yeah because if I did it would be way more- wait a minute didn't you already do the disclaimer? Wally: Uh….. Me: Idiot. Kuki: Don't call Wally an idiot! Me: Uhhh gotta go! *runs off being chased by Kuki*