Sonny Moore was not a normal boy. Not many people liked him for that reason. He dressed strange, acted differently, and was very shy. He was in a lame rock band and he was 20 at the time he finished school. So one day Sonny was casually talking a walk around the town of Los Angles when he saw a sign. It had big printing on it saying "The Deadmau5 coming to town! Get your tickets while it lasts." The tickets costed 100 dollars. Of course Sonny knew who Deadmau5 was because that was his idol. As soon as he heard the news he ran home. Once he was in his room he got out his money out and looked. There was just enough to go. Sonny squealed like a little girl. He jumped up and down and finally feel asleep exhausted.

The next morning he woke up. It was a Saturday and the concert wasn't until next week so he had nothing to do. Well of course he remembered that he had tons of songs to create so he did that for a while. Sonny thought. If he were to become famous he would need a logo. He tried drawing over and over to get the right sign but none of the ones that he drew seemed to look right. 'Ugh this is so stupid. I won't become famous. Who am I kidding?' he thought. He took a big sip of monster and thought harder. Looking down at his drink, he had it! He drew three long lines each of them being longer than the next making a weird wolf scratch looking-thing. He thought it looked awesome and decided to lay down and take a nap. He dreamed of going to that Deadmau5 concert and how totally cool it would be. Sonny loved the feeling of just thinking of it that he woke up smiling. 'This is going to be so much fun' he thought. And it was.

~Sabrina Bunnie 3