Chapter 6

Hours had passed and there was no change. Dyson's wounds would not heal and his breathing, slow and labored, stayed the same. Bo, Ciara and Trick alternated the roles of nurse, scholar and worrywart. Kensi was fast asleep. "I can't believe there is nothing about the Wolf King in your books Trick?" asked Bo, gently stroking Dyson's curly mop.

"The Wolf Kingdom is quite removed from most Fae realms and worlds. They are a pack society and keep to themselves; hence the lack of written lore outside their Kingdom. I've got a few more avenues to pursue, if they are fruitless I will be at a loss," said Trick expressing his disappointment.

Ciara had been quiet whilst brewing some sort of healing tea concoction when she laid voice to her thoughts, "Trick, there is one other option."

Bo looked towards Trick in hope and curiosity, "And that is?"

"Take him home. Yes I have thought of that but Ciara…I don't know that we should," reflected Trick solemnly. "He left for a reason."

"When he left he was merely a boy of 14…so much time has passed Trick. It might be the only option," Ciara said pleading for Dyson's life.

"I can't believe we're even debating it. Dyson needs help. If home is the answer then let's click our heels and head over there," interjected Bo, looking eager.

Trick was amazed at how fearless his granddaughter was and felt so proud. But there was so much she still didn't understand about the kind. However he walked over to her smiling and laid a hand on her shoulder, "Fine. It will take some doing. I have a list of things to put together. Ciara would you mind helping me?"

"Of course…is it a simple location incantation?" she asked moving towards Trick's apothecary bureau.

Trick nodded then he turned to Bo, "Help me wrap this around him." Trick pulled out a deep red velvet blanket.

"I still can't believe he has been hiding this HUGE secret…being bossed around by Lachlan and me and you…while he is a King. He should be the Ash or something, he should be the one trying to mend the bridge between the light and the dark," said Bo quite naively.

"It's not that simple Bo. I wish it were –"

Trick's answer was interrupted by a slight tremor in the room, a whirring of wind and a blinding light followed by a golden glow. Ciara, Bo and Trick shielded their eyes taking steps back away from the source of the light. It took a few minutes until it subsided. Trick and Ciara tried to focus on the apparition at hand where Bo stood her ground, knife held high protecting Dyson. They looked shocked and confused. In the room stood a beautiful raven haired woman, dressed in traveling clothes but she carried herself with poise and dignity. On one side there was a man, in his 40s, ginger curly hair and a chiseled face of determination. On the other side, a man of similar age, but so alike Dyson in his looks and manner. Trick took a deep breath and moved towards the unexpected visitors. Bo turned to look at Ciara who put her finger to her lips in one fluid action shhhhhh she mimed.

"Welcome honoured and esteemed guests…I am Trick, this is my granddaughter Bo and a dear friend Ciara, princess of the Elves. You are in the Dal Riata, refuge for all travellers," said Trick with great reverence.

The woman smiled lovingly at Bo and Ciara and then turned to Trick, "Thank you Trick. I am Queen Isobel of the Glengarren Clan, and these are my sons Cormack and Gormal." She paused. Her sons bowed their heads in sign of respect. But her eyes and that of her sons quickly stopped on the prone pitiful sight of Dyson. She moved forward and her sons tensed up in alert. "And I see you have my little one…my brave little boy…how is he?" she said moving within hair's distance and picking up his listless hand.

"Fading. I have not been able to help Dyson. It is beyond my skill, Queen Isobel. We were preparing to bring him to you," said Trick keeping a reverent distance.

"You were right to do so," spoke Cormack for the first time. "Nothing in this realm can aid Dyson. We need to take him home. Only the Wolf Stone can help him." He and Gormal moved closer to Dyson when they were halted by a stern voice.

"Don't take a step closer!" yelled Bo standing possessively. Ciara was taken aback by her exclamation and stood aghast wondering what on earth Bo was thinking.

Trick smiled at the royal entourage, but turned to Bo and scolded her like a child. "Bo no! Don't interfere," he whispered.

She pulled her shoulders back and stood taller and straighter. "If you take Dyson, I come along for the ride. I won't let him out of my sight until he is capable of looking after himself…family or not." She stood her ground despite being towered over by Dyson's equally statuesque brothers who emitted low vibrating growls whilst scowling.

"Boys please remember your manners, remember your place," said Isobel gently but firmly. Trick could only but admire the strength Isobel was showing; her composure was remarkable. She carefully placed Dyson's hand back on the makeshift bed and straightened up. A gentle smile formed on her exquisitely beautiful visage. "Bo, granddaughter of the Blood King, you are as beautiful as you are brave. You must care for my son greatly." Bo's eyes darted around finally resting on Isobel's, and she nodded. "We do not make a habit of inviting strangers into our realm…let alone a Succubus. However this is a dire situation and we will make an exception. Dyson will need a familiar face when he wakes…someone he knows he can trust. It has been far too long."

Bo was relieved, as was Trick. Ciara on the other hand was a little put out. "Thank you Queen Isobel. I need a few minutes to grab a few things. I didn't mean to be respectful," said Bo timidly, quite unlike her.

"No harm done. So as soon as you are ready, we will depart. It will give me a chance to talk to your grandfather. Don't tarry," answered Isobel.

"Mother, if Miss Bo doesn't mind, I would like to accompany her. It has been a long time since I have visited this realm," asked Gormal smiling at Bo.

Bo was rather startled at the request, "Sure." Gormal nodded excitedly and they left.

Isobel started stroking Dyson's feverish brow then looked towards Trick. "So Blood King, has your self-imposed exile been kind to you?' asked Isobel.

"I wasn't sure if you remembered…yes it has. I have found my granddaughter and life is good," answered Trick pouring the Queen some Elderberry juice.

She nodded in thanks. "And you've been enjoying my son's company. Why did you not send word that he was here?" she demanded quite seriously.

"Dyson has kept his true identity a secret from everyone including me until the battle with the Garuda. He showed me his mark which he had kept hidden from the moment I met him. I am sorry Isobel, I didn't know," said Trick truthfully.

"I have missed him so…when he ran away he was so young. Day and night for so long I prayed that he would come back and take his rightful place. But centuries passed and my prayers weren't answered. The Oracles and the Spirits refused to give me insight…refused to allow me to watch over my son. Now I have found him and he will come home," said Isobel lost in her sorrow. "Trick do you think he will stay?"

"He has a good life here with friends who are like family and his position in our Fae society is highly esteemed and regarded. I don't know," Trick answered truthfully.

"Yes…it is something for a later date. His well-being is of the utmost importance. The Wolf Stone will heal him and hopefully give him the desire to stay," she said sadly.


Gormal and Bo entered her home. "This is an extraordinary modest abode…very stable like," said Gormal looking around surprised.

Bo looked at him offended, "Are you calling my place a dump?"

"No…yes. Without offence. It is very different to our home and our land. But I can see why you defend it so. There is a warm feeling, a kindness that permeates this place. It is very comforting," answered Gormal walking around taking in all the humanness of Bo's home.

"Thank you…I think?" Bo took her overnight bag and started dumping clothes into it, then she asked, "So you're Dyson's brother? What was he like as a kid?"

"Yes I am. There are seven boys, Dyson was the runt of the family."

"The runt? Really," joked Bo smiling at Gormal.

"Yes…not so much now. I am number five. Niall, Dyson and I played together the most since we were the youngest. He was daring, so mischievous and always starting conflict. But he had a heart of gold; so kind, so loyal and so caring. He would always take the blame so we wouldn't get punished. Stupid…he got father's strap often," said Gormal smiling at the memories surfacing.

Bo stopped before zipping up her bag and looked at Gormal, whose eyes were glistening, "It must have been hard when he left."

"Yes. Had he been a man, he would've been renounced and exiled from our land, from our family. But he was a lad of 14…too young to understand his actions, too young to bear the burden of what was thrust on him. There is no resentment or anger anymore, only sadness for what we have missed," said a sad Gormal. However he shook his head, just as a dog would do. "Miss Bo there'll be plenty of time to talk. We must hurry."

"Well while you were chin-wagging, I'm done packing so let's go."


Bo looked at Kensi who had still not stirred. She looked at Trick, "Look after her and explain everything to Kensi please Trick."

Trick nodded. "Safe trip my dear."

Then she looked at Ciara and smiled. The smile was returned. "Ok ready or not."

The travellers gathered in a circle around Dyson, who still unconscious, was oblivious to it all. Cormack and Gormal began to recite something in a language Bo had not heard before, then Isobel took her hand, "Here we go!"