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General POV

Callie has the morning off today and she's spending it doing chores so her girlfriend won't have to do them later. She's picking up laundry around the bedroom and about to walk out when she hears the apartment door open.

"Arizona's at work Mark!" She yells.

"No, I'm not!" Arizona responds. Callie walks into the living room to see her other half shedding her coat and dropping her purse onto the side table. She walks up to her and drops a kiss onto her lips.

"What are you doing home already?"

Arizona smiles at her. "I got finished early and Karev is doing morning rounds knowing I took the night shift last night."

"Oh, how nice of him. Glad you're here. Let me finish this and I'll whip us up some breakfast." She smiles cheekily.

"You take such good care of me babe." Arizona winks.

Callie makes her way through dropping the basket of laundry into the machine and getting that started. She moves on to fixing the bed. She's not one for doing all these things but ever since the blonde moved in she loves doing all the domestic chores knowing someone will appreciate it. Arizona takes a seat on the couch watching her girlfriend run around the apartment. There's a comfort she feels in knowing that she's coming home to the love of her life after the end of each day.

She moves into the kitchen now to start the breakfast she promised Arizona. Arizona shifts in her seat to watch the Latina taking out eggs, bacon, and fruit to have a complete meal. Then scrambling a few eggs into the pan and throwing bacon into another one, breakfast should be done in a couple minutes. Plates are on the counter steaming with food while both women take their seats on the stools. Normal conversation about work, gossip, and what needs to be done is talked about. After they're both finished the blonde takes the plates and tosses them into the dishwasher. Both settle onto the couch to watch some trash tv before Callie has to leave for work. With the Latina's arm around her shoulder and Arizona's head on her chest and both their feet tangled with each on the coffee table in front of them.

"How's your schedule looking today sweetie?" Arizona treads lightly. Callie looks down into her bright blue eyes and picks up on something off with her. Not that she can pick up on exactly what it is but she shrugs it off and talk about it later.

"Just a few routine surgeries and hopefully done by 6 barring no emergencies."

"Sounds like a light day. I'll come meet you for lunch." Callie nods in acknowledgment.

"I have to tell you something but it can wait until later." The blonde mentions hesitantly.

"Uhm okay. That's fine."

They stay in their tangled position flipping through the channels until Callie leaves for the hospital. Her morning is going smoothly with a hip replacement and knee construction to start off. She's on that high that only a surgeon can get for giving life back to their patient even if it's a simple surgery. 'Now is a good time for lunch' the brown eyed beauty thinks. She heads towards the cafeteria and spots her girlfriend in the back corner with Teddy and Mark.

Callie slips her tray onto the table and sits down next to the blonde and kisses her on the cheek. The trio is stuck in a debate about a call an umpire made last night. She zones them out and nods along as if she's actually listening. The brunette can't stop thinking of the night she had with Arizona a few nights ago. It was earth shattering type of sex and she wants to repeat it when her shift end later.

"Earth to Callie." Mark's waving a hand in her face.

"Oh-uh sorry. What?" She stutters out.

"We we're wondering what you thought of that call."

"Oh yeah. I don't know." Arizona stares at her knowing Callie probably didn't watch the game without her around but she saw the play on ESPN last night while getting a cup of coffee.

"You have the 'look' on your face and that's why you're being all weird." Mark points out.

"Lay off Mark." Teddy tries to settle him down before he starts something again.

"What?! Callie is doing that thing where Arizona looks like her prey. Just like Robbins said." Callie tries to let his comment roll off her back.

Mark goes about his usual banter with Arizona. They have an unusual friendship but it's one of those things that they just understand each other just like Meredith and Cristina. Teddy throws in her comments to join the conversation. It's a typical lunch but Callie seems to just be watching from the sidelines well more like staring at her girlfriend. The brunette snaps out of her daze when Mark's voice cuts through again.

"Oo. Look Robbins you remember Kate? Wasn't she the one you said that she does the cool thing with her tongue?" A quick fist punches him straight in the arm.

"Ow!" Mark cries.

"Shut up." Teddy murmurs. She can see the seething look Callie is sending his way and her knuckles turning a bright white. Arizona just now picks up on this.

"Uh-uh no Mark." The blue eyed surgeon sputters out.

"Yeah, I think it is. You picked her up at Joe's with me. You went back a couple times after that trick."

"Just drop it please." She begs hoping Callie isn't paying that close attention. But at the back of her mind she knows that he is digging a six foot whole for her to climb out of later.

"Oh come on. You wouldn't shut up about it before. I can see Kate being good in the sack but she couldn't be better than me. Right Blondie?" He shifts his gaze to Arizona.

So they had sex one time when they were 15. Arizona wanted to know clarify what she was feeling for girls at the time and Mark was like any typical teenage boy. They agreed to be each other's firsts and it worked for them. She found out that she was a lesbian and Mark found out that he really liked sex. They've been best friends ever since and not everyone could get their dynamic. With his male ego, she lets him make stupid comments like he does now. But he even loves to shove it in Callie's face.

"Oh please. It was one time. Any of my exes here are better than you." The blonde shrugs it off.

"I'm going to get ready for my surgery this afternoon." Callie says through her gritted teeth and abruptly stands up from her seat. Arizona lifts her hand to place it on her girlfriends but it's too late. She can't reach for her. All the blonde can see is the rigidity of her back from Mark's words.

"Hey Torres!" Mark shouts. The Latina turns around at the sound of her name.

"I loved your red lace corset and boy shorts! Red is definitely your color." He flashes that charming smile but it only fuels her anger. She comes back to the table to face the blonde. Callie bends over to speak into Arizona's ear.

"Please, for the love of God, tell me that's not what you wanted to talk to me about." She hisses. The blond surgeon shrinks in her seat indicating to Callie that she's guilty. Her next move is unexpected. The fiery goddess tilts her head up to look into bright blue eyes that try to avert her blazing gaze. She kisses her hard on the mouth and pushes her tongue through pink lips. Arizona naturally moans at the contact.

When Callie pulls back, "You might want to remember what that feels like because you might not get any more than that for the rest of the night and maybe even the next couple of days." Without waiting for a response, the brunette storms out of the cafeteria.

The blonde is stunned silent.

"Holy shit that was hot." He breathes out. Teddy slaps him at the back of his head.

"Ow! Teddy what the hell? Why do you keep hitting me?"

"Do you have to do that every time Mark?"

"Do what?!"

Just when Teddy was going to speak his pager starts to blare and she rolls her eyes at him.

"Look at that! Someone needs my specialties. I'll catch you ladies later!" He leaves the blondes to themselves. Teddy stares at her friend closely and wonders if she notices what Mark does to Callie.

"What's the look for Teds?" Arizona asks.

"Seriously?" The dirty blondes jaw drops. "Do you seriously not see how much Mark bothers your girlfriend?"

"Look, I get that they don't really get along but he's just messing around. He doesn't mean anything by it." She defends.


"What?!" The other blonde shrieks.

"You are always defending him. Callie was right."

"What are you talking about?"

"I don't want to get into this with you and cause trouble."

"Please tell me. Clearly it's important" Arizona pleads.

"You are always protecting Mark. I didn't want to believe it when Callie mentioned it when she was drunk at Joe's the other night. But she's right. You let him say all these things to her and you never stop him and even worse you feed off of what he says. I just started seeing it."


"No." Teddy puts her hand up to stop her. "If you paid attention to your girl, you'd see that she puts up with Mark because he's your best friend and she would never tell you who you can and can't be friends with. But do you hear how rude he is when she's around? How he always points out one of your exes? How he says one thing that other women did with you? How he makes at least one comment how he was your first, every day?" Now that Teddy mentions it she catches the realization dawn Arizona's face. She's lost some color to face and a scrunch in her eyebrows.

"All I'm saying is that if I was her, I would have snapped a long time ago but she hasn't yet."

"I-I didn't know. I'm s-sorry."

"I'm not the one you need to apologize to." Teddy stands up from her seat and squeezes her friends shoulder to leave her with her thoughts.

"Shit." Arizona mutters under her breath. She leaves the hospital with a lot on her mind.

Arizona's POV

How could I be that stupid? It's the same questions I keep asking myself every second. Teddy was right. Mark has been nasty towards Calliope since the minute he found out the first time we slept together. But why does Teddy know all this and not me? Shouldn't Callie be telling me all these things? I need to talk to her and clearly I need to talk to Mark also.

I fidget around the apartment hoping to keep myself busy until she gets home. She mentioned that she's supposed to be off at 6. After cleaning and doing what little chores Callie hasn't gotten to it's about 9 o'clock. I even managed to cook a less appetizing meal that isn't cooked by my girlfriend but she's still not home. I throw it into the microwave in case she wants to eat whenever she comes home. I text her.

Hi. Can we talk when you get home?

I'll be home late. We can talk tomorrow.

It's not the response I was hoping for but I guess I deserve that. We have the day off tomorrow. I'm not really sure where to sleep tonight because after her parting words in the cafeteria earlier it sounded like I was sleeping on the couch for the next couple of days. But she's not even here so I'll lie in bed and wait up for her.

The light from under the bathroom door wakes me up. It's Calliope trying to be quiet. I lay in bed seeing if she knows that I'm awake. She comes out of the bathroom in her usual booty shorts and tank top. Coming around to her side of the bed, she grabs her pillow and walks out of the bedroom. I sigh at the thought of her not sleeping with me. I give her the space she undoubtedly needs from me tonight.

The scent of breakfast is pulling me from my sleep. I roll onto my side to come face to face with a tray of food. Guilt rolls through me at the thoughtfulness my girl has. Even when she's obviously pissed at me she makes me breakfast. I finish my breakfast and bring out the tray to clean them up. Sheets are folded on the couch and then the note on the bar with my girlfriends scrawl.

Hope breakfast was good. I went for a run. We can talk when I get back. xox Love, C.

For as long as we've been dating, Callie only runs early in the morning when she's really pissed off and can't sleep. She's more of a night runner but I know I'm going to have to brace myself for the storm that's about to start. Callie bursts through the door and I can't help but lust after her. The sweat stains on her tank top show me she's been running for a while and that she's dripping at the forehead. Her chest is rising and falling rapidly and her music is blaring in her ears. The short shorts she's has on only show off her long toned legs and how I wish they would wrap around me right now. I shake my head to clear the naught thought out of my head.

"Hey." She breathes out.

"Hi. Uhm, thank you for the breakfast." I hedge.

"No problem. I'm gonna shower." Calliope turns from me to head to the bathroom. I grab at her arm. Her body stiffens and whips away from my touch.

"So are we not going to talk about yesterday?"


"Callie please!" I beg.

"Okay, fine. You want to explain to me how Mark knows about what I wore for you a few days ago?" Her eyes are so hard.

"He asked me to borrow my phone while we were heading out of the hospital. His was dead and I hadn't looked at my phone to know that you sent me a picture. It was the first thing that showed up when he went to unlock it." Her shoulders relax at my explanation.

"Alright. Thanks for telling me."

"Are we okay?"

"Yeah. I need to clean up." She backpedals down the hallway.

"Wait. Why didn't you tell me why Mark bothers you so much but Teddy knows?" She freezes in her spot for a second then comes back into the room.

"Because I was drunk when I talked to her but how was I supposed to bring it up without you getting defensive? He's your best friend. I don't get to tell you who you can or can't be friends with. I'm not that type of girl."

"But I'm your girlfriend! Nothing should be off limits with me but you run to Teddy because you don't trust me." I jump to conclusions but I couldn't stop my mouth before it comes out.

"Are you kidding me?! I never said I don't trust you. I went to Teddy because she was there! But what I need from you is to shut Mark up sometimes or not encourage him. Sometimes you don't even realize the things you say because you're used to your banter. And that's totally okay but I need you to protect me!" She shouts and starts pacing in front of me. If the issue wasn't such a big deal I would think it's cute and slightly hot. "You didn't even realize that you said, 'Any of my exes here are better than you.' I mean what about me? Then he is always throwing it in my face that he was the one that took your virginity and I hate the idea of him touching you the way I wish I got to feel you! Then he loves to point out the other women you have been with and the different ways they can make you feel. He makes me feel like I'm not- I'm not- adequate enough for you."

I step in front of her to stop her pacing but she just steps around me. Attempting to reach out to her doesn't help either.

"Then you! You don't even try to stop him. I sit there and listen to him bring up your past. I hate knowing I work, operate, walk with all of it. I'm staring it in the face. I get you have a past but it doesn't always make this easier. Sometimes I even get this idea that I don't really satisfy you because I can't do that 'thing' with my tongue like Kate. Or have a huge rack like Beth. Or the fact I don't hit places like Noelle can even though she's not even gay. Or Tina who has a body to die for!" She's crying now and I want to wrap her in my arms and tell her otherwise.

"Callie…" My heart aches at the thought that she thinks she isn't enough for me because she is more than all those girls. They never meant anything. I love her with all my heart.

"No! And Mark knows almost every detail of our sex lives."

"He doesn't know every detail."

"He might as well know! He knows about every way I react to your touch and all the things I'll do to you or for you. He knows what I wear for you. He gets every part of you and you get the best of both worlds. The have the guy best friend and girl who will always choose you but I need you to choose me too Arizona. I'm not asking you to give up your friendship but I've asked multiple times to not share details of what you and I do in the bedroom but yet he still gets them. I'm an open target to him and the both of you have the biggest arsenal to attack me."

She doesn't even give me a chance to reply when she runs to the bedroom. I'm speechless at the revelation. I guess I never realized how much I've really hurt her but it wasn't intentional. How could I not pick her? It's always been her. I walk to the door and hesitate to turn the handle but then I hear a wracking sob come out of my loves mouth. I can't take this. I need to fix this.

I'm standing in front of my best friend's door wanting to rip his head off for making my girlfriend feel the way she is right now but I know I'm just as much to blame for her tears. It's time that I finally lay the law down or something along those lines. If I think about what Calliope said, I finally figured out that she's right. I let Mark run his mouth and I always pick him and help solidify her feelings when I should be doing the opposite. I reach my hand up and knock.

"Hey Robbins! I thought you would be banging your chick all day."

"Can we talk?" I rub at the back of my neck. We don't really have serious talks unless it's completely necessary.

"Um, sure. What's up?" He steps aside to let me in. He sits comfortably on his couch while I start to walk back and forth in front of him.

"I need you to let me talk and I need you to listen because this is important like really important."


"It's about Callie. You really need to watch what you say."

"What? She can't handle my digs at her?" He tries to joke.

"Mark, I'm serious. I wouldn't be here if I wasn't really asking you to back off."

"Alright. Why hasn't she said anything to me?"

"Like that would go over well? You would just come and tell me how I need to control her or something. Am I wrong?" He shakes his head back and forth. "Plus she's not one to try to control any part of my life."

"So what do you want from me?"

"I need you to watch your mouth with her. It's one thing to joke with her about a few things but our sex lives is off limits. I should have set these boundaries with you when I knew I was going to be serious with her but I didn't and this is on me."

"She says she's not trying to control you but it sure seems like it to me. Plus it's just a part of our friendship that we share that stuff." He scoffs.

"Well that's the part she's not comfortable with. And what is your problem with her? You are constantly putting her down with me by always bringing up that we were each other's first then you always pointing out my exes while she's around!" I all but yell at this point. He throws his arms up in surrender.

"Nothing but she's taking you from me! We don't spend as much time together and now I have to bite my tongue around her! Seriously?!" He spats out.

"That's what this is about? The fact that I spend more time with her than you? I'm in a relationship with her! I can't believe I never realized the way you talk to her. I'm an idiot. She's the best thing to happen to me and I let you talk down to her. The things you say make her feel like she doesn't satisfy me and you know that's the complete opposite. My exes mean nothing to me and lastly stop acting like when we had sex was the best thing for you! It wasn't. You talk it up but it was awkward for the both of us and it only made me realize how much of a lesbian I am."

"Calm down Arizona. I'm sorry." He tries to appease me.

"Are you sorry because it doesn't sound like it!? I'm in love with her Mark. She's everything and yet she doesn't believe it or know that. If you're my best friend like you say you are you wouldn't talk to her like that anymore. You wouldn't try to get details of my intimate times with her. Don't point out my past to her. Don't throw in her face we slept together. Don't share details I share with you. And I won't share any with you anymore. If you don't get how I feel about her then I don't know if we can be friends."

With all that said I walk out of his apartment. I go straight to Callie and mine's bedroom to see her still crying. I hate that I did this to her. She's more than enough and I don't deserve her. I pull back the covers and spoon her from behind. Her body starts to shake even harder and I tug her closer to me. I finger my other hand through her dark locks while the other arm is thrown over her stomach.

"I'm so sorry baby." I whisper. It might not mean much but I need her to hear me.

"Those other women and Mark don't matter to me. You do. I'm sorry I didn't realize how Mark's words and my actions hurt you. I talked to him and hopefully he'll stop. I know you deal with him for me and I love you for that. I love you for dealing with idiocy but I need you to hear me when I say that you satisfy me. I'm in love with you." I release her to try to roll her over. She does and her red-rimmed puffy eyes and stained cheeks meet my eyes. I tangle our legs together and we face to face on our sides. I caress her cheek.

"You are more than enough for me. Just because those women could do some tricks-" She tries to pull away from me but I keep her in place but placing my hands on her neck and hold her there. "Don't pull away from me please." I look deep into chocolate eyes that show insecurity that I've never seen before shine through.

"Like I was saying just because my exes could do some tricks in bed doesn't mean that they are better than you. You are the best lover I've ever had and I'm not just saying that so I don't have to sleep in our bed alone again." She rewards me with a small tug at the corner of her lips.

"Honey, they have nothing on you. You think they could practically make me come without touching me? You think a smoldering look from them sets my body on fire? You think they can do the things you can do with a strap on? I can answer all those for you, NO." Calliope blushes and it spread from the neck up to her cheeks. My thumbs rub at her jaw line.

"I asked him to stop talking to you the way he does. And I promise I won't share anymore details about what we do anymore."

"Okay." Callie croaks out. It's the first word she's said to me since I came in here.

"That's it? Okay?" I ask in disbelief.

"For now, yes. Thank you for talking to him and for picking me." She adjusts so our legs are still together but my head rests on her chest and our hand link together on her stomach.

"I'll always pick you."

A kiss is laid on top of my curls. "Let's catch a nap then you can spend the rest of our day off making it up to me." I catch the subtle hint of what she's getting at and I'm happy to just stay here for a little while but the other option is even better.

"Deal baby."

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