Chapter 6

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Teddy's POV

I didn't sleep at all last night. Again. When Callie finally succumbed to exhaustion, my mind was racing with scenarios of what happened between her and Arizona, but nothing I thought of came even close to what Callie finally told me this morning.

Mark fucking Sloan.

After everything that happened, Arizona went behind Callie's back and lied right to her face just to hang out with that asshole. The anger I feel towards Arizona for absolutely crushing my best friend is unlike anything I've ever felt. When Callie showed up on my doorstep, drenched... she looked so broken. Even after George and Erica, she had never looked that lost. Which only confirms for me that Arizona is absolutely the love of her life. Only to have that love shoved back in her face with lies and deceit.

Unfortunately, I had to come into work every morning for the past couple weeks, leaving Callie in her sweats on my couch. I'm not really sure what state of mind she's been in besides completely heart broken. I've been avoiding Arizona as much as possible since their split. She keeps paging me for consults but I hand them off to Cristina or any other resident as long as it's not me. Callie made me promise her for me to not to go all badass army chick on Arizona. I don't understand why she's still protecting her but I don't blame Cal because all I want to do is slap her right across the face. She deserves it but I'll save that special present for a different day. I inwardly smirk at the thought.

I'm standing at the nurses' station filling my charts when I hear the infamous skid of heely's stop in front of me. I don't look up from my chart and carry on with my business. A sigh escapes Arizona's mouth and I finally shift my gaze to her.

"What can I do for you Dr. Robbins?" I ask, in my most professional tone, because if I used my real one, I'd be screaming.

"I... just wanted to know how Dr. Torres is." She says, eyes pouring regret. Still doesn't deter any of my anger.

"I'm not talk about her with you Arizona. Not anymore." Arizona opens her mouth to say something but I stand up cutting her off. "Good day Dr. Robbins." At this point I don't have much to say to her, I mean I do but unlike her I'll keep my promises to Callie.

After my boring shift, I head home to check on my best friend. I'm hoping she had a chance to get up but I highly doubt. Pushing through my front door I see Callie laying on the couch with an empty bottle of wine, box of tissues, and still in her sweats. I sigh but plop myself down next to her.

"Hey Cal."

"How was work Teds?" She lays her head in my lap as I throw my legs on top of the coffee table.

"It was slow. I managed to get my residents to cover my consults so all I did was fill out charts today." She grunts in acknowledgement.

We sit in comfortable silence for a little while until Callie breaks through the quiet.

"I want you to go out tonight. Go to Joe's or something." My brow furrow together at her statement.

"No, you need me." I say.

"I do but you've been just sitting here with me. Go have some fun for the both of us. I know you'll worry about me but I need to think by myself. I can't even think about being in front of anyone else. So please Teds. Go drink, get drunk, I'll still be here when you get back." I hear the sincerity in words and I concede.

"Alright. But are you sure?"

"I'm sure. So go pick out a hot outfit and take a shot of tequila for me." I follow Callie's directions and head upstairs to get ready. How she can still be so thoughtful is beyond me. Goes to show how gigantic her heart is. I still feel still guilty going out but I could go out for a drink to lessen the tension in my body. When my best friend hurts so do I. All the pain that's been radiating off of her just trickles it way to me and I hate knowing the source of it and not being able to do anything about it.

A cab comes and picks me to take me to Joe's. I'm not on a mission for a piece of ass so I dressed in a skinny jeans and a tight top, nothing too extravagant. I make my way to the bar and order a beer and shot of tequila. "This ones for you Callie" I think to myself as I throw the alcohol back. I cough at the intensity of the burn but it soothes my nerves a bit. The music coming from the jukebox helps relax me. Shot after shot, beer after beer, I can feel the effects of the alcohol in my system. After drinking with Callie, I've learned to hold my alcohol but no one beats Callie. She's just as bad as Meredith and Cristina and that's saying something. I'm not too drunk but I'm in the happy place. I giggle at the thought.

But then I hear a familiar giggle to the left of me. Arizona. A petite woman with dirty blonde hair and emerald eyes is flirting with her. I see a fair hand land on Arizona's sweater covered arm and stays there. She might not have been my girlfriend but I feel a flare of anger run through me. Calm down Teddy, you promised. I watch the interaction between the two and Arizona throws her head back in laughter. I turn my body away from her to calm down. I order another shot and take it down no problem. I don't know how someone could move on so fast after breaking another person's heart. Maybe she doesn't know or doesn't get it. How could you be that selfish? To lie and betray and supposedly love someone just to go to the next person that gives you attention.

"Arizona, let's get out of here." I hear this mystery woman yell over the music.

Oh hell no. This is not happening. I get on my feet after letting my center of gravity is composed. I strut on over and grab Arizona by the arm and drag her out the door. She comes freely but trying to understand what the hell is going on.

She opens her mouth to speak but I interrupt her before she speaks, "Shut up." We're down the block from the bar. I sit on the nearby bench and point for her to join me. She hesitated at my request but she sits as far away from me. We don't say anything to each other until all the thoughts I've been holding in finally starts bursting at the seams. I jolt out of my place on the bench and start to pace in front her. Her eyes track my movements as I pace.

"I'm so freaking pissed off at you. Do you get that?" I start calmly.

"Yes Teddy, I get it. I hurt your best friend I don't exactly expect you to love me too right now."

"No, I don't think you do. And wait a minute… HURT?! You think you just hurt Callie. No! You fucking broke her let alone her heart."

"I KNOW!" Arizona yells back.

"You don't fucking know! Have you watched her drown herself in wine to handle the pain for days? Have you let her take a leave of absence from work because she can't even think about being in the same room as you or Mark? Have you heard her cry her heart out day in and day out? Have you tried to convince her that she isn't NOTHING? Or that she's worth it? The list goes on and on Arizona and where have you been?" I'm barely done with this rant.

"No…" It's too quiet for me to hear.


"No! I haven't witness any of that! Okay? You don't think I don't feel horrible for the way things happened with Calliope. You don't think I regret it? I do! I hate myself for not realizing how much of a threat Mark has been but I never really thought about it. I just wanted my best friend and girlfriend to get along. I should have guessed something was way off when she punched him but I was in denial. I hate that I broke her. She's the best person I know and I made her think otherwise. She sets me on top of the world and I shoved her face in the ground. I figured she wouldn't want to hear from me or see me. So that's where I've been." Her voice cracks towards the end.

"You've always been at Joe's flirting away apparently. Did she mean anything to you?" It's a low blow but I have no problem going there.

"Flirting? Lauren? She's a doctor visiting for a surgery this week. And don't you fucking dare ask me that!" Arizona jumps up to her feet and squares her shoulders to me.

"Oh please. I saw her giving you sex eyes all the way from where I was sitting then the way she was caressing your arm. She didn't just want a conversation Arizona." I scoff.

"Fine. I knew she was flirting but I was just talking to her. She was trying to put the moves on me but all I could think was all the way she wasn't anything like Callie. Lauren is nothing."

"I don't want to yell at you but I need to get this off my chest. I promised Callie I wouldn't go all army chick on you. Why she would still protect you? I don't know." I take in a deep breath before I really lay into her. "You hurt my person. She's on my couch crying like all the time and drowning in white wine because it's your favorite. You didn't just hurt her, you betrayed her trust, broke her confidence. The confident badass surgeon with a big heart has been shattered to pieces. You know the night you two broke up she was drenched head to toe from the storm. I didn't know what happened after she called me but I knew it was bad. She fell asleep attached to me from sheer exhaustion of crying and then she said something that didn't sit well with me. She said she wasn't enough for you, that she wasn't worth it and she was nothing. How am I supposed to be nice or even civil with someone who did that to my best friend?" I wipe the stray tear about to fall.

"Mark was her biggest threat and even I know you know that. You shoved her love for you and her insecurities in her face. You were supposed to support and love her. You once told me that you would do everything in your power to make her happy and you've done everything opposite to that. Arizona… You were so caught up in Mark that you didn't see your girlfriend slip between your fingers. She gave up kids for you. She gave up her apartment for you. She practically laid her life at your feet because that's how in love she is with you. Then you go and put Mark ahead of her. So no, you have no idea."

Arizona hangs her head in shame as tear strike her cheeks. I don't have anything left to say to her. "Look, I don't know what your intentions are when and if Callie comes back to work but I swear to God Arizona… I have no doubt that Callie will want to forgive you but make it worth it. But this is your last warning,
hurt her one more time and you are done." I swiftly turn around and leave her there so I can go home to my best friend.

Arizona's POV


A small breath of air exhaled.


Teddy storms off down the street and I'm left all by myself. She's probably heading back to her house to take care of Calliope. Something I should be doing or should have been doing from the very beginning. I don't know when my feet start moving but looking around I realize I'm heading back to my apartment. I haven't been there for long periods of time because I can't stand the emptiness. Half my closet, empty. My bathroom counter, empty. Right side of the bed and nightstand, empty. The mantel, empty. My heart, empty. There are holes all over the apartment of where Callie's things used to be. Her scent is starting to fade and I absolutely hate it.

It's my fault.

I'm not lost on the idea that I'm the reason why things happened the way that they did. From all of this, I'm heart broken over the idea that Callie believes she's worthless, nothing. I never once in our time together or any time did I think that she's those things. Everything about her is miraculous. I let her down. I need to fix this. Even if she won't forgive me or take me back I need Calliope to believe she's beautiful, hardcore, everything.

I'm so out of it that I don't realize that I've reached my apartment already. I push through my door and find Mark sitting on my couch. Speak of the devil. Just another reminder that he's sitting where the love of my life should be.

"Mark, I'm not in the mood." He gets up from his seat and hands me a glass of red wine.

I take it and put it back down. "That's Callie's favorite bottle."

He scoffs as he rounds the counter in the kitchen. I clench my fists at the irritation I feel from him scoffing at the mention of Callie. I turn to look at him. "What are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to make sure you're okay. You've been working a lot and you've hardly returned my phone calls or texts."

"I really needed some time to myself." I wrap my arms around myself trying to protect myself from the pain of being alone.

"Why?" He acts like he doesn't know why.

"Contrary to popular belief I'm just as heart broken over the break up with Callie, Mark. I don't really appreciate you acting like you don't know why. You aren't that stupid."

"Yeah whatever. Look, I was just here to see how you were doing. Call me when you're over her." He thinks I didn't notice the eye roll as he turns away to walk out.

I grab his wrist to halt his stride. "What is your problem with Calliope?!" I'm pretty sure I'm on the verge of yelling. I need to understand where all this animosity towards Callie comes from.

"Leave alone Arizona. I'll see you later."

"No Mark! Just tell me fucking why?! You are always rolling your eyes, scoffing, or pushing away the fact that I fucking love her!"


"No! Tell me God damn it!" My chest heaving and nose flaring.

"Because that dyke got to have you! Because you should have been with me, not her!" He rushes back into my personal space. I didn't expect him to hold my face in his rough hands and pull me in for a kiss, if that's what you want to call it. I'm so shocked and disgusted by his lips being on me. I bang my fists against his chest to push him away from me.

"What the fuck Mark?! You can not be serious!" I'm repulsed by him.

"I love you Arizona! Don't you see that? And I think you have feelings for me too. Why else would you always pick me over Callie? I see you. Don't deny it anymore." He walks back over and I step back. Something comes over me because I start hysterically laughing then the tears starts to come out of my eyes.

"Oh my God. Are you delusional?! I'm IN LOVE with Calliope!" I start pacing behind the breakfast bar. "Read my lips Mark! I have NO, NONE, ZERO, feelings for you! The only love you're ever felt from is a best friend brotherly love. If you honestly think there was something more to that, then I don't know what to tell you." My thoughts start to go a million miles a minute.

"Stop! Don't stop that!" Mark covers his ears with his hands.

"I can't believe I didn't think see this before! This explains everything." I shouldn't be surprised by all of this. I'm in shocked and appalled at myself for this whole situation. I lead on a man thinking me, a fucking lesbian, switched over so I could be with Mark fucking Sloan. ABSOLUTELY NOT!

"Get out. We are no longer friends. We will not speak unless it's work related. This is not some phase. This is not because of Calliope but it's for me and partially for her. We are nothing but colleagues now. I'm changing the locks. Do not speak to me ever again." I turn my back from him and go into my bedroom. I hear the door slam shut. After I strip out of my clothes I put on Callie's Epsilon Phi Delta crew neck. I grab my phone and scroll through my contacts.

I see Calliope's name in my phone but it's not really her name. It reads "Babe" with a bunch of emojis. I remember the first time I saw it after she changed it and smiled because I was so happy to know that she's my babe and now she's the woman I need to be better for even if I'm no longer with her.

I click on her name and think about hitting the phone icon to call her. Even if she sends me to voicemail at least I would hear her voice. Instead I hit the text button to send her message. Last time I checked she had her read receipts on so if she reads it, that's enough for me.

"I'm so deeply sorry Calliope. I know you would say, don't "Calliope" me right now. Haha. I know… not really in the mood to laugh or joke. But I am sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I wish I could have the chance to tell you this in person but I know you don't want to see me and Teddy probably wouldn't let me through the door. You not nothing, you're everything. I never properly showed you that. I'm ashamed of myself for making you thinking otherwise. You miraculous. I love you. I'm in love with you. I'll always love you. I hope you can sleep and dream well. XOXO. -A"

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