Valentines Day: Kids Edition

Hello, people I don't know! This is my new story. A series of one-shots, actually. Sort of a better, more original version of my story, Valentines Day. This is about the PJO character's kids on…Valentines Day. Hence the name. Here are the kids:


Mi'Kayla- 15 Maria- 14 Zander- 14

Luke- 13 Bianca- 12 Lola- 13

Annabelle- 9 Elaine- 8 Madison- 10

Zoë- 6


Justin- 15 Sammy- 17 Esperanza- 15

Kayla- 14 Emily- 13 Ryan- 14

Marie- 8 Jason- 8

Drewtavian (Drew/Octavian):

Melissa- 16

Alyson- 14

Augustus- 12

Carmen- 10

Carter- 9

I'll take suggestions after I finish all these kids. Enjoy the story! Flames will be used to make cookies for good reviewers and power the torcher machine for bad reviewers.

Disclaimer: I, ArtemisandOrion, sadly, do not own PJO, or it's characters. But I do own the kids in this story!

Mi'Kayla Jackson sat on the beach at Camp Half-Blood, feeling dejected. Today was Valentines Day, and she felt like the only person without a valentine. Even her 6-year-old sister Zoë had a valentine today.

Her parents told her not to think about it. They said that she was a beautiful girl, and if some boy couldn't see that, than that was their loss.

"You're my parents. You're suppose to say things like that," she'd said, but her mother shook her head.

"If you weren't, I would tell you. You're perfect, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

Mi'Kayla had long, straight black hair and intelligent grey eyes. She looked like her mother, but also like her father. Today she wore a sea green tank top and faded blue skinny jeans with sea green high-tops. She wore a single piece of jewelry: a gold owl pendant blue jewel in the center of it. Her mother's old dagger hung from her belt.

I don't feel very perfect right now, she thought as she drew a picture of a heart in the sand, accompanied by two letters: M + D. It was true. Mi'Kayla Jackson had a huge crush on Dylan Mitchells, a cute, curly haired son of Apollo.

Of course, Dylan was obviously taken. And by the beautiful Carmen Salado, daughter of Demeter, nonetheless. The two of them were deeply in love, and not even Mi'Kayla could deny that.

"Mind if I sit here?" a voice asked from behind her, making her jump five feet into the air.

She turned around to see her best friend, Xavier standing behind her.

Xavier was a son of Hephaestus; with buzz cut black hair and deep brown eyes. He had caramel colored skin and large hands, like most Hephaestus kids.

Today he was dressed in black jeans and a once white shirt. He had on black Nike shoes that were worn from all the times he and Mi'Kayla had gone into the woods, hoping to find monsters to train with.

"Nah, why would I mind? At least you're company," she said drily.

"Ah, what's the matter? Valentines Day is suppose to be happy," Xavier said, shaking Mi'Kayla's shoulder slightly.

"Not when you're forever alone, like I am."

"Come on, Kay. You can't mean it. I bet you have tons of guys lined up, waiting for the chance to ask you out."

"Could you point me to the nearest line, then?" Mi'Kayla said.

"Look next to you," Xavier muttered, not meaning for Mi'Kayla to hear. But she did anyway.

"What?" she asked, clearly startled. They both blushed and looked away from each other.

"I said look next to you."


Suddenly, Xavier hopped up. He knew that telling her how he felt was a mistake.

"Forget it," he said, about to storm off when a hand grabbed his arm.

"Xavier, what's wrong?" Mi'Kayla looked genuinely confused.

"I love you, that's what's wrong. I love you and I shouldn't. But…it's impossible not to love you, Mi'Kayla. And I know that it's impossible to love me. I… I have to go."

But before he could storm off, Mi'Kayla grabbed him again.

"I… I never knew you felt that way, Xavier."

"I said forget it!"

Mi'Kayla gazed into his eyes pleadingly. That was all he could take.

Xavier leaned in and kissed Mi'Kayla. It took her a second to respond, but she eventually kissed him back.

Suddenly she pulled away.

"Xavier-" she started, but he cut her off.

"I'm sorry, Kay. I hope the doesn't ruin our friendship."

"It already has, Xavier," she said seriously.

Tears formed in Xavier's eyes. He turned away dejectedly.

"I love you, too." Mi'Kayla whispered.

Xavier whirled around, eyes wide.

"You- You do?" he was genuinely stunned.

"Course. You have your very own line of potential girlfriends, you know?"

Xavier wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her again.

Then they walked back into camp, hand in hand.

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