(AN: Well it's been awhile since I posted (or even written) anything here on FF. But yesterday I heard about the passing of a great man, and (after getting my emotions in check) I sat down and produced this. It's not great (not even really good, in my opinion) but it says what I felt and feel, in regards to Mr. Moody and what his loss means to me. I was not going to post this here, but, I decided to, because I wanted to share with others who respected and will miss this wrestling titan.

For me, wrestling in the late 90's would not be what it was, if this man was not around. He, and the Undertaker, kept me watching well past the point McMahon and the wwe had made me disgusted in the product. I have many memories, (and video tapes) of watching Mr. Moody in the ring and out, working to bring us fans into the excitement of what was transpiring in the ring. He was the one that allowed Taker, Kane and Mankind to do their thing, while building the story, that helped lift them above being, just another wrestling gimmick.

I stopped watching wrestling, completely, a few years back. I always wondered if I would return, if the wwe decided to bring him back fully. I guess I'll never know now, but it is nice to think I would have.

Anyway, these are my feelings given voice. I hope they come across as I felt them as I set them down.

Peace be with you all.)

Tribute to a Great Man

The shadow walks before the Light in the Darkness.

The hand holds the soul of a Warrior.

The leash keeps a Machine at bay.

A presence holds the Tri-faced Man together.

He was what we remember, of the greatness of the Ring.

Through him the thumps and slams had meaning.

He gave voice to the greats, and a window to our excitement.

We missed him and miss him, he is gone, but we see him still.

When the lights go out, we will think of him.

When the fire shoots to the rafters we dream he is there.

The Black suit, the Urn, the Coffin and the Gong, treasured and dear.

He called out and we smiled...Ooooooh Yessss...we smiled.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Paul "Percy Pringle III" Bearer. AKA Willain Moody.