Beta: SpinningBlack

Edited on: 08/21/2016

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Bella's POV

Where am I? How did I get here? Why is it so dark? With a sudden rush of adrenaline I realise something...I can't breathe. I open my mouth to suck in the so needed air, but I only get water. Wait…what? Water? Which water?

I struggle again to breathe, but I just get more and more water. I reach out and try to find something to hold on to. Like the edge of the bathtub, but there is nothing. That is strange… It's getting more and more difficult to think and I start to feel light-headed. I have to do something and fast. I force my limbs to oblige to my wishes and swim, somewhere, anywhere, but I don't see the surface.

Suddenly I see a shimmer of light in my vision. Through the dizziness it takes me a moment to realise what that means. Light…light means sun and seeing the sun means…the surface! I could see the surface! I force my slowly numbing limbs to work harder. As I swim a vision of my dad popes into my mind out of nowhere and I panic. I have to survive, if not for me then for Charlie. My dad doesn't deserve to be left like this.

With determination burning in my heart, I utilize my strength and swim as fast as I can. Nearly there….I am about to reach the surface. I can already see the beauty of the sky and a rock to hold on to barely a few meters above me. Come on, just a few more pushes. With sheer will I force my body to overcome the last distance between me and the rock. My fingers break through the surface. I can feel the hard texture of the rock against my fingertips. I just need one more push and…

Damn… I can feel the strength drain from my arms and legs. I try weakly to keep swimming, but it is no use. I am not moving upward at all. Black spots are dancing in my vision and everything becomes blurry in front of my eyes. Oh no, no, no…I can't faint; I will die if I lose consciousness. I have to do something. Suddenly I hear Edward's voice in my head again. He tells me that I should fight, that I should be strong for him. But he is not here anymore, so why should I listen to him? I stop struggling and in that calm his voice comes through clearly, his screams echoing in my head. I don't care; he wouldn't even care if I died. He probably wouldn't even notice, I think with a bitter smile on my face.

After all it was Edward, who stole my heart and then smashed it. He let my dreams of a happy-ever-after, my hopes of a future with my vampire family crumble around me like the shards of his broken promises. Maybe he was the one who wanted to eat me. Blaming Jasper would have been oh so very convenient excuse for him. After all, what could l expect from a man, who would leave a woman in the middle of the woods….alone, lost, defenceless….Hah, maybe he never intended to protect me at all.

With this thought my dizziness reached new heights. My sight slips in and out of focus. I feel my body begin to slowly sink down, down, down and soon I am surrounded by complete darkness once more. Not even the slightest shimmer of the sun reaches me anymore, but who cares? I will die anyway. The last thing I hear is someone screaming my name. But who? Edward? Charlie? No, that is not his voice. The dizziness is too strong for me now, so I decide to give in and lose myself in it. As I close my eyes to give in to the soft embrace of unconsciousness I hear the voice again.

"Bella? Bella!? Bella!"

Letting the voice echo in my mind as I feel my body go limp I can only think of one thing: Oh, I am so sorry, dad…..