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Aro's POV

I stand in the middle of the room the guards just behind me. I close my eyes and take a few unneeded breaths. The face of my beloved comes to the forefront of my mind as I try to calm myself. In. Out. In. Out. I close my eyes tighter trying to focus only on her smiling face. Her hair surrounding her head like a halo as she lies on the bed with her eyes closed. Yeah. I just have to concentrate on her. Just on her.


I don't open my eyes still focused on my slowly decreasing anger. That's not like me. I am always controlled. Always calm. But this. This is just…- Bella. I just need to concentrate on her picture in my mind. Nothing else.


My eyes twitch in irritation as I my concentration is broken again. I slowly open my eyes and look at the guard with irritation. I don't say a word contrary to my normally enthusiastic behavior. I am not in the mood for this to drag out right now.

"What should we do with…this?" His finger points to the source of my irritation. I sigh inwardly and close my eyes again.

"Destroy it."

The sound of a fire being lightened is heard as I turn my back to the scene. Slowly dying screams follow me as I walk back towards the castle.

The others need to know about this.

Bella's POV

A shiver runs though me and I wrap the blanket tighter around myself. Caius is immediately by my side. Worry clearly written in his eyes. I smile and stretch my hand out towards him. He takes it and pulls me close to him. Putting me on his lap and making himself comfortable against the headboard. Marcus has a soft smile on his lips as he sits beside us on the bed. He puts the blanket over me again and strokes my hair.

"Are you alright, my dear?" Marcus asks with a soft voice.

I nod and put my head on Caius chest. My eyes linger on the door. Waiting for Aro to come back. A soft bite to my ear distracts me. I try to tilt my head back to glare at Caius, but find myself hold tightly in place. I struggle a bit, but get just bitten again. It's not a hard bite just a little nib. I blush and try to wriggle free again only to find myself suddenly pinned between Caius soft and muscular chest and Marcus.

I open my mouth intending to say something, anything, but a demanding tongue enters my mouth before I have the chance. I gasp and look at Caius surprised, confused by his sudden attack. His tongue is fighting mine again and the heat is spreading through me like fire. I moan as I feel Marcus trail kisses down my chin and shiver as he bites my neck softly. I can feel myself getting hotter and hotter and gasp for air as Caius finally releases my mouth.

Before I can get my breath back Caius mouth is on mine again. Demanding attention. My eyes are dazed as I look at the deep, deep red ones of Caius…his gaze completely captivating mine. I can feel my pyjama top, which they presented to me, slowly being lifted. The kiss is broken and the shirt is removed before Caius lips are on mine again. His tongue playing with mine. Biting and nibbling and making my whole body feel like it's on fire. More, more…I want more. My eyes close themselves as I enjoy his caresses. Marcus lips are going south and suck my flesh just above my breasts. I moan into the kiss as I can feel Marcus hand slowly unclasping my bra. His tender finger caressing my back as he goes. How I wish this would never-


Before I can blink Caius and Marcus are in front of me. Snarling at the intruder. I slowly blink my eyes as I try to figure out, what happened.

"Sorry, to disrupt you brothers, but we have an urgent matter on our hands, that needs attention" I blink again as I see Aro's red eyes from around my mates.

He looks so angry…