This is the sequel to Nightime. I have a few other stories on my plate right now, but I will try to update frequently. Thanks for reading!

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When Night Turns to Day

Chapter 1:

As the sun rose over the already swealtering jungle, guards were laughing as prisoners screamed in agony. Some screamed for GOD, others for their mothers. Some had stopped screaming and were just begging to die.

Bamboo cages filled the compound. The splintered bars and hard floors made sleep near impossible. Those that tried to sleep suffered from numerous bugs and other insects constantly biting and stinging them.

Defeat and hopelessness was thick in the air. Men who were once large now resembled toothpicks as their bones protruded into their skin.

In the most western part of the camp, near the outskirts of the jungle, a bamboo cage sat. Inside Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith's eyes roamed over possible escape opportunities.

"Ain't gonna work Hannibal, guards do patrol six times a day near the jungle there." Ray said following Hannibal's eyes.

Hannibal sighed and sank back, determination written on his features. He glanced to his right, near the back of the cage. Murdock was rocking back and forth muttering something Hannibal couldn't make out. He was due to be taken today, and everyone in the cage knew it.

"Murdock? Murdock can you hear me?" Hannibal asked, trying to get the pilot's attention.

Murdock stopped muttering and looked up, a ghost of a smile made its way onto his lips.

Hannibal smiled with him and continued.

"Murdock, when they...take you today. I need you to keep your eyes open. Look around for anything you think might be helpful to get us out of here. Count the guards, but don't be noticeable. Can you do that captain?"

Murdock glanced in Face's direction and then back to Hannibal.

"I can do it."

Hannibal nodded and turned his attention to Face.

'The kid looks worse in the daylight.' he thought to himself as he slowly approached his lieutenant.

"Face? I need to clean your wounds, can you lay down for me?"

Face never made eye contact, but did as intructed, and pulled his shirt up, groaning quietly in pain as he did.

Hannibal let out a gasp, and B.A slammed his fist into the hard floor.

Dark bruises covered his thin chest and abdomen. He could see the three broken ribs through his skin, than in itself was enough to make Hannibal's stomach churn.

Hannibal took a little of their water and cleaned the small cuts over Face's body. Face never so much as moved, but his vacant eyes remained open.

"Kid's given up Hannibal." B.A said as he slipped Face's ragged shirt carefully back on the younger man.

"I know B.A. I'm workin on gettin us outta here. I need a few more days."

"A few more days Hannibal? Then what" Ray butted in. "We're losing Murdock more more every minute and the kid has given up. There's no way we can outrun the bastards."

"Dammit Ray. I'm getting us out of here...All of us!"

Ray bowed his head in shame.

"I'm sorry colonel, I didn't mean-"

Hannibal held up his hand.

"It's ok Ray. We can't lose hope though. I won't. I will get the four of us out of here and when I do-" Hannibal was cut off by Ray's frantic eyes darting back and forth. Hannibal turned and sighed.

"Murdock, they're coming."