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At first glance, the two lone figures walking up to the door of a local house didn't appear to be much, but closer, the men were very strange. The taller of the two had yellow beady eyes with a blue-ish tint to his skin, the shorter, a handsome young man with pale skin and red eyes. They walked silently to the door and after a moment of hesitation, the taller knocked on the door.


"Whoa shit!" Tsuki Ashikara laughed at her gay friend, who had just summersaulted down her main stairs. Tsuki was a pretty girl about age 18. She had nice pale skin with the bluest hair ever seen. Naturally blue, if you'd believe it. Her eyes were an unnatural yellow color, but they complimented her greatly. Her voice was quiet but cheerful and lovely, yet it had a forever flirty drawl to it when she spoke to a guy. She wore a black tank top with a black miniskirt, white leggings and black boots with two inch heels, making her taller than she already was.

"Cool, right?" A boy of about the same age asked, laughing with her. "Hey Minnie come on over here and be social!" He called. The girl on the other side of the room rolled her eyes at him.

"Jackie, we've talked about this. My name is Adrianna" She sighed. She stood and walked over to her friends with a bored expression on her face. Adrianna was also a naturally tall, skinny almost 18 year old girl. Her hair, naturally black, was dyed a deep purple and framed her pale pretty face in soft curls. She had eyes blacker than night and a voice like no other. She was soft spoken and sweet sounding, while it was full of emotion, it was also oddly monotone. She wore a pair of torn black skinny jeans and a red tank that read "A True Love Story Never Ends" with her black scarf, and two inch ankle boots.

She sat cross-legged with her friends, completing their little triangle and joined the conversation. After a while, boredom got the better of them and they wandered into Tsuki's basement to practice their band's music. A three man group, Adrianna was the center, the voice and base guitar. Tsuki was backup vocal, lead guitar, piano and, sometimes, alto sax. Jackie was drums. It wasn't a formal practice, so the girls just sat on the floor strumming together with Jackie giving them a beat. They tested new song lyrics with several different tunes. Adrianna began to get frustrated when Tsuki's mother called down to them.

"Tsuki, dear, you and Adrianna have guests" She said. Tsuki's mother, Tea, was a gentle woman with soft brown hair and eyes. Tsuki had her face, but her other traits, she was told, came from her long lost father.

The three teens looked at eachother in confusion. They had no other real friends, save for a few at school, and even then, they'd just come in.

"Who is it?" Tsuki asked, looking at her mother.

"Just come upstairs you two, will you?" Tea asked, giving them a small smile. The girls looked at eachother before shrugging and standing. They looked back to see Jackie talking on his phone, most likely to his boyfriend, and followed her upstairs.

Sitting in the kitchen sat two men, the taller of which, grinned at them as they entered.

"Heh, lookie there, Itachi" He said, nudging the other with his elbow "Our little girls are all grown up"

"Hn" The other mumbled, not really looking at them.

Adrianna cast them a bored glance and raised an eyebrow. She slid her hands in her pockets and leaned back casually.

"So who are you guys?" She deadpanned.

"You could have said that nicer" Tea scolded. Adrianna rolled her eyes.

"I apologize." She sighed "But seriously who are you guys?" She was eyeing the shorter of the two men, who shared a striking resemblance to her.

"Right, introductions" The taller stood up. He had to be almost 7 feet tall. "My name is Kisame Hoshigake, and this-" he motioned to the shorter, who, with a sigh, pulled himself to his feet as well "Is Itachi Uchiha."

"What does this have to do with us? You're names aren't familiar" Tsuki said, curiosity filled her voice.

"Tsuki, Adrianna, have your parents ever spoken to you about your real family?" Itachi's voice came out easily, monotone and bored.

"Mom and I never really talked about it" Tsuki said "And we don't talk about…them" She shot a nervous look to Adrianna, who had gone stiff at the mention of her parents.

"My foster parents fucking suck" Adrianna growled.

"Language" Tea said, her voice becoming increasingly irritated. Adrianna waved her off. Kisame chuckled and said something to Itachi the girls couldn't hear. Itachi cracked the smallest of smiles.

"You take too much after your mother" Itachi commented, observing her fully with his sharp red eyes.

"My mother? As in from birth?" She asked, suddenly very interested in the strangers. Itachi nodded.

"Do you remember her any?" He asked. Adrianna shook her head.

"Bits and pieces, it hurts to think about it" She said. She rubbed the bridge of her nose, as if to emphasize that it hurt to think about it right at that moment.

Adrianna and Itachi had a mini stare down, and during that, Kisame decided to speak.

"Tsuki, I'm not going to beat around the bush, as Itachi has with Adrianna." That got him a sideways glare. "And just frankly say that I'm your father." Tsuki's eyes widened

"W-what? That's not possible, my father's dead!" She said

"I never said that" Tea said to Kisame, fidgeting nervously "I let her assume."

"I'm not dead, and if you don't believe me, look in a mirror." He had a grin on his face, teeth a little too sharp.

"Now that I'm paying attention, you two do look alike" Adrianna added, still in the midst of her stare down with Itachi.

"So…you're….my father? That's…oh wow" Tsuki was at a loss for words. She began to see their resemblance too.

"Heh. Yeah, I have to apologize for sending you and your mother here, it was safer at the time that you didn't know me" He apologized, and smiled at Tsuki and her mother, who looked away.

"No it's…at least you came back, right? That's all that matters" Tsuki was fighting tears. She cleared her throat and sniffed. "So, if I can ask, if you're my father, Kisame-ahm-dad, what does that make Itachi to Adrianna?"

"I'm her older brother" Itachi said, breaking his stare to look over at Tsuki.

"My older brother? Where the hell have you been all my life?!" Adrianna puffed up like a blowfish, an irritated look settled on her face

"Adrianna, please, this is a conversation for you and me to have privately." He gestured for her to follow him to the other room. She narrowed her eyes and shook her head.

"Later." She said. Itachi stopped and nodded at her.

"So, um, what are you guys doing here?" Tsuki asked

"Tsuki, how would you and Adrianna like to come back to my and Itachi's world? Where you're really from." Kisame said, shooting them both a grin. Tea choked on her water.

"You want us to come home with you?" Adrianna asked. Itachi nodded.

"Oh, HELL YES!" Adrianna thrusted her fist in the air "I'm gettin' my ass OUTTA THIS PLACE!"

Tsuki gasped and looked wide eyed at her friend who was grinning ear to ear.

"I…I don't know" Tsuki said "That…that means leaving mom…" Kisame's smile fell and he looked at her sadly.

"Tsuki, come on.." Adranna nudged her friend. Tsuki just looked at her.


Later that night, Tsuki sat in her room. She could hear her mother and Kisame, her father, talking. About what, she didn't know. Adrianna had slid out of the house before Itachi could follow, so he was down with them, his voice wasn't as easily heard.

She heard her window sliding open and she saw Adrianna slide through with too much ease to be normal. She silently made her way to Tsuki's bed and sat cross-legged

"What are you doing here?" Tsuki asked, sitting up and rubbing her eyes

"Please come" Adrianna said. "Please" Tsuki frowned

"I want to, I really do. I wanna get to know my dad, but…I can't just leave my mom! She…she…."

"I understand." Adrianna dropped her head "I guess this is goodbye, because we're leaving at the asscrack of dawn" Tsuki gasped and threw her arms around her friend.

"I'm gonna miss you.." She said

"Me too…please come…" Adrianna sniffled. They heard the sound of feet coming up the stairs and Adrianna dove under the bed. Tsuki pretended to be asleep as the door opened ever so slightly.

"Adrianna I know you're hiding in here, and Tsuki I know you're awake." Tea said quietly. Tsuki sighed and sat up and Adrianna wiggled her upper half out from under the bed.

"Come on, little sister. Leave Tsuki be, she's trying to rest." Itachi's voice came from behind her. Adrianna scooted out all the way and stood. She gave Tsuki a small smile and ruffled her hair like she was a small child.

"See ya, kid." She said and slid around Tea to join her brother.


Tsuki's eyes snapped open around 1am. Her eyes met a pair of black ones hovering over her

"What the fu-" She was cut off by a hand slamming down over her mouth

"Shut up and get dressed we're leaving" Adrianna whispered

"I told you no!" Tsuki whispered back, pushing Adrianna off of her. She slammed loudly on the floor and both froze in fear of Tsuki's mother coming. After five minutes of utter silence, Adrianna pulled herself to her feet.

"Tsuki you'll never get the chance to see anything new if you don't come! You may never even see your own father again!" Adrianna said, her eyes begging. Tsuki finally thought of all the pros and cons. She sighed deeply and, throwing the covers off, she got out of bed and put on some clothes. Adrianna used her phone to help Tsuki see so they wouldn't have to turn the room light on.

"I'm so gonna regret this" Tsuki sighed, scribbling down a note to her mother telling her that she's going with the others.

"Nah, you'll have fun! Fall in love! Make new friends! It's gonna be epic!" Adrianna giggled lightly and the two of them slid out the window and into the night.