I have been dying to make one of these so here I go! I will try and make it funny! Also this is right after Titans Together every titan will be in it! Also my favorite KND characters!

Character List

Nigel, Rachel, Hoagie, Abby, Wally, Kuki, Patton, Fanny, Sonya, Lee, Virginia, Bartie, 44 Twins, Harvey, Chad, Cree, DCFDTL, and Father.

Raven, Beast Boy, Robin, Starfire, Jericho, Kole, Melvin, Timmy, Teether, Bobby, Jinx, Kid Flash, Mas y Menos, Bumble Bee, Aqualad, Speedy, Cyborg and Slade.

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Chapter 1: The Moon

No One's POV

It was a normal day at the Titans Tower. Except for the fact that every single titan was there. They had just defeated The Brotherhood of Evil and all the titans were hanging out at the Tower for a while. Most of the titans were hanging out in the front room. Beast Boy, Cyborg, Kid Flash, and Aqualad were playing videogames while Mas y Menos cheered them on. Raven was meditating, Robin was checking for villains, Jericho was playing his guitar, and everybody else was doing their own thing.


"Titans Trouble!" Robin shouted as everyone ran down to the screen.

"Who's attacking?" Beast Boy asked.

"It's nothing like that." Robin replied. "It seems a ship has crashed onto the moon."

"The moon?" Cyborg repeated. "Who would be going up there?"

"I'm not sure." Robin said thoughtfully. "We'll go and check it out. Let's see not everyone can go so I'll take Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, Bumble Bee, Speedy, Aqualad, Mas y Menos, Kole, Jericho, Jinx, Kid Flash, and hmmmm…. 4 more…"

"WE WANT TO GO!" Melvin, Timmy, and Teether wailed.

"You guys are too young." Raven replied.

"WANT GO!" Timmy shouted, louder and louder until everyone was holding their ears.

"FINE! You can go!" Robin screamed. (AN: Notice how all of my favorite characters are going )

"And Bobby?" Melvin demanded.

"Yeah sure Bobby, too." Robin sighed.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" They shouted.

"Everyone else I'm trusting you to keep guard over the city." Robin said.

Cyborg prepared their ship and they blasted off to the moon. About 3 hours later they reached the moon. Everyone put on their space suits and climbed out.

"Okay Beast Boy you, Mas y Menos, Kole, Jericho, Jinx, Kid Flash, and Aqualad go that way." Robin said pointing to the left. "The rest of us will go the other way. Contact us if you find anything."

About 20 minutes later Mas y Menos noticed the crashed ship.

"Senor Beast Boy! Senor Beast Boy!" They shouted. "¡Mira! Existe la nave estrellada!"

"Good job guys!" Beast Boy said.

They went over to the ship and found it empty. But Jericho spotted some footprints in the dust and pointed them out. Everyone followed the footprints and were so concentrated on them that they ran into a giant tree.

"Dude! Who puts a giant tree house where people are walking!?" Kid Flash said indignantly. "Wait, giant tree house!

"Should we go in?" Kole said nervously.

They walked up to the door. It was unlocked so they went inside. They walked down a long hallway. All of a sudden 20 kids jumped out of nowhere holding guns full of gumballs and mustard.

"Freeze!" The girl in front yelled. She looked to be about 10 years old.

The titans couldn't help it. They busted out laughing.

"Dude! How old are you? Like 8?" Beast Boy choked out.

The girl narrowed her eyes.

"Kids Next Door!" She yelled. "BATTLESTATIONS!"

Robin sighed. They had been walking around for about half an hour and hadn't seen a thing. Maybe the others had found something. He got out his communicator.

"Robin calling Beast Boy. Robin calling Beast Boy." Robin said. "Hello? Is anybody there?"

"What is wrong?" Starfire asked.

"Beast Boy isn't answering." Robin replied.


Starfire was cut off as Kid Flash raced up with Menos and Jericho clinging to his back. He stopped panting and set Jericho and Menos down. They were covered in mustard and had gumballs in their hair.

"Oh my gosh are you guys okay?" Cyborg asked.

"Senor Cyborg! Encontramos una casa de árbol gigante! Fuimos atacados por diez años! Además, no hace ese sonido tan ridículo? Tienen todo el mundo y Mas!" Menos wailed.

"Raven what did he say?" Melvin asked.

"We found a giant tree house and went inside to investigate. We were ambushed by about a hundred 10 years olds. They captured everyone else and we barely got away." Kid Flash said.

"Bwahahahaha! Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds?" Speedy howled as everyone cracked up.

"Es cierto!" Menos yelled angrily.

"It's true." Jericho signed. "One of the kids called them the Kids Next Door I think. We should call in the rest of the titans and diplomatically try to reason with them. They may have been angry that we went into their tree house.

"Jericho's right." Robin said after what Jericho signed had been translated. He took out his communicator. "Calling all Titans. Calling all Titans. Please report to the moon immediately."

Menos POV

"Ugghhh…." Menos groaned waking up.

He saw he was surrounded by kids who looked a little younger than him. They were pointing more strange weapons at him.

"¿Dónde estoy? ¿Quién es usted? ¿Dónde está el resto de la Titan adolescente?" Menos asked.

"Ahem." A blond girl walked to the front. "I am Numbuh 362 of the Kids Next Door. Who are you and why are you in our Moon Base?"

"Mi nombre es Mas. Hemos venido a investigar la nave se estrelló."

"Can you speak English?"


"Ugh. Will somebody get Sector V? Numbuh 1, he can speak Spanish."

A bald boy walked to the front to stand next to Numbuh 362.

"Now. What is your name and why are you and your friends here?"

"Mi nombre es Mas. Yo y mis amigos son parte de los Teen Titans y llegamos a investigar la nave se estrelló. ¿Dónde está mi hermano Menos?"

"He said: My name Mas. Me and my friends are part of the Teen Titans and we came to investigate the crashed ship. Where is my brother Menos?"

"What are the Teen Titans?" Numbuh 362 demanded.

"Somos adolescentes con superpoderes." Menos replied.

"We are Teens with superpowers" Numbuh 1 translated.

"I'd like to say I believe you but we have no proof and you ARE a teenager. You may stay with you friends until we determine the truth." Numbuh 362 said. "Numbuh's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 23, 35, 60, 83, 84, 86, and 363 please keep guard. If they do have superpowers we need to be on our guard."

They brought Mas to where Beast Boy, Jinx, Kole, and Aqualad were.

"Mas! Are you okay?" Kole gasped.

"Si." Mas replied.

12 kids then filed in each holding a different weapon. They stared at the Teen Titans and the Titans stared back until a girl wearing an oversized green sweater broke the silence.

"Hi! I'm Numbuh 3! What are your names?" She said.

"Uhh... Beast Boy."





"Umm… why did you call yourself a number?" Beast Boy asked.

"That's not my real name silly. It's my codename. My real name is K-"

"Why do you cruddy teenagers need to know?" A short blond boy cut in marching up to Beast Boy.

Beast Boy turned into a lion. The boy screamed and ran back into his place.

"So you really have super powers?" The bald boy said.

The Titans nodded assent.

"What are they?"

"We'll tell you if you tell us your names. Your real names." Beast Boy challenged.

"Fine." The bald boy sighed. "Nigel Uno or Numbuh 1."

"Hoagie Gilligan or Numbuh 2"

"Numbuh 3 or Kuki Sanban."

"Numbuh 4 or Wallabee Beatles but you'd better call me Wally."

"Abigail Lincoln. Abby is Numbuh 5."

"Numbuh 23 or Virginia Sims."

"Bartie Stork or Numbuh 35."

"Patton Drilovsky or Numbuh 60"

"Numbuh 83 or Sonya Witherspoon."

"Lee Solamn or Numbuh 84."

Numbuh 86 or Fanny Fulbright."

"Harvey McKenzie or Numbuh 363."

"Well I can change into any animal at will." Beast Boy offered. "Aqualad can control water and talk to undersea animals. Jinx is a sorceress. Kole can crystalize her body which can deflect anything. And Mas can run really fast but only when he is touching his brother, Menos. Who by the way have you seen?"

"Cool." Lee said while playing with a yo-yo.

"I saw him." Sonya volunteered shyly. "When we were fighting he ran off with the fast kid and the blond boy."

"Kid Flash and Jericho."

"What can they do." Kuki said eagerly.

"Kid Flash can run super-fast and Jericho can possess anybody by making eye contact."

"What do you do with your superpowers?" Nigel demanded.

"We stop people from taking over the world." Aqualad said.

"Really. Let me go talk to Numbuh 362."