*I enter room*

Me: Why is it so dark in here?!

Everyone: SURPRISE!

Me: DON'T KILL ME! *faints*

Robin: Oooh… yeah well we threw Blue a surprise birthday party… we didn't know she got scared really easily…

Nigel: So what now…?

Kuki: Who wants cake?!

Everyone: ME!

*all walk away leaving me unconscious on the floor*

*I sit up*

Me: Well then!

I don't own Teen Titans or Codename: Kids Next Door. Enjoy!

Lee and Jericho gaped. Sonya and Kole started to untie them.

Once Jericho's hands were free he immediately started signing. "How did you get away from Slade?"

"Sonya beat him up." Kole said.

Jericho looked really, really, really, confused but didn't say anything. (A/N: I mean Robin couldn't beat him so a ten year old girl beating him. That would be confusing.)

"Cool." Lee said when he was untied.

All of a sudden there was a faint cry of "Titans go!" and "Kids Next Door, Battlestations!" and Robin and Numbuh 1 burst through the window.

They landed in a pile of shattered glass and charged over to the four. Everyone else just walked in through the front door, which was conveniently unlocked.

Robin was staring down at the unconscious Slade.

"What happened?!" He asked in shock.

They all pointed at Sonya, who looked up at him with big eyes.

"No, really." He laughed.

They all gave him looks that said "yeah, really."

Robin gaped, looking incapable of speech, while the KND Operatives loaded Father on a ship to the Artic Base and the Titans called the authorities to arrest Slade.

"Thanks for the help." Numbuh 1 said, shaking Robin's hand.

"Likewise." Robin said. "Take this communicator in case either of us need help again."

Numbuh 1 took it and gave Robin one of theirs (do they even have communicators? *shrugs*).

With that the two teams said goodbye, and parted ways.

Yeah I know, bad ending, but I am home alone (well I was, I am publishing this later) and I just watched a bunch of horror movie stuff, and its dark, and there are freaky noises, and I'm freaking out sooo… Somebody help meeeeeeeeeee! Haha jk, but I hope you enjoyed this fic. I am working on so many more right now that I hope you will enjoy once I post them. But after I finish my next two fics, I am going to write the whole story before I publish it, that way you won't have to wait forever, like with these.

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