Hello all! I am realizing it is very unfair that it does seem I have completely abandoned this for other things, as it has been almost two years since I have touched it. I really did not think it had been that long. I had notes written down for the next few chapters of this, and they were lost, so being upset about it I decided not to write new ones…not the best way to go about writing a story. I will read back through this, figure out where they want to go, and I promise I will start updating this again. It should not have to fall by the wayside just because I started to do other things.

I'm not sure how much time I'll have to work on it as I'm starting two brand new part time jobs and will likely be moving sometime this year, but every spare moment I can devote myself to writing I'll work on this. Thank you for your patience, and I really am so sorry this has been untouched for such a long time.