Author's Note: This is fiction is will have a pairing of Superman and Wonder Woman. They are in their early 40's and the Justice League has been around for ten years.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters as they are the property of DC Comics.

"Hard Knocks"

Chapter One

Having had grown tired of Conner's arrogance and always boasting that the "team" was no challenge for him, and that he no longer needed to train with them Black Canary and asked Diana to take over his combat training. Training Superman's Son was no easy task but Diana was no ordinary woman.

"Yield", she said..

"No..." Conner forced himself up with his hands. He looked up at Wonder Woman. She had her hair pulled back into a loose braid that hung down her back, that swung whenever she moved. He thought it was funny that she reminded of him that the character from the video game that KF introduced him to Tomb Raider. But this was no video game... this was real and Diana, the Amazon Princess was no joke. Today instead wearing hear normal Amazonian Battle garb, she wore a white tank top with small El family crest on the back, black Capri pants, Grecian sandals and greaves and her Amazon bracelets.

Conner stood up, his legs were shaking, and he saw "Christmas lights" all around him and thought he might just fall back down.

"Not….finished…. yet "he said, his breathing hard and labored."

Not yet?" Wonder Woman smiled and attacked him again.

Conner loved coming to the Fortress of Solitude his dad's home, now Diana's home as well. As his dad Superman and Diana were together. He thought he knew the place well, from the zoo to the science labs but this was new. This was Diana's personal training room. Superman had reconstructed the fortress to give Diana a place where she could train without having to go back to Themyscira, or Watchtower. Diana's training room was a huge arena with a distinct Greco-Roman feel to it. There were swords and shields and battle axe's lining every wall, heavy weight bags of all sizes, a Chinese Wooden man and various pieces of exercise equipment, mats and free weights. Kal-El was so attentive to the details of the room that he even requested from the Queen of the Amazons to be allowed to bring sand from the island to give Diana a stronger sense of home. Conner was speechless by the stature of the room.

Wonder Woman had told Conner that she would be conducting his training from now on and that they were going to have a match, until one of them had signaled Missio to the other by raising two fingers in the language of the arena, acknowledging defeat. Conner having been developed at Cadmus to be a living weapon Conner was well versed in ancient Greek and Roman fighting styles, he had volumes of combat techniques imprinted into his mind. But as Superboy would find out book knowledge and practical application were two very different things.


Wonder Woman blurred toward Conner. Having trained with Kid Flash Superboy thought he could handle someone with super speed. He met her charge, with a shoulder and collar tie-up like a wrestler. He could feel her strength, then with one swift move he was on his back staring up at the ceiling.

He had gotten up quickly and feeling more than a little annoyed as Wonder Woman had swept his legs out from under him. But then had found himself in a crushing full nelson and with Diana's legs wrapped around his torso, her legs locked so tightly he could hardly breath.

Being part Kryptonian pain wasn't something Conner wasn't used to. Of course he could feel the impact from blows but pain was an entirely different subject and Diana was a master teacher. She wrenched his neck and shoulders the pain was excruciating. Conner leapt into the air with hopes of crashing Diana into the ceiling to break her vise-like grip. Wonder Woman being the master combatant that she was easily read his intentions. Using her own powers of flight she overwhelmed his leap, released her leg lock and threw Conner hard into the ceiling. She knew that he could take it. Today would be a test of just how durable Conner really was. Today she would push him, today she would test him, and she hoped that he would not be found wanting. Superboy crashed down on to the floor. Sphere rolled into a defensive position in front of the fallen Superboy, and revved its engine-like voice in defiance of Wonder Woman who floated down from the ceiling with her arms crossed over her chest. She was glad to see how loyal his spherical friend was to him. She saw Conner getting to his feet. She heard him order Sphere to stay back.

"This is my fight!" he said.

For the merest second Conner's eyes flashed crimson red as Clark's does before he fires his heat vision. The Amazon prepared to deflect the beams with her Amazon Bracelets but the attack didn't come. Instead Superboy kept his distance and began to circle her as she floated to the floor.

"Sometimes Superboy… your opponent won't have to be close to reach you and you'll be just as dead" she said as she landed.

Quicker than Superboy could think Wonder Woman had drawn her golden lasso and ensnared him. She used her lasso has a whip which gave her incredible control. With a quick jerk Conner was at her mercy. His arms bound to his sides, Conner was helpless!

Diana screamed "GET OVER HERE!" and pulled Superboy into a powerful right uppercut which launched him into the air. Not thru with her lesson of pain, Diana yanked down on her lasso. Conner struggled against his bonds, but to no avail. Diana's golden lariat was unbreakable.

"GET DOWN HERE!"she said pulling him back to the floor. Conner had regained enough of his senses to land on his feet but still being entangled in Wonder Woman's lariat Conner was completely vulnerable. And today Diana was giving no quarter; she leveled the Boy of Steel with a flying knee to the abdomen.

Wrenching and gasping for air. Conner didn't think he had ever been hit quite so hard. Diana released him from her lariat which sent him spinning away like a child's top.

Wonder Woman had loudly demanded that he "get up!"

Pain was Conner's new best friend that didn't put him off though. It only made him more determined to get back on his feet. Diana smiled! Sphere gave a load shrill as Conner stood up. Wonder Woman nodded her head in approval.

"Again" she said. Conner tried to move into a fighting stance, but his body refused to respond. Wonder Woman flew towards him, grabbed him around the waist from behind and cruelly slammed him to the floor. Then before he coud catch his breath Diana wrapped her legs around his throat in a crushing triangle leg choke accompanied by an arm bar which actually dislocated his right shoulder. For Conner the match has over has he held up two fingers signaling his surrender before he passed out. "Habet hoc Habet." Diana said. Greek for he is done.

Conner awoke in the med-lab to the soothing rays of a solar generator. Diana had reset his dislocated shoulder and Conner was actually feeling much better his kryptonian cells were drinking in the solar rays from the generator. Though he was quite bruised he would be up and around in no time. Diana had showered and changed while Conner was unconscious. She now wore a pair of grey sweats and bedroom slippers and her hair was loose. She looked completely different when she wore normal clothes. She looked like a mom. Perhaps it was because when she was in costume all you saw was the tiara, the bracelets and the symbol, she was an ICON.

"Here drink this…. It will help", Diana said handing Conner and glass full of some purple liquid.

"What is it Conner asked?" "It's full of electrolytes and carbs" she said.

Taking the glass, Conner down the beverage in one gulp. Swinging his legs of the med-bed Conner stood to his feet. He rotated his shoulder and found he had no pain.

"What happened" he asked?

"We had a good first training session… right up until the point you passed out," she said with a slight bit of amusement.

"I did not pass out!" He said adamantly.

"Conner, Do I have to break out my magic lasso?"

"Sorry," he mumbled.

"You hungry"?

"Starving"….Conner replied

"I'd be glad to whip something up for you if like" she said.

"NO! No.. no.. don't put yourself out" Conner replied almost startled. It was a known fact that Diana though she was one of the most powerful people on the planet, Diana was not the best cook. Clark, his dad was working on it but Diana wasn't there yet.

Diana eyed him suspiciously but then said "Suit yourself".

You staying the night?" she asked.

"Not this time besides…. I gotta get back to the Mount before Canary has a conniption. It's Lasagna night."

Escorting Conner to the South exit, Diana put her arm around the young hero's shoulder. Reaching the exit Diana asked "I hope I wasn't too hard on you, same time next week?"

Conner flashed that boyish smile that he and Clark shared as he rubbed the back of his neck. And swayed back and forth as a child would who really didn't want to answer and adult.

"Conner? Next week!" Diana said.

Conner replied "Wild horses couldn't keep me away! And next time I'm gonna win".

Giving Diana a hug Conner leapt onto his Tri-Cycle flyer and was off.