Well thank you guys for bearing with me, I know it's been a long time since I updated anything but you know how life can get in the way. I have some great ideas, and new a focus for this story and I hope that you guys will enjoy the ride of this crossover of Young Justice and Justice League.


Hard Knocks: Training with Wonder Woman


"Diana" Said Bruce. "What brings you to stately Wayne Manor?"

Selina quickly stood up, and grabbed the little black box and slipped it back into her robe. Though she had won the battle for Bruce's heart Selina still resented the effect the Diana had over Bruce. Even though Diana herself admitted that her's and Bruce's relationship never went anywhere, Selina sensed …something. The way his eyes would light-up whenever she was around. Almost unperceivable but it was there, Bruce loved her. Everyone loved her, and it made Selina sick. In her mind Diana was a spoiled, privileged, princess, who had everything given to her on a silver platter. Selina shot daggers at Diana with her eyes that even with her magic bracelets could not block.

"Dammit" she thought to herself. "Why is she here now, of all times?"The hairs on the back of Selina's neck stood up as Diana approached. With all her feline grace and prowess Selina could not match Diana's bearing and regality.

Selina knew that as much as she hated it that she had lost Bruce's attention as long as Diana was there. But she wasn't going to let another woman have a position of power in her home, not even Wonder Woman and Wayne Manor had been her home for quite some time. Deciding a good offence is the best defense, Selina intercepted Diana as she approached the patio. With her arms stretched out Selina welcomed the Amazon.

"Diana, it's so long … she said as she embraced the Amazon and kissed her on both of her cheeks. Diana was taken aback by Selina's sudden affability.

"But since I know you aren't here to see me…I'll leave you two to it" She said as she turn towards the house. She place a hand on his chest and kissed Bruce before she left.

As she walked to the house Bruce couldn't take his eyes off her curvaceous form. One word came to mine. MINE.

"So after all this time kitty still marks her territory" Said Diana which snapped Bruce back to reality.

"Like you don't" throwing her comment right back at her. He asked."What are you doing here Diana?" The playboy façade gone, Batman now stood before her.

As Selina entered the Wayne Manor kitchen, Jason Todd greeted her at the door. He put his arm around her shoulder and pressed his head against hers. "Everything okay?" He asked… She nodded reassuringly.

Though she wasn't his biological mother, she was the closest thing for him. She then saw a strange site. Tim the youngest of the Wayne boys was hacking and coughing over the kitchen sink. Cassandra and Richard Grayson were laughing hysterically as Tim's face turned red and he was sweating profusely.

"What the hell is going on here?" She demanded, looking right at Grayson.

Between hacking coughs and gasps for air Tim pointed at Cassandra. "She…..tired…to kill..me" he said.

Selina looked quizzically at Cassandra, who had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. She waved her hands signaling that it wasn't her and immediately pointed to RJ, the first Robin.

"Richard John Grayson Wayne explain this now!" She commanded.

"Well….what had happened was… " Grayson started to say. "I bet Tim that he couldn't swallow a spoonful of cinnamon."

Selina put her hand over to hide the huge smile that was forming, then she began to shake her head.

"Then Cass, up the ante by giving Tim a bigger spoon. Saying the bigger the spoon the greater the victory….and we all know Tim" he said.

"He fell for it hook, line and sinker" she said. Grayson nodded has as he started laughing again.

Selina moved over to Tim, who at this point had he whole head under the faucet.

"My dear, sweet, stupid, boy she said caressing his back trying to console him will you never learn?" She said shaking her head.

"You and you" pointing her finger at Grayson and Cassandra, "are both grounded!" She said.

"What!" was the shocked response from both Cassandra and Grayson.


"You can't ground me… I'm almost 25 years old and the leader of the Titans" said Grayson.


Meanwhile outside…

"I've been summoned to Themsycira and I'm leaving tomorrow." Said Diana.

"That's not good for the League, Said Batman. "With a quarter of our strength in deep space, Aquaman still dealing with the Atlantean civil war and the Flash currently cut off from the speedforce, the league will be short on "founders".

"Do you have so little faith in our comrades? Asked Diana.

"It's not that… I understand the strength of symbols and what the "founders" mean to the league. I will have to make adjustments to duty roster. I'll just move Shazam, Icon and Capt. Atom to first response." He said.

"Shazam has also been called home to Egypt by his gods, Capt. Atom has been made the security chief at A.R.G.U.S , filling in for Steve Trevor, and Icon is pulling double-duty for Kal-El in Metropolis." Said Diana.

"DAMMIT… this is the exact thing I was concerned about, we are vulnerable should anyone make a move against us…

"That's why I asked Majestros to be on stand-by until "we" return… She said.

"Majestic? (Bruce turned to her in surprise) , Diana what were you thinking?" Bruce demanded gesturing wildly. This amused Diana. Very few people could actually get under Bruce's skin but Majestros was one of them. "He's a lunatic! He's dangerous and cannot be trusted… his methods are severe and he is totally unpredictable" he said. "There are some who would say the same of you" she interjected. Bruce scoffed and shook his head as he drank his orange juice and then sat down.

"You are probably still mad that he threw your precious Batmobile into orbit." She said crossing her arms.

"I was in at the time Diana" , Bruce countered.

"He said that you and several other leaguers attacked him first. And from the league case files you did…" She said.

"He was threatening civilians Diana"… Bruce said.

"Criminals who were trying to rob the Diamond Exchange ..Bruce"

"I was referring to the guards and the police who were doing their job." Bruce stood up again. "And then there was the whole Fort Knox thing, 27 tanks, 15 jets, destroyed and an entire battalion of men hospitalized.."

"Weren't they being mind-controlled by Grood , who was trying to steal the gold, which incidentally Majestros saved. Besides Kal trusts him and that's enough for me." Diana said.

"Kent's a boy scout!" Bruce said in response.

This irked Diana.

"Correct me if I'm wrong… but isn't the boy scouts motto to be prepared, to help others and to be brave, loyal and strong. And let's not forget it was Clark who talked Majestic out of killing you, it was Clark who, got Majestros to return, both the GL's rings, Hawkman's mace, rebuilt Red Tornado, repaired all the damaged done in those cities and turned someone who could have been a terrible adversary even into a powerful force for good. Or don't you remember when nearly sacrificed his own life to save the entire league including you from Helspont. He even repaired the hole in the ozone layer. Sitting down in front of him, "you frown on Clark's optimism, his belief in the good of people, it's that very thing that makes Clark who he is. Now Majestic stands ready to fill in for me simply because he respects Clark. I'll be leaving as soon as I pick-up Conner." She said.

"You're taking the kid with you?" Bruce asked.

Bruce, he is my son…I don't know how it happened, but I had Victor and Michael verify this with a sample of Conner's blood. But they also found that Conner's body is burning out and his cell are deteriorating and unless the deterioration can be stopped Conner will die.

"I need you to find this man Bruce (handing him a picture of a slim faced blond man). He was in charge of Project Kr, which created Conner, until it was taken over by Thaddeus Silvana."

"Kal has entrusted me with Conner, and I won't lose him Bruce I won't lose our son"… you are the greatest detective in the world Bruce, and this man(tapping the picture with her finger)may hold the key to saving my son's, Kal's son life. Will you do this Bruce?" Diana asked

Bruce hesitated but he knew the answer before Diana even asked. "Yes" he said.

"Thank you…"she said clasping his left hand in hers. As she stood to leave, she looked back and said, " She loves you Bruce (gesturing to the mansion). Then she lifted into the air and rocketed away in her stealth plane

Bruce watched silently as Diana flew away then he picked up the picture from the table looked at it. "Adrian Veidt".

Walking over to the fridge Selina keyed in a remote access to Batcomputer."Batcomputer Online" a female voice came over the house intercom. It was Selina's voice. Effective immediately all access to Wayne Tech and Resources for Cassandra Wayne AKA Batgirl is hereby suspended for two weeks, and for Richard John Grayson Wayne AKA Nightwing, suspension period is three weeks, confirm… she said.

The computer with her voice said "COMMAND CONFIRMED". Instantly Grayson's and Cassandra's communicators signaled and then shutoff. Checking their devices Cassandra and Grayson saw that they could not access their bank accounts or the Batcave's systems.

"How am I supposed to get back to Japan?" Cassandra muttered. Jason stood by shocked.

"Looks like you gonna have to fly coach… WHTSSSK!" Selina said then left the room.