We were just little kids,

having fun with not a care in the world,

then suddenly the light faded

and everything turned black

Now, 10 years have passed,

I've changed oh so much...

We're face to face, and

finally the truth is revealed

'I'll always be by your side'

I vowed to you that fateful day.

I sigh as the memory resurfaces,

and I lite another cigarette

Oh... it's been so long

since I've seen your face,

but you haven't aged a day,

while I'm not the same

But, you tell me that I'm wrong,

tell that I am still the same...

that I haven't changed at all

and it brings a smile to my tired face

I drop my hat on your head,

as the sunlight hits your face

you're still smiling- so happy

you're my light in this dark world

You are still the master... I love