Yukiko was silent as they made their way back to the camp where Kisame would be waiting. Itachi was watching her intentently even as he kept an eye on their surroundings. He had a lot of questions for her.

"How did you give him back the Shukaku? I thought it was sealed away." Itachi finally asked. Yukiko grimaced. She had known he would ask eventually.

"I have the Yin of the Shukaku sealed inside me and when the Akatsuki was extracting Gaara's Yang half, it sought me out from where I was. I made a deal of sorts with his half. If i returned it to Gaara, it would leave him alone and allow him to rest. It can't harm him in any way be it mental, spiritual, or physical."

Itachi listened as she explained. It made sense in a way. Her ablities with sand control. Her chakra reserves being so large that they even passed Kisame's. But, what about the healing?

"What about your healing?" Itachi asked. Yukiko stopped as she was reminded.

"Sit down." Yukiko stated firmly. Itachi did so. Yukiko knelt in fornt him and put her hands against his chest after pulling off her gloves. She closed her eyes as she sent her chakra into him. She had masteres control of this ablity so that it didn't just jump from her hands when she touched someone. She had had to add gloves to her uniform though to keep it from seeping from her.

Itachi stilled at her touch and activated his Sharingan. It sharpened his vision as he was almost blind at this point along with the cough. He could feel her chakra as it seeped into his body, the warmth loosening something in his chest, making it easier to breathe than it had been since he had left Konoha. He could feel his strength coming back in waves.

Yukiko raised her hands and placed them over his eyes, healing the damage that had been done to them from use of his Mangekyo. She altered the genetic code that would cause the vision loss. Noe he would be able to see and use the Sharingan as he wished withouth the high cost. If it ever became known that she could do so, she would be hunted.

Itachi winced as he felt her chakra mend his eyes, he felt when she changed something about his eyes. The burning that had plauged his eyes since he had awakend his Mangekyo was gone. When she removed her hands Itachi had to blink before he caught her to him as she swayed. The healing had taken a lot out of her. She breathed out a shaking breath as she pulled her gloves back on.

"I heal..by sending out my-" Yukiko was cut off by a cough that seared her throat and she pulled away rom Itachi to spit blood onto the ground before resuming," chakra. I remove the damage by allowing my chakra to absorb the damage. I take the damage onto myself and my body rejects it from my system as my chakra heals me. Being a Jinchuuriki helps a lot or I would be down for days."

Itachi nodded but realized that she couldn't see it as her eyes had a white film over the teal. "I understand. So, it is dangerous for you to heal as you do."

"Yes, but only dangerous if the wound is severe such as a hole through an abdomen. I won't die from it as the damage taken wasn't mine to begin with, but it can drain my strength severely as I heal." Yukiko sat up and away from him as her vision cleared up. She could see again.

"Shall we continue, Itachi? Kisame must be getting restless. Oh, and I have every intention of stopping Leader's plan. He is wrong. The Project he is working towards is nothing but a false reality."

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