/*/*/*/ Revelation /*/*/*/

It happened so fast even Sonic was hard pressed to admit he would not have been able to stop it.

The explosion wasn't all fire and loud noise as was the norm when it came to destroying Robotnik's lab. Seemed he had been experimenting with something else and it caused a vastly different reaction this time.

After a blinding white light and forceful push that had everyone tumbling back several feet, a large black vortex opened up and began sucking things in. Every robot within a foot had already been eaten by the giant black hole.

Using his speed as always, Sonic grabbed as many of his friends as he could and put them in a nearby cart. Taking a quick look around he saw no one struggling to escape and put on a burst of extra speed to get them all out of there.

"Oh my goodness, is everyone alright!" asked Tails, looking around at Amy and the others.

"Yes I think so."

"Not to bad."

"A little sick, I hate Sonic travel."

"Hey at least I got us out of there before it got worse. What we need to do now is figure out how to close that thing before all of Mobius is sucked in," Sonic said gazing at the group for ideas.

"No need to worry about that. Look!" Tails exclaimed.

As they all looked on; the vortex started getting smaller and smaller. A collected sigh of relief swept through them all just as Sonic heard a small cry for help. Hushing everyone up he strained his hearing as best he could and heard someone cry out for help again.

"Someone else is in there. Is everyone here? Are we missing anyone?" Sonic called out already preparing to run in.

"Yea we're all here but no one saw Eggman get out. Honestly I thought he had escaped before the explosion," Knuckles said.

"If he's taken by that vortex we will finally be free!" exclaimed Sally.

Everyone started getting excited about the thought but it was barely heard by Sonic as his heart stopped and his stomach flip flopped. Just as he was about to run, a hand grabbed his shoulder.

"Sonic what are you doing? With Eggman gone Mobius will be able to heal," Tails said, looking worried.

"I can't do that Tails. Even though he's been mean to us he is still a living being and all living things deserve a second chance." Sonic said panic in his tone as the cries for help became more frequent.

Tails took a hard look at Sonic's eyes and came to a very startling revelation. Sonic saw that Tails had figured it out and quickly drew his friend into a hug.

"I will never forget you buddy. You've been the best brother a hedgehog could ask for. Take care of them for me and be happy. I know I will be." With that Sonic let go and sped off.

"HEY! Tails where is Sonic going?" cried out Amy.

The two tailed fox watched as the blue blur sped off, seeming to go even faster than when he had rescued them. Shaking his head in disbelief and wonder Tails gave Amy a soft smile and said.

"Towards his destiny."