I was currently tied to a chair facing Ms. Serious. How was I supposed to know the FBI lady was the leader of area 5.1. She was pacing back and forth.

"Phil Eggtree, I've been thinking about your punishment. Should I drop in a pit of lava…lock you away in a mental hospital or dissect you. So many decisions, but I choose the perfect one…the one you have been running away from. The one you ditched. Yes. Oh! Yes! Phil! I'm sending you back to school. Not any school. Not in any condition. I am going to send you to a strange school in another universe where the kids have ears and white eyes with irises with pupils and much more. You will attend school as a…freak!" she said.

"What?" I blubbered.

"That is right, Phil, I have already set up the portal. We're going to that dimension about now."

Oh no a freaky dimension where everyone all crazy looking I'll be…wait a second. "Won't you be a freak too?" I questioned.

"No, I made bracelets that alter your appearance to fit in with the dimension your in, all of area 5.1 workers have." She answered showing a bracelet, "You don't, you will still be in the form." My eyes widend. "We go now!" she announced. Ms. Serious reached forward and untied me from the chair, but quickly hand cuffed me and dragged me into the portal she had set up. There was a flash of color as we crossed dimensions.