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Akashi bit his lower lips desperately, trying to prevent weird or embarrassing noises that may escaped from his lips while one of his hands tried to push Aomine's broad chest away from him. Even without using his emperor eyes, he knew he couldn't make the other male on top of him move an inch. His heterochromatic eyes started to get watery while trying in vain to hold the sensation coursing through his body that was applied by Teikou's ace.

"Che, couldn't fight back, Seijurou-sama?" Aomine mocked while covering Akashi's mouth with his big hand. He took both of Akashi's hands with his other hand roughly, putted them on top of the red-head's head and locked it, making Akashi winces in pain and unable to use his hands.

Kuso! Akashi cursed to whoever switched the darker male's water with Aphrodisiac and because of it, he had to deal with a lusty panther. He also cursed himself for letting Aomine stayed at his apartment.

All of this was out of Akashi's prediction.

Akashi hated to admit it but Aomine really is an expert about sex

Akashi ignored his emperor eyes that were telling him that there isn't any way to escape from Aomine now. He had to do something, anything. But luck wasn't on his side, he felt his body temperature rising and with Aomine's constant touching made his brain melts with pleasure.

Damn. Aomine swiftly entered Akashi. Akashi shut his eyes tightly while biting his lips until it bleeds. Tears managed to escape from his left eye, indicating that the treatment was too painful for the red-head.

"Hng…nggh…!" Moans managed to come out of Akashi's soft lips, showing how sensitive his lithe body was.

"You finally admit defeat, hn?"

Scissor! Yes! Where was his scissor!?

Feeling Akashi's right hand that tried desperately to push Aomine's hand weakened, Aomine pushed those hands onto the bed deeper and approached Akashi's face, trying to kiss those rose red lips.

Akashi's heterochromatic eyes widen. Just before Aomine's lips touches, Akashi quickly turned his head to the right, avoiding Aomine's kiss.

Alas, it was a wrong move.

Aomine cursed and bit Akashi's pale and sensitive neck until it form a bitemark. A sign that's proved that the captain of Teikou's basketball team that everyone feared is the ace of Teikou's basketball team's property. Bitemarks, sweat and saliva were littered all over Akashi's body and he couldn't help but gasps at the skillful tongue ravishing him.

Akashi pulled his thoughts together. His heterochromatic eyes that were half-lidded spotted something sharp, his scissor, on top of his desk. He quickly grabbed that scissor and tried to bruise Aomine's cheek, just to make him stop.

It looked like Aomine already predicted what the red-head was going to do. The darker male grabbed Akashi's hand that had the scissor.

"It's useless to fight-" throwing the scissor as far as possible, Aomine locked Akashi's hands again "your time is up, Seijurou-sama". A smirk adorned Aomine's lips while looking at the captain.

Before Akashi could protest, Aomine thrust his member into the lithe body deeper while maintaining the roughness. The thrust made Akashi arched his back and his head hit his red pillow, gasping with his mouth open wide. Aomine licked his lips, Akashi's face was very seducing and dare he say it, downright sexy.

Aomine didn't let this chance escaped him. He kissed that soft lip that belongs to Akashi roughly, thrusting his tongue into the hot cavern and battle with Akashi's tongue for dominance.

"Mmphft!" Akashi tried to pull away from the darker male's kiss. A trail of saliva rolled down as the kiss continues on.

Aomine pulls away from the kiss as he feels the slight pain Akashi applied to his tongue, using his teeth. "I didn't know you were so dirty, Seijurou-sama"

Aomine continues to thrust his member, hitting Akashi's prostrate hard which made Akashi writhe and moans in pleasure/pain under him.

"I'm now curious to see their reaction on how lewd you are when you're like this…"

Akashi opens his eyes, shaking his head desperately. He didn't want anyone to know this side of him! What would they think about him after that? Will things be the same?

"S-stop-nggh! I-it- ah…!"

"Not until I'm truly satisfied"

Aomine had to stop now was what Akashi was thinking. He's a mess of sweat right about now and finally reached his first climax.

"Ngh… hhah.." Weak gasps were all Akashi could do. He was tired, so tired. Why does he felt more tired than playing a basketball match for four quarters straight?

One of his eyes was shut while his other eye was half-lidded, letting the tears flow freely. Those tears aren't from pleasure but from pain. He was panting weakly; his red face had a nice combination with his mouth open with saliva dripping down his chin. The many bite marks that littered around Akashi's slender neck. A sign showing that he was taken.

Oh, what a seducing and beautiful sight.

Akashi Seijurou, Teikou's basketball team captain that was feared by many, was now lying helplessly under Aomine Daiki, their team ace.

Aomine then whispered into Akashi's ear,

"I'm not done yet, Seijurou-sama."

Akashi couldn't think anymore. He could only moan and pants weakly under Aomine who was thrusting accurately on Akashi's prostrate roughly. A string of red liquid started to flow out of Akashi's hole, coating his thighs and slender legs.

Aomine groans as he felt Akashi tightening around his member. After a few more thrusts, he finally climax and planted his seed deep into Akashi.

Akashi groans as he felt Aomine pulled himself out of the red-head's hole. The ace then released Akashi's hands and moves away from the bed. He quickly pulled his jean's zipper.

"Thank you for the 'meal'."With that said, Aomine left the bedroom without glancing at the mess he made.

The red-haired captain could only watch him go while biting his lips until it bleed again.

"Kuso…!" he cursed as he tightened his grip on the big red pajamas with several buttons that have been ripped off. Tears continue to stream as he sobbed quietly on his bed.





Aomine didn't have a clue on what had happened.

The last thing he remembered was that he drank his water bottle. It suddenly tasted like wine and made his body feels hot after he drank it. He also remembered that Akashi found him half-conscious in the gym. He also remembered that Akashi was the one that let him stayed at the captain's apartment.

Then what?

Aomine looked at his surroundings. He was positive this was his house but why did he slept on the floor? More importantly, his shirt was unbuttoned.

How did he come home from Akashi's apartment?

What happened when he was unconscious?

Aomine woke up from his slumber and found that sweat was all over his body.

Why did he sweat a lot?

"Argh!" Aomine growled. A lot of questions were floating in his small brain.

No matter what happens, he has to go to school now…





"Eh? Akashi hadn't arrived yet?"

Momoi nodded confidently.

"Usually, he wouldn't be late for practice." Momoi said. "Dai-chan, do you know something?" asked the pink-haired girl.

Aomine just shrugged," Why don't we check his apartment-"

"No need"

Momoi and Aomine's blinked and gazed at Akashi, who was by now standing in front of the school's gym. Akashi walked into the gym while limping slightly.

"Akashi-kun! Are you alright!?" Momoi rushed towards Akashi, and then she started to analyze the red-head's body.

"I'm fine, Satsuki." Akashi walked passed Momoi.

"Wait!" Momoi managed to grab on Akashi's left arm, "What's wrong with your wrist? It's red, like someone was gripping on them really tightly." Asked Momoi while looking at him with sympathy. Akashi managed to snatch his hand away, "Satsuki, I already told you that I'm fine."- walking away from her. Momoi knew that Akashi hated when people worried about him. Why wouldn't Momoi be worried? Akashi's in a bad condition- no, worst. He was paler then usual and winces when he walks, like he was trying to suppress pain.

Suddenly, Momoi realized something and her eyes widen.

"Akashi-kun… your neck…"

-She pointed at some red spots- bitemarks that were littered around the back of Akashi's neck.


Touching his neck, he let out a sigh.


Midorima, who was practicing his shooting, stopped and focuses on Akashi.


"Hmph" Midorima adjusted his glasses, walks towards Akashi, handing him the bandage from his pocket.

-snip. Akashi cut and then wrapped the bandages around his neck.

"It looks like something happened"

"That is none of your business"

"Stubborn as always.."- Midorima then adjusted his glasses again.

Akashi returned Midorima's bandages.

"I don't like people who talks back to me."- The captain looks away. "I'll add an additional 18 laps on your training menu."

And that's how the argument stopped.



"Nee, nee, Kurokocchi."

Kuroko, who was currently sipping on his vanilla milkshake, turned to Kise.

"I wonder what happened to Akashichii" he whispered, "You know, about those bitemarks."

"It's not polite to snoop around other people's life, Kise-kun."

"It's n-not that. What I mean is.. uhm.. We are talking about Akashicchi here."- The blonde looked at the ace, "Aominecchi, from your point of view, are those really bitemarks?"

"Ha! No way!" Aomine replied harshly without him realizing.

Kise was shocked seeing this kind of reaction from Aomine.

"A-ah, there's no way right? What I mean is.. Hey! We're talking about Akashicchi right now. If someone ever tried to claim him, those guys will surely be dead by now!"

Aomine went silent. He didn't know why but he suddenly felt guilty.





Aomine separated from Kuroko and Kise after he filled his stomach with them at the restaurant.

He headed towards his house while looking around like a drunken old man. Ah, how he wish he could sleep now.

Aomine swear he would jump into his bed and fell asleep without a care as soon as he reached home.

He opens his house's door, and-




-Aomine at least expected a 'welcome back' from a maid, But wait, he didn't even have a maid to be with.

Alright, forget it. Now, there's a red scissor on his wall that was beside Aomine. The distance between the scissor and his cheek was only 0.1 millimeter.

Ah, how lucky he was because the scissor didn't graze his face. Aomine's now pale as a ghost.



Aomine knew that voice well. He looked at where the voice came from.

Akashi Seijurou, with a black aura surrounding him who isn't very far from Aomine.

"Oi! What the heck is wrong with you!? It almost hit me!"

Akashi smirked, "Fuh, it might as well hit."


Before Aomine could protest, a pregnancy test landed right on his face. Aomine took it away and saw a visible red plus sign there.

Akashi crosses his arms. "I'm pregnant…"


To be continued…