Just wondering how everyone is liking the story so far? Majority rules here since this is my first fan fiction. I've gotten some private messages stating that Neal as a baby has run it's course and I need to do something different. Sp what do I do, leave him a baby, change him back, de-age someone else? For the most part my reviews have been very positive, the private messages not so much. I know I'm not nearly as eloquent a writer as the majority here, but I'm trying. I keep reminding myself that this is fiction and I'm not writing anyones biography, however, I know how close you can get to a character. They become someone that you know, a friend. So, if I'm not asking too much, I'd appreciate it if some of you writers could give me some input on my story. I've already learned that my skin needs to get a little thicker! No worries. I've been having fun even if I decide to never write another story.