A/N: Chapter 18 of "Wicked Lovely" might just be my favorite chapter of the entire series, and while re-reading it, inspiration struck me, and this came out. I'd like to dedicate this cheesy little oneshot to my dear friend India, one of the best authors whose work I've had the pleasure to find on here, and one of the most amazing friends I have. I love you, my dear.

Random information: The snippet from the chapter below was translated by me from my German copy of the book, so it might not be the exact words from the American edition. Hope you don't mind.

Random information #2: This is heavily inspired by the song "Beneath Your Beautiful" by Labrinth and Emeli Sande.

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[..] Convince her that you're worth taking the risk." She kissed his cheek. "Because you are." Now it was easier to say it, because if Beira killed her anyways, she didn't have to live forever with the fact that he knew how much she still loved him.

"I can't.."

She put a hand on his mouth. "Convince her."

Then she took her hand away, pressed her lips together tightly to protect him from the icy air and kissed him.

"And after that, kill Beira."

Wicked Lovely, chapter 18

"You kissed me."

There were surely a lot of things Keenan should've said in that moment, but his mind was blank with shock and only those three words left his lips. He stared at Donia with wide eyes.

Exhaustion, hurt and yet a little spark of happiness- those emotions flickered over the woman's face. She gave Keenan a half-smile. "Well, I'm as good as dead. Figured I might as well enjoy the time I have left. It doesn't matter anymore, does it?"

The Summer King gulped. It sure as hell mattered that the woman he loved for centuries, the one he certainly thought hated him forever, suddenly seemed not to hate him at all! He reached for hand. She let him touch her fingers.

"Do you love me, Donia?" Keenan asked.

"There was a time when I loved you more than anything else in the world" The Winter Girl replied, not directly answering his question. Donia couldn't look at him and turned her face away.

Keenan scooted closer to her and lightly touched Donia's cheek to make her look at him. Steam rose between them, but neither of them cared. He spoke lowly so that she couldn't hear his voice shake.

"I won't let you die, Don. There has never, never been a person in my life who has been more important to me than you are. I swear."

Donia shook her head and her voice cracked. "Don't. Don't do this to me, Keenan. Please don't make me feel that way again, I…"

She was interrupted when the Summer King leaned forward and rested his forehead against hers, their skin barely touching. Both could feel the other's breath on their face. Keenan automatically closed his eyes. They hadn't been this close to each other for far too long.

"What if Aislinn is your Queen?" Donia asked after a couple of silent minutes.

"She has her lover. I want to be with you." Keenan smiled at her.

"Seth is mortal. He'll die. And then?"

"Aislinn will have to take a new lover."

Donia scoffed and got up, turned away from her not-former beloved. She walked over to the window and looked at the bare trees outside. Seconds later she felt warm hands on her shoulders. They burned her, and Donia was once again reminded of the physical pains of being with Keenan.

"This is a mistake. We are a mistake."

Keenan hugged her from behind and put his chin on her shoulder, ignoring the ice forming on his skin. He could take that, if it meant he could be with Donia.

"If this is wrong, you can be sure I'll never want to be right." He said softly.

"You'll never change, will you?" Donia leaned her head back so that it rested against his chest.

Keenan laughed quietly.