Digital Youkai Academy

school = Author's Note

"awesome" = Speech

'reall' = Thought

"seriously" = Inner Moka

At a special meeting...

"So do we have an agreement?" asked a man in a creepy priest outfit. This was the Chairman of Youkai Academy, in the middle of trying to make a deal with his host.

"Yes, we will send someone to your school to learn about Youkai and their relationship with humans. Also he will be the representative of the Digimon, while you will send someone to us to learn of our culture and species. Am I correct?" answered a large, blue, Asian like dragon creature. He was Fanglongmon (I think that's how you spell it.) a digimon Sovereign, with him were the other Sovereigns and godmon.

They were recently approached by the Chairman about joining monster society since digimon were technically 'monsters'. And since they were only recently discovered, there was very little information about them. And the leaders thought that this would be a good way to learn about each other's cultures and abilities.

"Excellent! Then have the student come to this location in the human world and a bus will pick him up. I only ask that the student be able to take a human form, and have data/information about the various digimon species and be able to give a presentation about them. Otherwise all he needs is to be willing to learn and make friends as well as defend himself." said the Chairman. And with that they shook hands (or claws... or something...) the Chairman gave them the address and location of the bus stop and a school brochure. The chairman then left through a portal that he opened, leaving the sovereigns and godmon to talk about the meeting.

"So what do you guys think, any idea who to send?" asked Fanglongmon. "I say we should send Veemon." Replied the 2 headed turtle sovereign. (I don't know his name.) "What about Guilmon, Agumon, Gobumon, Agunimon, Patamon, or Impmon?" asked the others along with some other suggestions. They argued for a while until godmon said, "How about we vote on who to send just to make it fair?" Everyone else agreed, so they voted and a winner was chosen to be sent as they emissary of the Digital World.

At the bus stop…

A young man was standing around waiting for his ride to come and take him to his new school. He looked to be around 15-16 years old, 6 feet 5 inches, wearing a grey hoodie. (Like Takato.) "Uuuhh… how much longer? I hope the bus gets here soon, I'm dying of boredom!" and just as he said that a bus appeared out of nowhere and stopped right in front of him. The doors opened up and a man in the driver's seat with creepy yellow eyes and smoking a large cigar looked at him and asked, "You the new guy? From the Digital World right?" "Yes I am." Replied the kid. "Good now get on and we'll be there before you know it." Said the bus driver. The kid got on, found a seat, and the bus started right up and off they went. The student couldn't help but have a bad feeling in his gut that this 'mission' of his will be the start of something world changing.

To Be Continued…

Hello everybody and thank you for reading the prologue of my new story. Sorry if it's a bit short. I will put up a poll on who the main character is. I am also willing to take suggestions so long as the digimon is male and has at least 1 bi-pedal form. I would like people to send information on the characters, storyline, and events of Rosario+Vampire. Please read and review.