Songs of Aurelius: The Spirit of the Millennium Mirror

Song One

Egypt's Maiden

Songs of Aurelius

She huffed, panting heavily, and dashed her way towards the exit. She had to make it- she absolutely had to! Closer and closer came the exit as it came to view. Her long, ebony hair flowed behind her, the red-violet tips seemingly glowing. The young woman's light golden orbs gazing hardly at her destination.

"Hold it."

There was a large body that blocked her ticket out the airport. He was gruff and stared down at her as if to say he was far more superior. An officer cap covered the top of his head and any hair that he could possibly have as his onyx eyes bore into her own gold.

"P-Please, I... need to board that plane." She panted with her hands on her knees clad with a black skirt. Her eyes caught the sight of his name tag that read, Officer Hoffman. The officer stared at her with his dark pools, unrelenting, and used his body to block her path.

"No can do miss."

"I... my name is Ailis Kainarous, I'm a VIP." The girl, Ailis, stated with a bit of reluctance contrasting her firm words. She mentally cringed at said words, her namesake was something that could get her anything she wanted- and she adamantly loathed to use it.

"Oh, Ailis Kainarous? Egypt's Maiden?" Officer Hoffman rubbed his beardless chin with a leather gloved hand. "Yeah right, as if I'm going to believe that." He scoffed and glared down at the petite girl. She was so small that she only reached his hips. It was a wonder how her head could hold all of that hair. Tch, "Ailis Kainarous" his ass.

"..." She opened her mouth slightly, as if to speak, but no words voiced her thoughts.

"But," The officer drawled. "I suppose if you beat me in a duel then I'll let you on board." He watched her previously bowed head snap up from his words. It almost made his heart constrict when her golden eyes started to shine- almost.

"What about the plane?"

"If you really are a VIP, then they'd wait for you." Officer Hoffman shrugged and pulled out his deck, shuffling it.

"I..." Ailis stopped, there was no time to protest. If she wanted on the plane, then she'd have to duel for it. Reluctantly, she pulled out her own deck from her silver belt hoister. "Alright, I'll duel you."

The officer glanced at the girl and noticed the new spark in her eyes. It blazed, burning to life- it was determination. That's when he took notice of the white watch on her wrist. He wanted laugh, so much, but kept it in.

Her watch was twenty minutes ahead.

Meanwhile, Ailis finished shuffling her deck and set it down the the duel mat that was set out. She reached up to touch the round hand mirror that was clipped into her hair. The pure gold outer edges of the mirror glinted as her pale fingers brushed against it.

"There's no need to switch. Don't worry about it, Hikari."

"If that is what you wish. Come as the victor quickly, Ailis."

The duel then began.

Ailis: 2000 LP

Officer Hoffman: 2000 LP

"Ladies first."

"Okay the, I draw."

Ailis skimmed over the six cards that she held in her hands, formulating a strategy to beat the officer as quickly as possible. It would be difficult without knowing his deck, though. It would be best to play safe, she concluded.

"I summon Magical Girl Alice (L4/1600ATK/1000DEF) to the field in attack mode!" Since there were no holograms, she was stuck just placing the card on the duel mat. The card showed a girl in a blue and white dress holding a white scepter that had a crimson orb on top. "Then, I place two cards facedown and end my turn."

"I draw!" Officer Hoffman felt a wave of confidence relieve him as his eyes caught his cards. "I summon Axe Raider (LV4/1700ATK/1150DEF) in attack mode!" The raider was placed on the mat with all his purple and gold glory. "Now I equip Axe of Despair to my Axe Raider giving him an extra 1000 attack points!"

Axe Raider- 1700 ATK to 2700 ATK

"Now I attack with my Axe Raider!"

"Not so fast! I activate my Spellbinding Circle and I choose your Axe Raider to be its victim." Ailis swiftly countered. The Spellbinding Circle caused Axe Raider to lose 700 attack points and now, it cannot attack or change battle position.

Axe Raider- 2700 ATK to 2000 ATK

"Hmph, fine. I end my turn."

"Then I draw," Ailis' eyes glinted for a moment before they hardened. "I activate Magical Chainsaw. This is allows me to transform Magical Girl Alice into something greater. Meet Magical Girl Kyoru Chainsaw (L6/2300ATK/1000DEF)!" She placed a card, replacing Magical Girl Alice, with a young woman in a pink and white dress holding a chainsaw that had a red handle.

"How frightening." Came a remark from the officer.

"I'm not done yet." Ailis calmly replied. "I now activate Magical Girl Apprentice. Since I used Magical Girl Alice to summon Kyoru, I can special summon her back to the field!" She took out Magical Girl Alice from the graveyard and placed her next to the chainsaw maiden. "Now I normal summon Magical Girl Maria (L4/1600ATK/1000DEF) to the field!" A small girl clad in a yellow dress was placed on the other side of Kyoru. "Lastly, I activate Polymerization to fuse my Magical Girl Alice and Magical Girl Maria to form Magical Girl Jasmine (L6/2400ATK/2100DEF)!" Removing both Alice and Maria by placing them into the graveyard, Ailis slapped down a girl clad in a floral dress and equipped with a lance onto the mat. "Finally, I attack your Axe Raider with my Kyoru Chainsaw!"

Officer Hoffman: 1600 LP

"Now, I activate Kyoru Chainsaw's special ability! If she successfully destroys an enemy in battle and there's another Magical Girl on the same field, that Magical Girl will gain 500 more attack points."

Magical Girl Jasmine- 2400 ATK to 2900 ATK

"So for my final assault, I'll attack you directly with Magical Girl Jasmine!"

Ailis: 2000 LP

Officer Hoffman: 0000 LP

"That's the game." Ailis declared confidently. "Umm, may I board the plane now?" She then asked a bit shyly as she ducked her head to the floor.

"Hmph, yeah. You can board the plane, Maiden of Egypt."

"Thank you." Ailis bowed quickly before speeding off towards the plane. The officer stared after her, an amused smirk beginning to form. What an interesting girl, he thought.

"If only she knew what was in store for her..."


In the plane, Ailis sunk into her private section in her seat. There was something a bit odd though, the people on board weren't mad at her for being late- in fact, many of the seats were kind of empty. Oh well, she shrugged before looking at the clock.

"Wait a minute..."

Ailis glanced down at her watch and back.

"Umm, excuse me?" The golden eyed girl called out softly.

"Yes, Miss Kainarous?" The stewardess replied as she walked over.

"The clock on the wall is about twenty minutes behind." Ailis informed.

"Oh, no, I don't believe so." The stewardess answered, a bit confused. "Here, it says the correct time." She pulled her phone out of her pocket and showed the time to the equally confused girl.

"Oh, I... sorry." Ailis apologized. The stewardess smiled at her before nodding and going back to tend to the other passengers.

"So we were really early this whole time..." A woman materialized next to Ailis.

"Yeah..." Ailis puffed her cheeks a little. "I bet that officer knew the entire time too, right Hikari?"

"I suppose." The woman, Hikari, grinned slightly. Her own sharp, golden eyes glinting in amusement as she brushed the locks of her ebony hair until her fingers reached the end of her red-violet tips.

"Ye- wait a minute. Did you know too?" Ailis glared at her companion accusingly.



"That doesn't matter too much now. As long as we've gotten here safely, right?" Hikari ruffled the smaller girl's hair affectionately.

"Hnn... fine. I'm still mad at you though." Ailis pouted.

"Sure..." Hikari drawled incredulously. "Domino City, huh?" She swiftly switched the subject. Her lips curled upwards as her vessel's eyes glittered.

"That's where he is!" Ailis smiled widely.

"You've never told me about him in detail." Hikari smoothly replied.

"Well, it all started when..."


"What are you gonna do now, huh? No one's gonna save you now." Four boys crowded around a little girl with malicious smirks plastered on their faces. The little girl watched on helplessly as the leader of the group held out a small stuffed animal above the rapid stream. The white rabbit adorned with a baby blue bow stared back at the little girl with its ebony button eyes, pleading for help. The little girl stared back, tears prickling her golden eyes. She could not move. She was afraid, afraid of getting hurt- afraid of getting beaten down like garbage.

"Hey, leave her alone!" A boy of the girl's age exclaimed at the bullies. The little girl's eyes darkened at the sight of him, she did not want him to be hurt because of her!

"Or what? Make on wrong move and I swear I'll send this rabbit swimming!"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"P-Please don't! That was a g-gift from my sister!" The little girl weakly protested, her delicate voice utterly thin. At that moment, her savior ran at the leader and reached out to claim the rabbit. However, the leader smirked and threw the rabbit down into the stream in one swift motion before shoving the opposing boy down onto the dirt.

"Looks like your hero is a total zero!" The other boys mocked before running away, their leader tailing behind.

"Umm... are you okay?" The boy stood from the ground, walking over to the girl, and held out his hand.

"I-I'm fine. Th-Thank you f-for coming." She hesitantly took his hand with a shaky smile.

"My name's Yugi Mutou. What's your name?" He smiled warmly at her.

"M-My name is Ailis, Ailis K-Kainarous."

"Nice to meet you Ailis. Here, let's get you cleaned up at my house."

"H-Huh? O-Oh, okay."


"We've arrived." Hikari announced at the end of Ailis' reminiscence. The golden eyed girl soon departed from the airport after grabbing her luggage and walking out onto the streets.

"Let's see, the house is right about... here!" Ailis merrily skipped and stopped in front of small house. She smiled, the outside was plain white and had a cute, triangular roof. After inputting the pass code on the panel at the front entrance, the wooden door opened. The home wasn't anything too extraordinary, she noticed, and unpacked her belongings with great speed.

"Hold on... a little more to the left annnnd there, perfect." Hikari commanded with an amused smile.

"All done then with unpacking!" Ailis celebrated, throwing her arms up in victory. "Alright! Let's go visit the Game Store."

Luckily, Ailis never forgot where the store exactly was so it was quite the cakewalk.

With the exception of nearly every person who plays Duel Monsters recognizing her of course.

"Oh my gosh it's Egypt's Maiden! Can I have your autograph!?"

"Hey man, I was here first!"

"E-Excuse me...!"

Ailis ignored everyone at the best of her ability and squeezed through the crowd that was beginning to accumulate. Her golden irises caught the view of the Game Store.

'My salvation is just up ahead!'

The Millennium Mirror glinted and before anyone could comprehend, the Maiden of Egypt sprinted faster than the speed of light and into the Game Store.

"Oh, a customer! How may I help- oh goodness! Is it really you?" Grandpa Mutou threw his newspaper in the air in astonishment as his mouth dropped wide open. Ailis gave the elder a crooked grin and walked up to the counter. "Black hair with red-violet tips and... by golly, gold eyes! It really is you, Ailis!" He exclaimed.

"You bet it is!"

"And that's... what? The Millennium Mirror!?"

"Yes, would you like to see?" Ailis unclipped the mirror from her hair and handed it to the elder. His eyes seemed to bulge as he looked over the smooth, reflective surface and the elaborate gold design. For a split second, his eyes gotten wider before reducing to the original size.

"This is amazing! Where did you get this? I've searched for it for so long, but have never found it."

"Well, it's actually a, um, family heirloom." Ailis explained vaguely. Before Grandpa Mutou could go on, the door opened again. The black-red-violet haired girl whirled around in curiosity, before her eyes widened as they locked with a pair of amethyst orbs.




Alright, I know I have not uploaded in such a long while. Mostly because of my need of redoing nearly everything cause present me does not like it at all. Also, have you noticed I've changed the perspective? It's going to be in third person perspective, because I feel much more comfortable in it than first person. Anyway, I changed the characters and the storyline a bit, but nothing too major. Most of my original characters will still make an appearance such as Sapphire and the lot.

On another topic, yes, Ailis will be using her Magical Girl deck until further notice.

On another other topic, my writing, I feel, has gotten significantly better. Right?

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