Songs of Aurelius Chapter Seventeen

Well, I decided why the heck I shouldn't do Dungeon Dice Monsters arc so here it is.

(And yes, it is the WHOLE arc in one chapter because I'm awesome like that [actually I just skip most of the actual game so].)

Also, since Yugi Mind Shuffles with Yami in the arc for most of it I'll have most of it will be in Hikari's POV. But also, I guess most of this chapter is memories anyway so… let's get to it!

(Actually it's not really mostly about Dungeon Dice Monsters anyway but whatever)


Bagel Girl- Baby Faced Glamour (A Korean-Pop term, possibly not only Korean-Pop uses this term)

HE RT- An international fictional girl group made by me

Songs of Aurelius

"Why are you still brushing your hair Ailis? It is fine the way it is," Hikari spoke in spirit form and I briefly looked at her from the mirror. "Sorry Hikari," I smiled and brushed one last strand before clipping the Millennium Mirror on. "Anyway, let's go Hikari." She nodded and disappeared into the Millennium Mirror. Heading downstairs, I could only wonder why Hikari's memories are getting more and more sorrowful. Were sad memories the only memories she had during her past life? My thoughts were short lived as I joined Yugi outside to greet Grandpa Mutou who was fuming about something inaudible.

"What's the matter?" Yugi asked Grandpa Mutou and he sighed in response. "Morning Yugi; Ailis," Tea greeted and walked up to us. "Mr. Mutou, good morning!" She added and Grandpa Mutou 'humphed' and replied, "Good for you maybe…" Tea glanced at us and asked, "What's bugging your grandfather? I've never seen him like this before, is he sick?" "I don't think so but I'm worried, he's been acting really weird all morning." Yugi whispered. "But why?" Suddenly, Grandpa Mutou popped up from behind us. "Okay, I'm going to tell you." He pushed past us and glared off somewhere.

"I've endured many things in my life; I've been trapped in an ancient pyramid, stung by scorpions, attacked by wolves but nothing compares to this… a new game shop!" Grandpa Mutou pointed over at a large building. "Selling their trendy new trash…" He started mumbling under his breath but I didn't pay too much attention. I stared at the tall new game store and could only wonder what they had in stock. "Wow a new game store, I better go check up on the competition and see what we're up against!" Yugi excitedly smiled but instantly, Grandpa Mutou yelled. "Don't even think about it!"


I glanced at everything in awe; it was all so new compared to our shop. "Hey, you two are gonna get in so much trouble if Yugi's grandpa finds out!" Tea warned and Yugi and I brushed it off. "What's the harm in a little window shopping?" Yugi said and I added, "It's not like we're here to buy anything. I'm sure there's nothing too interesting here…"

"Here," A lady handed Yugi a flyer for a game called 'Dungeon Dice Monsters'. "Wow, this looks like a pretty cool game but I wonder how you play it..." I peered over his shoulder to check the flyer. Before I could say anything, Tea dragged us off to school. "Hey wait; I wanna know how to play!" I exclaimed but Tea still walked away from the new game store. "If I get detention for this, you two are doing my homework for a week!"


"Whoa, are you sure there's a new game shop?" Joey asked skeptically. "Yeah, Grandpa Mutou's really worried about it." I sigh and Tea added, "It just opened, they have all the latest and greatest games! They were really trying to hype this new one, something about 'dice' or 'dungeons'…" "Oh you mean they got that 'Dungeon Dice Monsters'?" Joey said. "Hey, since when were you an expert all of a sudden?" Tristan asked and I played with the embroidery of the Millennium Mirror with an intent expression. "It's a thing called the newspaper, ever heard of it genius?" Tea let out a sound of disbelief, "What? You never read the newspaper!" Joey fell back in his chair with an exasperated look. I let out a slight chuckle him and clipped the Millennium Mirror back.

The conversation went on until suddenly, there were loud female voices coming from the classroom next door. Curious, everyone went over and checked it out. There were a bunch of girls crowding around someone's desk with awed gazes and I could hear a male voice from the desk, "Ladies, let's get this party started." I narrowed my eyes to try to get a closer look but the girls around the male were obstructing my line of vision. "Showtime," I could hear the sound of dice coming from the desk and a cup swiftly being placed afterwards. "Keep your eyes on me ladies," After a second, the girls squealed and I could only wonder what he had done.

"Hey, you two know who that dice man is over there?" Tristan asked two nearby students. "Yeah that's Duke Devlin; he owns that new game shop that just opened up." Joey growled in response. "There's one thing that I can't stomach, a guy who'll do anything to get a girl's attention- he's a filthy showoff!" Tea smirked and replied wittily, "Hmm? I thought you couldn't stand guys who are more popular with the girls than you!" Joey placed his hands on his hips and spoke with a confident tone. "Listen Tea, if I wanted to I could be just as popular but I don't wanna stoop to the level of that houdini. I got myself more talent in my little pinky than he'll ever have!" "If you count being able to talk with food in your mouth a talent," Tristan retorted and Joey comically fell. "Didn't you see any of my moves in Duelist Kingdom you numbskull?" "C'mon Yugi you gotta back me up on this, I was one of the best duelists on the island!" Joey declared confidently.

"I don't wish to intrude, but I couldn't help overhearing you dabble in the game of Duel Monsters." The dice person from the desk had shown up and spoke to Joey. He had black hair and vibrant green eyes; I guess that's why the girls were crowding around him. "Dabble smabble- now listen up, if you know he first thing about Duel Monsters then you would know all about Bandit Keith the Intercontinental Champion. The guy was unbeatable until I showed up; you should've seen me wipe the floor with him." Joey cockily answered and I rolled my eyes as Tristan and Tea sighed.

"What have we here? Are you Yugi Mutou, champion of the Duelist Kingdom?" Duke Devlin leaned over to Yugi who answered with a 'yeah'. "I've heard a great deal about the way you play the game." Suddenly, Joey popped up next to me and asked if he knew him. "Nothing at all but I do know this lovely Queen right here…" Duke's green eyes glanced over to me and he smirked. "Ailis Kainarous, national duel champion of both Europe and Australia. The Diamond Duelist and the beautiful, 'Queen of Games'." His face leaned closer to mine and I stiffened. Luckily Joey stepped in and yelled, "Hey! Look at me when I'm talking to you!" I let loose the breath I was holding after Duke turned his attention towards Joey.

"Oh you, well how about we play a little game and you can show these lovely ladies just what you're made of." Duke winked at me and Joey asked what game. "This, a cup and dice are all we need to play the game. Are your talents up to the challenge?" I stare at both the cup and the die, what kind of trick is he going to do to Joey? A trio of girls cheered on loudly for Duke and I flinched at their highly pitched voices. Glancing over to Joey, I could see an arrogant look in his eyes. So, the game commenced. Duke placed the die in the cup and then put the cup on a nearby desk.

"Using the power of my mind, I bet I can move the dice into my right hand without touching the cup." I blinked, was it even possible to do that? I glanced at the purple cup and back at Joey, this definitely has to be a trick. Of course! It is possible if someone else removes the cup and not him! "Perhaps the dice is already gone; maybe you should look under the cup yourself…" My eyes widened, Duke was baiting Joey into removing the cup! "Wait Joey; whatever you do don't touch that cup!" I warned but it was too late, Joey had already removed the cup revealing the die underneath. Duke casually picked up the die with his right hand and smoothly stated, "I moved the dice into my right hand and I never ever had to touch the cup. That makes me the winner," The girls in the room squealed for him and Joey scowled.

Suddenly, Joey challenged Duke to a game of Duel Monsters! Duke accepted but on one condition…

"I'm afraid I don't have a deck of my own," Cries of protests came from the large crowd of girls. Joey retorted, "That's not my problem, you're the one with the new card shop." "My condition is this; we open up new packs and create our own new Duel Monsters decks. That's fair even by your high standards," I felt a slight frown rise up to my face, what's the point of using a deck that you haven't even bonded with? The game would only be pure luck that way. Apparently, Yugi thought the same thing but yelled it out loud. "Hey have a little faith pal of mine, now was I or was I not a finalist of the Duel Monsters championship?" I was about to speak but Joey readily accepted Duke's condition.

"Excellent, but playing a game for fun is pointless. Let's make a little wager, if I win you'll do whatever I ask for an entire week-"

"You got it dicey-boy because if I win, you'll have to do whatever I want and I want you to close down your stinkin' shop!" Loud protests came from the many girls and I bit my lip, Joey is a good duelist but it's hard to duel when you're not used to the cards you're using.

"Very well, we'll hold the match today after school I have a state-of-the-art duel arena located in my game shop alright? Of course, you're all invited. I wouldn't want you to miss your friend's finest hour."


I adjusted the strap of my bag I carried with me as we all stood in front of Duke's game shop. I shifted in my outfit, a knee length black and silver plaid skirt and a closed white trench coat accompanied with black flats that had white bows on them. It's been pretty long since I wore something casual because of Duelist Kingdom.

We walked in the large building and a nice man led us towards the open elevator where Duke had stood waiting with a box full of card packs.

"Go ahead Mr. Wheeler; we'll build our decks with these new cards."

Joey squat down and began picking the packs needed for his new deck. From his expression, I could see he probably chose some cards he particularly liked. I stared curiously at the box of packs; there were so many cards that could be there!

"You seem pretty interested in those packs Ailis, I don't mind if you take one." Duke smirked and I blinked in surprise. "Are you sure?" He nodded and I stared at the box again. "Thank you…" I murmured and held a pack that seemed to… call out for me. Gently tearing the top off, I took out the new cards and scanned them. (A/N: I make up cards for Ailis' deck most of the time and a lot of cards you've never heard of. Most cards she obtains will be made up so yeah- enjoy the rest of the chapter~) "Three Wishes… Magical Chair… Serenade of Stars… Melody Magician (1800 ATK 1400 DEF)… Clarinet of the Sea…" I smiled at the five cards that seemed to have shined. Carefully placing them in my bag, I stood up straight as the elevator reached our destination.

The elevator doors opened and lights immediately turned on, cameras were placed occasionally around the duel arena. Needless to say, it was large- very large. We all walked in in awe of the apparently smallest duel arena he had and Duke started to explain about the cameras as his cheerleaders cheered for him. "Broadcasting this duel to the entire world?" I could only imagine how many people will be watching this but it might not even be close. Both Joey and Duke took their places on either side of the arena as Duke's cheerleaders began to dis Joey and cheer for Duke. I frowned; I'll cheer for Joey too and hope he'll get some encouragement for it. Luckily, I prepared for such an event.

"Hey Joey, I'm sure you can beat him!" I cheered with a wide smile spread across my face and I threw off my trench coat revealing an off shoulder white top that had the words 'Encouragement, Confidence, Trust,' sprawled out at the front in glittery silver lettering. The three other cheerleaders glared at me but I ignored it and continued to smile.

"Ailis shall be at your service," That line caused the three girls to gasp in shock as I let my idol smile casually out and bowed. "No way, is that really HE RT'S Main Vocal- Ailis the Bagel Girl!?" They screeched and the duel commenced.

Duke: 2000 LP

Joey: 2000 LP

Duke summoned Oni Tank T-34 (1400 ATK 1700 DEF) in attack position and ended his turn. I mentally frowned, was he not going to set any cards down? Was he not going to place down a trap? Joey drew his sixth card and I could see a wolfish grin on his face. He summoned Sword Hunter (2450 ATK 1700 DEF) in attack mode and commanded it to attack Duke's Oni Tank T-34. Due to Sword Hunter's effect, Duke's monster had become part of its armor raising its attack power to 2650.

Duke: 950 LP

Joey: 2000 LP

"I got you just where I want you," Duke smirked and drew his next card. I stared at his expression as he glanced at the card he had drawn. He had smiled, I have a feeling he's laying out a trap for Joey. Right now, Joey's becoming overconfident and probably will attack him regardless of a set card.

I was correct, Duke summoned Dark Bat (1000 ATK 1000 DEF) in defense mode and set down the card he had drawn. I wonder how long this duel will last, hopefully Joey will win.


"It's alright Joey; you did great even if you were using cards that you just got." I tried to cheer him up but Joey didn't answer. That's when one of the cheerleaders handed him a dog costume and Duke smirked. Yugi started to stand up for our friend but Joey cut him off. However, Duke started flicking dice at him which made me grit my teeth. Just because he lost doesn't mean you can look down on him. He didn't even use his own cards dammit! Joey reluctantly put on the costume and began following Duke's orders to 'bark'.

"Joey…" I whispered to myself and I could feel the Millennium Mirror lightly glow due to my frustration. Why? How could Duke be so cruel to him? I can't stand here and watch my new friend being a slave… I just can't. That's when I felt the familiar feeling of the Mind Shuffle…


"Duke Devlin, your cruel stunt has been going on long enough- I challenge you to a duel!" Yami challenged. I was going to do the exact same thing but I guess I was too late. "And when I have defeated you, you will have to declare Joey a free man again." He added with a piercing look in his eyes.

"Excellent, but we will play a game of my own choosing. We will battle to the finish at a game called Dungeon Dice Monsters and when you are the loser you will give the title, 'King of Games', to me- and you will swear on your grandfather's life to never duel again." Duke smirked. My eyes could only widen at what Yami and Yugi could lose, dueling was a part of them and you can't just rip it away.

"There's too much at stake…" I mumbled to myself and suddenly, Duke's eyes fell to me with some kind of scheming glint.

"Oh and, let's make this more exciting and say… whoever wins gets a date with the Queen of Games." Duke added. I could tell Ailis was very surprised and I myself was as well, what was a date? Oh well, I'll ask Ailis later but for now I snapped my head towards Yami. His amethyst eyes had a look that was all too familiar, yet I didn't know why… was it of protectiveness? But why? Yami glanced towards me and our eyes locked, gold meeting amethyst. I didn't know what else I could do, it was Yami's decision and I'm not the one who makes it.

"I accept your challenge." Yami accepted confidently. I felt my heart race but the only thing I can do now is… cheer him on. Like… like the times in my memories, watching out for him and making sure he was alright before my own safety… was that the fate of a songstress? Is this really my role in life? My head started to hurt from some kind of force… was it from the Millennium Mirror?


As the game went on, I grit my teeth so much that I'm not sure if I could feel the anymore. Duke hasn't even told Yami anything in depth about the game and I couldn't do anything about it… unless I strangle him that is but I shouldn't do that. Even when Yami had gotten two summoning crests, he couldn't even summon a monster because the dice weren't the same level- or so Duke claims.

"You know maybe we should change your title from the King of Games to the King of Lame, I mean at this rate I'll have you beat before you're even on the board. I knew you weren't the real deal Yugi. Go dice roll!" Duke rolled the die again. I wish I could do something, I wish I knew something- anything about this game to help Yami. Although, you can't always get what you wish for. As Yami was going to begin his turn, I needed to say something encouraging to him.

"Sure it's not cards but you can still believe in your dice Yugi! Right now isn't the Heart of the Cards but the Heart of the Dice." I smiled reassuringly hoping to ease him. Yami slightly smiled back before nodding and began his roll. He managed to get two summoning crests with the levels at the same. I smiled widely and watched him, he's not alone…

"You're not alone…"

I'll be there for him; I want him to know that…

"I'll be there for you… always, do you still trust me?"

I'll cheer him on so he'll finally win.

"We'll win together, I promise."

I'll be by his side, no matter what.

"I'm always right by your side, like old times."

I believe in him.

"Believe in me…"


"Aurelius, aren't you going to meet with Yami upstairs at the banquet?" Amunet asked the golden eyed girl who was currently writing something. Aurelius looked up at her dear friend before staring down at her paper.

"I'd rather not…" Aurelius replied softly and doodled squiggly lines around the edges of the paper. The lime green haired girl rolled her eyes before walking over to her and taking her writing utensil. "Amunet, please give that back to me." Aurelius stated stoically.

"Not until you tell me why you won't go to the banquet." Amunet pressed as she held the writing utensil firmly in her hand. Her friend didn't reply and continued to stare into her eyes. Amunet's gaze hardened and she began to speak again. "It's because of Alaes isn't it?" That's when Aurelius averted her golden eyes. "I knew it. Aurelius, you don't need to be so willing to let Yami go. You need to fight back and don't let her make you feel inferior!" Amunet slammed her hand on the table for emphasis.

"It's too late to fight back, there's nothing I can do. Clearly, Yami loves Alaes and I won't take that away from him. However, that does not change the fact that I will be there for him during his reign as Pharaoh and right by his side." Aurelius whispered audible enough for her friend to hear. Amunet immediately frowned and threw the writing utensil to the side. "Amunet, what are you doing?"

"We're going to fight back of course." Amunet dragged the songstress out from the archives and towards a room.

"But it's already-!"

"Trust me Aure, it's never too late."


"There, that should do it." Amunet smiled at her magical work.

"Amunet, you… you didn't have too…" Aurelius began to sniffle and her eyes slightly watered.

"Hey no crying, you'll mess up your makeup!" Amunet playfully frowned. The ebony-violet haired girl smiled and nodded. "Now go and make sure to entertain the guests and of course, Yami." She slapped Aurelius' somewhat uncovered back in encouragement.


A beautiful young girl with her long ebony-violet hair in a high braid with thick strands of hair on either side of her head and soft golden eyes rimmed with dark eyeliner with long wings as well as mascara. She wore a long dress that had gold plate like material around the neck and her collarbones and her waist. There were golden bangles that were around both wrists and were connected to an extra skirt that was on the dress itself. Her back was halfway revealed before the material covered the rest. The dress fell right above her shoes which were gold sandals with many straps and stopped an inch above her ankles.

The beautiful young girl entered the banquet room with her head held high and elegant. Many stopped what they were doing to stare at the girl; whispers were heard throughout the room about the mysterious unknown girl. Said girl headed towards Yami who stared at her in both shock and surprise.

"I shall entertain the guests if you don't mind." She smiled softly as Yami was still in shock but still managed to lightly nod. The beautiful young girl headed to the front of the room while everyone's eyes were on her, especially someone's piercing blue ones. She opened her mouth to sing her heart out.


"Hey Ailis, you alright?" Yugi asked as somehow… we were walking home. I thought I was still watching Hikari's memories but somehow, I was also able to move unconsciously. This never happened before… but why now? "Ailis?" Yugi's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

"I'm alright; there isn't a need to worry." I smiled to prove my point but Yugi pushed the fact further.

"Ailis, there's something wrong going on these days with you. What's wrong? You can tell me anything." Yugi pressed on. I bit my lip and sighed out.

"It's… well, a long story. You see, just recently the spirit of the Millennium Mirror, Hikari, is regaining her memories bit by bit and I also see them too which kinda makes me space out a lot. And the reason I passed out during the finals in Duelist Kingdom wasn't because of heat-because the temperature was just fine, it was because Hikari's memory hit the two of us again during some parts of the tri duel and finally I passed out due to most likely mental exhaustion from viewing so many of Hikari's memories without complete rest." I explained fully. For some reason, a weight felt like it was lifted from my shoulders. Yugi nodded along completely listening to my confession.

"When did this start happening?" Yugi asked.

"I think it was around the time we went to Duelist Kingdom." I reply. "Hikari's memories, there were many that were sad… I don't see very many happy ones." I added with a downcast look.

"I'm sure Hikari has happy times in her life, people shouldn't just live with the burden of sorrow on their shoulders." Yugi reassured with a soft smile. I returned it as I could hear what Hikari told me. I smiled at her comment and my best friend glanced at me curiously.

"Hikari said thank you very much for your reassurance." I informed him.

"Well uh, you're welcome Hikari." Yugi spoke to the Millennium Mirror which made me giggle.

"Come on, tonight I'll be making your favorite." I smiled happily and we raced each other home.


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"My name is Aurelius, nice to meet you."

"Like it?"

"She seems quite arrogant with her skills…"

"My story? Well, I don't know much about it myself to be honest."

"You don't have to do it for me, we just met…"

"You said it yourself that we were best friends, I still feel that connection Aurelius, don't you?"