Songs of Aurelius~ The Spirit of The Millennium Mirror

Chapter Two- The Millennium Mirror's Power

Songs of Aurelius~ The Spirit of The Millennium Mirror Chapter Two

"Ailis…is that really you? I thought you went to England!" Yugi's surprise was evident in his eyes. I smiled proudly and was about to answer,

"Eh Yug, you know this girl?" A guy with somewhat of a Brooklyn accent had asked Yugi. Another guy with an odd hairstyle and a tall girl stood beside him. They must be Yugi's friends!

"Yeah, this is my childhood friend, Ailis." Yugi glanced at me and it was more than just a glance. Oh I nearly forgot!

"Ailis, why do you have a mirror in your hair?"

"Well, it's a long story. What about you? You have a large pendant I've never seen before too."

"Wait your name sounds familiar!" The tall girl had surprised me… did she read that article too? I shouldn't be so surprised though since it's probably everywhere.

"Whaddaya mean Tea? I've nevah heard of someone named Ailis." The guy had a look of disbelief. Well I guess I don't seem the popular type…

"Joey, remember that article we read this morning! It said that duelist champion of Europe and Australia took a trip to Domino." That article? Rumors spread pretty fast haha.

"My full name is Ailis Kainarous, it's so nice to meet Yugi's friends." I smiled my usual smile as Yugi gave me their names,

"Ailis, there's been a rumor that Seto Kaiba challenged you to a duel…is that true?" Tristan asked curiously.

"It was about 6 months ago when he challenged me…he was a great duelist but he doesn't appreciate the Heart of the Cards." I remember my duel against Seto Kaiba. The victor was me and Kaiba was rather silent when I defeated him.

"Who won?" Yugi asked.

"It sounds surprising but I was the winner of our duel." I smiled remembering the challenge he gave me. Everyone seemed shocked that I had beaten the number one duelist in the world. Is it that surprising?

"Yugi…" I looked at him in the eye as I remembered something important.

"Ailis? Hey-" Yugi blushed as I hugged him tight. I missed Yugi a lot when I was away, it was painful since I didn't have any other friends and I didn't make any when I left. Yugi is a friend a truly treasure…I would've never had felt the feeling of friendship if it weren't for him.

"Yugi…thank you for all those years. I never forgot about the friendship we share. After all, you were my first true friend and you still are."

"Ailis, you deserve the feeling of friendship you have now. We're all friends so you won't be lonely right?" Yugi smiled kindly at me just like he always did when we were little. Somehow, I felt a piercing glare from someone.

"Yug's right Ailis, we're all friends now and we have your back and you'll have ours." Joey said.

"Thank you…" I realized I still haven't let go of Yugi yet and retreated quickly trying to hide my red face.

"Wait Ailis, do you have a place to stay?" Grandpa Mutou asked. It hit me, I forgot about that. Where would I go? I have much money I saved from my tournaments and my large allowance. I could buy the house I used to live in! Although, someone might have already bought it.

"I-I don't really…I only just arrived here." Grandpa Mutou oddly brightened up and smiled,

"You can live here with us, Ailis!" My eyes widen in surprise and I smiled gratefully.

"Grandpa Mutou, thank you! Don't worry, I'll take care all the chores and cooking to repay for your kindness!" Yugi's eyes widen and exclaimed,

"A-are you sure? It's alright right Ailis, you don't have to…" Yugi trailed off and looked at Grandpa Mutou,

"Yugi, it's alright! I always wanted to repay you and Grandpa Mutou for everything you've done for me!" Grandpa Mutou smiled happily as Joey said,

"Oh yeah, aren't we gonna ask about dat rare card?" Yugi and the others nodded and Grandpa Mutou was more than happy to show us.

"Ailis, grandpa has this really rare card and I think you should see it too!" I nodded in curiosity as Grandpa Mutou opened a box containing… the Blue Eyes White Dragon! That's so cool! There's only four in existence and wouldn't it be even cooler if he had all four! I wonder where he would've gotten it from?

"The Blue Eyes White Dragon," Grandpa Mutou said proudly. "It's at the top in Duel Monsters and it's so rare and so powerful, I never let it leave my hands!" We all stared at the card in absolute silence…until,

"It doesn't look all that special to me." Tristan didn't seem impressed and Grandpa Mutou quickly snatched it out of his hand.

"This card is priceless!" Grandpa Mutou held the card close to his heart, "There are only four of them in the world!" Only someone rich could get the other three…I definitely remember the person.

"Speaking of priceless," Joey cut in suddenly. "I'm ready to trade!" It seems like he'd trade his cards rather than paying for them. Wonder if that would work?

"Not for this card," Grandpa Mutou sounded overprotective and held the card closer to his heart. I giggled a little at the scene as Joey said,

"Huh? Nah, I didn't mean that card…I meant show me some other cool cards to get me started." Grandpa Mutou liked that idea better and placed the card back in the box without putting the lid back on. All of a sudden the door opened and we were all equally surprised at who it was. Grandpa Mutou doesn't seem to notice though,

"Hello there, can I help you with something?" Seto scoffed and my eyes trailed to the briefcase he held. Wonder what could be inside it?

"If you can't, it certainly won't surprise me." Seto's eyes soon found my own and slightly widen as I wave at him like an old friend would. He glared at me slightly and his gaze went back to Grandpa Mutou.

"Seto Kaiba?" Joey exclaimed in surprise. "Kaiba? Doesn't he have a big fancy company to run? What's he doin' down here?" Tristan curiously looked at Seto as he replied coldly, "Not that it's any of your business, but I came to see the card."

"Hey, are you into Duel Monsters too?" Joey asked Seto with a small hopeful smile. "This is perfect! Maybe we can all duel together sometime." Seto smirked arrogantly and came face to face with Joey, "Me? Duel you? I would have more of a challenge playing Solitaire." Joey looked confused and let out a, "What?".

"I am the number one ranked duelist in the country and the favorite to win the Duel Monster's championship." Actually it wasn't exactly true…since I beat him. Maybe he's too shy to admit it?

"You wouldn't even last two minutes in a duel against me." I guess Seto hasn't changed a bit since our duel. I wonder if his cold hearted attitude will just stick to him forever? At least Mokuba can turn him soft, he always was a great brother to him.

"Oooh, I'm shakin'. Maybe we should settle this with fists instead of cards." Yugi stepped in front of Joey and made him stop before he would cause any physical damage. "Woah, take it easy Joey!"

"But Yugi," Joey said in protest. "Kaiba's asking for it."

"Now, does this shop have any worthwhile cards or not?" Seto scanned the place and realization hit me as Seto's eyes landed on the box that held the fourth Blue Eyes White Dragon. What should we do? Seto will probably be willing to do anything for that card. He pushed his way through everyone to get to it,

"Can it be? The Blue Eyes White Dragon in a dump like this?" Hey! Yugi grew up here you know! Then Grandpa Mutou quickly put the lid back on the box and pulled it back towards him.

"Well, enough window shopping. Is there anything else I can help you with?" Seto looked annoyed and I have a bad feeling that he WILL do something to get that card in his possession. Seto placed his briefcase on the counter and opened it to reveal many different rare cards. So that's what he had in his briefcase all along… why would you put cards in a briefcase?

"Give me he Blue Eyes White Dragon and I'll trade you with all of these!" It didn't sound like an offer but more like a direct demand. Everyone looked at the rare cards and it was a really large collection!

"Ah nice, but no thanks." Everyone stared at Grandpa Mutou in shock. He must really cherish that card not to give it up for an entire collection of rare cards.

"Fine, if you won't trade, maybe you'll sell it. Name your price, I can pay anything you ask!" Grandpa Mutou looked at him with soft eyes, "I'm sure you could but this card is worth more to me than you could ever offer. Not because of its power or because it's so rare, but because of what it means to me. This card was given to me by a dear friend. So I treasure this card like I treasure my friend. So parting with it is completely out of the question."

Grandpa Mutou was so sincere about his feelings for the card. It's really amazing about what you could feel even if it's the simplest object.

"You'd feel the same even if it was a common card, right grandpa?"

"Exactly. You see, this precious card has bonded with my heart."

Seto looked like he's heard enough and rudely left but I could hear, "See you later, Ailis." While we stared after him, I looked down at my deck which was inside my deck holder on my belt. I remember our duel from long ago and I came out victor…with 2000 life points.

"Ailis, I'll let you have the room that you've always used when you visited." Grandpa Mutou said. I nodded and Joey, Tristan, and Tea said goodbye to us and left. I opened the door that led to the room I always used whenever I spent the night at Yugi's house. It was basically my room since no one else used it and I spent the night many times before.

The room had baby blue walls and a red-magenta carpet with a small white rose designed table in the center. On my left I spot my bed, it was a soft baby blue and pure white and it was set horizontal against the wall. Next to the foot of the bed was a baby blue desk with a white lamp that had been designed with white roses. At my right there was a full length mirror that had a white rim and a large closet behind it and a white rose vanity at its right. On the ceiling was a small white rose crystal chandelier and it sparkled so beautifully.

Grandpa Mutou designed this specially for me and it's so amazing each time I see it, I felt in debt to both Grandpa Mutou and Yugi. I placed my baby blue duffel bag on the bed and headed to the kitchen to cook dinner.

Did I know how to cook? Well, I watched many cooking programs so maybe I'm adept at it. Hopefully, I won't burn the kitchen or Grandpa Mutou would be furious hehe.

"Ailis? Where ar-" Yugi stopped his sentence to stare at the food that was on the dining table. I was happily humming to myself as I cleaned the kitchen. My knee length red-magenta and black hair was put back in two low pigtails and my straight bangs were left untouched. On my left side there was the Millennium Mirror clipped just above my pigtail and my golden eyes shone brightly.

"Yugi, could you call Grandpa Mutou so we can eat dinner together?" Yugi nodded and went off to find Grandpa Mutou while I continued to sweep and wiped the counters. Humming softly I took off my apron and stood by the table as Yugi and Grandpa Mutou came.

"Ailis this is very kind of you!" I shook my head and we happily started reminiscing about the past as we ate dinner.


"We have a new transfer student from England today now, please introduce yourself." The teacher gestured towards me; wearing the boys' uniform and my hair in pigtails I smiled like usual and introduced myself,

"My name is Alis Kainarous and I was born in Egypt." The teacher nodded and told me to sit in an empty seat which I sat next to Yugi. Classes weren't challenging for me at all and I adapted rather quickly. At the end of the day we were walking altogether to the shop. Joey opened the door yelling for Grandpa Mutou but he wasn't behind the counter. Where could he be?

The phone suddenly rung and Yugi went to answer it only to find that Seto had answered. After Seto hung up, I started to worry. Was Grandpa Mutou alright? Yugi then told them where Grandpa Mutou was and we bolted out of the shop and towards Seto's location.

We had arrived at Kaiba Corporation and quickly rushed in the elevator and as soon as we reached their destination we found Grandpa Mutou lying on the ground.

"Grandpa! Grandpa, are you okay?" Yugi knelt next to his grandfather.

"Yugi, I failed. I wanted to teach that boy Kaiba a lesson about the heart of the cards but I lost."


"How's the old man feeling hmm?" Seto stood at the doorway in front of them with his massive ego and his unbreakable arrogance.

"Kaiba you sleaze! What have you done to him?" Joey shouted.

"We had a duel that's all with each of us putting up our most valuable card as the prize. But I guess playing against a champion like myself was too much stimulation for the old fool."

"Kaiba, you should be ashamed of yourself!" Tea pointed towards him with an angered gaze. Seto should be ashamed…. Grandpa Mutou doesn't look too good.

"It was fair and look at the sweet prize I won." Seto ripped the Blue Eyes White Dragon in half. Everyone stared in shock, I watched the remains fall to the ground. It felt like slow motion,

"Grandpa's most treasured card!"

"Yes the Blue Eyes White Dragon is a rare and powerful card and this one will never be used against me."

"Urgh…my Blue Eyes White Dragon m-my treasure…!"

"Grandpa! Hold on! How could you do such a thing?"

I didn't say a word as I watched Grandpa Mutou's pained face. Grandpa Mutou then pulled out a deck from his pocket.

"Yugi, here…take this."

"Huh? Grandpa…"

"I built this deck; I put my soul in these cards and I taught you everything I know Yugi. Take them… take my cards and teach Kaiba respect about the heart of the cards Yugi."

"But Grandpa you need help. I gotta get you to a doctor."

"Sounds like an excuse. Your friends can take care of your grandfather while you and I duel. Unless you're afraid."

It was settled, Yugi and Seto were going to duel. Although, I could feel an energy radiate from Yugi's Millennium Puzzle. My Millennium Mirror started glowing! Why are our Millennium Items reacting to each other?

"Ailis why are we mind shuffling? We aren't in a duel!" Hikari and I were switching minds as we speak. I'm now in spirit form and saw that Yugi changed as well.

"I don't know Hikari…for some odd reason we switched minds when the Millennium Puzzle and the Millennium Mirror radiated in light."

"Ailis I nearly forgot! The Millennium Puzzle has a spirit just like me as well!" Hikari eyed the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle. We went to a dueling arena and they started dueling. I watched Hikari stare at the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, she seems so interested in him. Could their pasts be related somehow?

"Ailis…I've definitely seen him before. He is…connected to my past." My eyes widened. Hikari doesn't know much of her past. She told me that there's a large piece of her memory missing.

"Ah…!" Hikari silently gasped, feeling a pain in both our heads and we had... a vision.


Hikari ventured through the archives reading books like she always had. She never had met her parents…she only had herself. Although, Hikari was never completely alone. She had her loyal and trustworthy friends by her side. They may only be able to visit once a year but they always were truly in her heart.

"Hikari look at this!" Dark Magician Girl led Hikari to a shelf filled with spell books. Hikari was fond of reading them and playing with her friends, Dark Magician Girl and Dark Magician. She smiled happily and scanned them. Hikari was only six at that time. She stayed in the archives all her life with plenty of necessities and she taught herself how to read and write to past time. No one knew she lived in the archives until that one day,

"We'll give her to the Pharaoh." Was all she heard before they struck her unconscious. They loaded her in a small carriage and went to the Pharaoh's palace to negotiate.

"Pharaoh, we found this girl living in the archives in the underground palace not to far from here. Oddly, she has taught herself how to read and how to write. This girl is too talented for our hands to handle. Please Pharaoh, the girl could prove an asset to your son's court one day."

Hikari laid on the solid surface of the ground in the Pharaoh's palace. Slightly opening her eyes she scanned the room. Hikari was unable to get up though, her wrists and her ankles were tightly tied. She could see the Pharaoh, the man, and a boy her age behind the Pharaoh. Hikari had already heard the conversation and spotted a rock not to far. It was sharp, sharp enough to cut the ropes that had bind her.

They didn't see Hikari grab the rock and unbind herself, they were still speaking until a sentence caught Hikari's attention.

"Alright, the girl will be staying with us."

"Staying here…?" They noticed she had escaped from her ropes and the man had already left leaving the Pharaoh, his son, and Hikari in the throne room. The Pharaoh's son walked up to her cautiously,

"What is your name?" Hikari stared into his deep crimson eyes and replied in a kind tone,

"I am commonly known as Hikari but if it makes you comfortable you may call me Aurelius, my real name." The Pharaoh also approached Hikari as well…or should we say Aurelius?

"I am commonly known as Yami." Yami answered. Their attention turned to the Pharaoh,

"Aurelius, I have something for you to do," He paused but continued anyway,

"Yami needs a friend so I ask of you Aurelius, will you be his friend?"

That was the day her fate all changed and the happiest day of her life.


"Exodia, Obliterate!" Hikari and I snapped out of the new memory we've obtained. Exodia, a rare monster, obliterated Seto's life points claiming Yugi's victory. Hikari- I mean Aurelius- spoke to me,

"Ailis…my name is Aurelius and that was my best friend…Yami." That was then Hikari and I switched minds once again leaving me back to my original body. I saw Yugi this time…not Yami. Hmm…does that mean every time Yugi and Yami transfers minds Aurelius and I transfer minds as well?


We were all watching the Regional Tournament finals, Rex Raptor vs. Weevil Underwood. They were both great strategists but Weevil was victorious. Suddenly, a package came in for Yugi and I. It was from Maximillion Pegasus, the creator of Duel Monsters, and he invited us to a tournament called, Duelist Kingdom. There were gloves and some type of star chips in there. What was most interesting was the video tape in there.

Pegasus seemed to freeze time and had frozen the souls around me except Yugi, the Millennium Mirror protected me from his magic. What should I do? This is for Yugi so I guess I must not intrude. I hid my presence from Pegasus and observed them closely.


With Grandpa Mutou's soul taken Yugi and I will enter Duelist Kingdom to rescue him together, though Yugi having only one star chip gives him a disadvantage and Joey as well. Joey would probably also need a dueling glove.

After some time around the boat I ventured around the boat either peacefully walking or signing autographs. I spot Yugi alone and ran towards him,

"Yugi~!" I smiled happy that I found him.

"Ailis! I was wondering where you went. Can we play game just for fun?" Yugi offered. I agreed immediately since I've only played with Yugi once in my life. This time there probably won't be any interruptions…that aren't too bad.

It was a rough and intense duel with both of us having low life points. For my finishing move I announced,

"I use the magic card Dark Sea Ritual sacrificing my Mermaid of Solitude (1750 ATK 1500 DEF) and Icria of the Sea (1900 ATK 2000 DEF) I summon Lagiacrus of the Dark Sea ( 3000 ATK 2700 DEF) to wipe out your remaining life points!" I could tell Yugi was awed about Lagiacris by his facial expression. It was such an exciting game! I only had 10 LP left at the end of our duel.

"That was an amazing game, Ailis! You really had me with Lagiacrus of the Dark Sea!" Yugi and I shared a laugh while we put away our cards. Suddenly Joey came and showed us his new cards. Then Yugi gave him the card, Time Wizard. I heard of Time Wizard, you have to be lucky for it not to self destruct but most of the time it works.

"By the way, I saw you two dueling earlier and man! That was the best duel I have ever seen!" Joey commented. It was the best duel I ever played in all my dueling experience.

"What was dat card you played at the end? Lagi-somethin'?" I giggled a bit and explained,

"It was Lagiacrus of the Dark Sea with 3000 ATK PTS and 2700 DEF PTS. Lagiacrus can only be used if you have sacrificed two water attribute monsters in the Dark Sea Ritual. Lagiacrus is one of my rare elemental dragons."

I held up the card for emphasis and placed it back in my deck. Joey's and Yugi's eyes widened at the words 'one of '.

"Dat means you have more!?"

"Yep, Lagiacrus of the Dark Sea is only one of them. Rathalos of the Burning Flames is the fire attribute and Kushala Daora of the Storms is the wind attribute and lastly is Uragaan of the Core the earth attribute."

I finished explaining and then Weevil appeared and asked Yugi if he could look at his Exodia cards. I don't like the emotion in his eyes… what could he be planning? Before I can warn him, Yugi had already handed him the Exodia cards. I could see him smirk evilly and before I could do anything… Weevil threw the Exodia cards over the railing and into the sea.

"Say goodbye to Exodia!" Joey jumped right after them!

"Joey!" Yugi and I called out to him, what should we do? Before I could act, Yugi jumped in after Joey.

"Yugi!" I should use the powers of the Millennium Mirror of course! Using the Millennium Mirror, I could use the powers of any of my duel cards. I fused with the Mermaid of Solitude and jumped in after Yugi and Joey. Using the power of the Mermaid of Solitude I swiftly took them to the ladder Tristan and Tea put up.

After Yugi and Joey were on the boat, I stayed in the water to find the other cards. Those cards were given to Yugi by Grandpa Mutou and that deck was forged from his heart! I can't let that go to waste…

"Ailis, what are you doing? You're going to get drifted away!" Yugi exclaimed worriedly. I was still using the power of the Mermaid of Solitude so I hid my mermaid tail and replied,

"Don't worry Yugi! I'm going find those cards okay?" I quickly swam into the direction of the Exodia cards. Since I'm now technically a mermaid I have no problem swimming for hours. Then something caught my eye… the cards!

"I got them!" When I turn back the boat was almost miles away. I urgently swam as fast as I could and I could see the boat a little closer.

'Please…please! I need to… I need to reach Yugi!'


Was it good or bad? Well first I should explain something!

The power of the Millennium Mirror enables you to use the power of the duel cards as your own power. For example, Ailis fused herself with the Mermaid of Solitude and it gave her its power.

Next chapter will have Ailis finally have a duel!


"I place two cards face down and summon the Cosmic Magician (2000 ATK 2100 DEF)!"

"I may be losing now but the duel is far from over."

"Try what you may, it will be obsolete against me."