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Erin sat there at the kitchen table with the baked potato in front of her. It was the biggest potato she had ever seen. One hand gripped the fork the other was placed on her forehead trying not to make I contact with her mother.

"Stop bouncing your leg sweetie, its ok you can do this." Her other mom sat next to her placing a hand on her thigh to stop the fidgeting.

Callie and Arizona knew it was going to be hard to do this. They had to teach her daughter to not fear food. They had to get her to eat the foods she feared. One of which was potato's. They had been sitting here for a good half hour and she hadn't even taken one bite. Just sat there fidgeting not looking up, not even touching the plate.

Callie kept her hand on her daughter's slender thigh. She looked up at her wife who was staring at their daughter with pain in her eyes. She watched Arizona's eyes look up and down, jumping from the potato to her daughters face. Callie looked at Erin only to find tear welling in her eyes. It was painful to watch, she looked away toward the clock on the oven. It was quarter to three and Sofia would be home any minute.

Almost on cue the door swung open. "Guy's you would never believe" she let the words hang as she took in the sight. Erin raised her head to look at her sister.

The one person she had trusted until about two months ago when she had told their moms about her secret. It was for her own good, she was underweight and dehydrated. She had collapsed in the bathroom and when Arizona asked what happened it all seemed to fall out of her mouth. "Erin isn't eating."

Callie's hand swiftly moved to Erin's back trying to calm the 15 year-old. But it was no use, she was about to explode and nothing could stop it.

"I'm glad you're having such a swell day. If you are so happy why don't you tell us why?" She glared at her sister daring her to say something positive.

"Now Erin just calm down, Sofia didn't mean to do anything." Arizona said trying to break the uncomfortable eye contact her daughters were making. Sofia's eyes filled with guilt and terror and Erin's were pain and hate.

Erin shot her eyes toward her mother "You want me to calm down? OK I'll calm down, but I'm going to eat this shit." She stood up and shoved the plate across the table. The unsteady potato rolled into her mother's lap. She steadied herself and ran off to her mom's room slamming the door.

Sofia looked down and choked on her words, "Sorry I didn't mean to-"She was cut off by Callie's arms wrapping her daughter up in a hug.

"You didn't know. It's ok. Why don't you go to your room and put your stuff up and I'll be in in a bit so you can tell me the good news, ok?" She pulled her daughter out of her hug and kissed her forehead.

Sofia went into her room leaving the mothers alone. Callie looked over Arizona who was cleaning butter off her lap and fighting back tear.

"Hey," Callie soothed, "Hey, its ok, Sofia will be fine. She is strong; she knows she did the right thing. And Erin will forgive her I know she will. Come here." Arizona fell into her wife's arms and let out a few sobs. Before pulling back.

"I know it's just hard, I love Sofia just as much as I love Erin, but something inside me dies when Erin refuses to eat." Arizona wipes tears for her cheeks.

"That's because she is yours." Callie said. Arizona gave her a funny look, waiting for an explanation. "You carried her for nine months, you gave birth to her she is your flesh and blood. Just like Sofia is mine, that doesn't make me less of her mother or her less of my daughter. You just have that connection to her that I have with Sofia."

Arizona nodded and glanced and their bedroom door. Uncertain of what was going on in the room right now. She was always afraid of that she would find her daughter unconscious on the floor again, but this time not breathing. "I'll go talk to her, you take care of Sofia." They went their separate ways and into each room.

Erin was in the large bed curled up on Arizona's side of the bed. She wasn't sleeping; she was just laying their eyes closed exhausted from the argument. Arizona crawled into the bed and took her daughter in her arms. They had been sharing a room together since Erin refused to be anywhere near her sister. Callie and Arizona both agreed to Callie staying in with Sofia in the girls' room, and Arizona and Erin stay in the moms' room.

"I'm sorry I pushed the potato in your lap." Erin said curling into the warmth of her mother.

"Its ok sweaty, I just wish you would be a little nicer to your sister she is trying so hard to help you." Arizona knew she was bringing up a tough topic, but it needed to be discussed.

"I trusted her and she broke a promise, she promised, she promised." Erin tried to hold back the tears forming in her eyes.

"I know, but Erin she saved your life, even if she didn't say anything Bailey would have figured it out when we took you to the hospital. You were severely malnourished. You scarred all of us." Arizona tucked a piece of hair behind her daughter's ears.

Erin rolled over facing her mom "I was getting better, I promised Sofia I would try, and I did. I kept my promise and I still am. But she broke hers." This time she let the tears roll down her cheeks.

Arizona sat up looking at her daughter, "OK, I believe you. Just promise me you'll try to be nicer to her. Not only are you breaking her heart but mine and your mom's as well."

Erin nodded, "I'll try."

Arizona got out of bed, "Thank you." She kissed her daughter forehead. "Why don't you take a shower before we leave for you appointment." She wasn't asking she was telling her.

Erin groaned quietly and let her mom help her out of bed and into the bathroom. Arizona stared the water and placed the handicap chair in the shower. "I'll leave you alone, just don't uh, lock the door, please." Erin nodded and watched her mother walk out of the room.

Arizona walked through the door and found Callie and Sophia sitting at the bar of the kitchen.

"Momma I was just telling Mami that I passed all my finals this semester and I could be looking at a big scholarship next year." Sofia's face beamed but her eyes were red and swollen.

"I'm so proud of you sweetheart." Arizona kissed the back of her head, glancing at her wife. Callie mouthed "She's fine." Arizona closed her eyes sighing.

"Well Erin's in the shower we have an hour before the appointment with the hospital. I don't know if we should be doing this Calliope." Arizona said sitting next to Sofia putting her head in her hands.

"We have to, she is underweight and quite frankly she isn't eating still. And just losing more weight it's the only thing I could think of. If we can't feed her maybe someone else can. I don't want to see me baby girl in there just as much as you don't but it's the only way. We have to take her to the hospital-"

Callie was interrupted by Erin walking in the room, "wait I thought I was just going to see a new counselor. Not getting admitted again." Callie and Arizona looked at their daughter. She was standing in nothing but a towel her blonde hair was thin and tangled halfway down her back. Her frail thin body was nothing but bones. Bruises from covered most of her body from falling down due to dizziness. I was the first time they saw their daughter in something other than her baggy sweats in months.

Arizona gasped placing a hand over her mouth. Callie rushed to her daughter grabbing her by the shoulders, looking her daughter dead in the eyes. "You have to you have lost weight and the doctor said if you weren't making progress we had to take you back. You haven't been making any progress. You don't and when you do it's not enough to feed a mouse. Mija it's the only way to make sure you are safe."

Erin looked away and went back in the room. This time Callie followed her in the room. "Get out I want to get dressed alone."

"No!" The Latina said stubbornly crossing her arms standing by the door.

"But-I'm-ugly-I-don't-want-you-to-see" She talked so fast that her mother barely understood what she was saying.

"Mija you are not ugly you are beautiful, you have always been beautiful-"

"Just shut up and leave me alone." Erin's eyes burned as she took in the sight of her stubborn mother, who just leaned against the door. She slowly turned around and let the towel drop on the floor around her ankles as she grabbed her clothes of the bed and began to slowly get dressed. She was pulling her pants on when she could feel herself falling. Callie rushed forward and grabbed her daughter before she came crashing on the floor. With too much ease she placed her on the bed and helped her finished getting dressed neither of them saying a word to the other.

The entered the living area and Sofia was gone, only Arizona placing a suitcase by the front door.

"Sofia had to go talk to one of her professors so she won't be joining us on our way to the hospital."

It was a long drive to the hospital that day. Nobody talked; there was just the sound of the car. Erin sat in the backseat clutching the seat laying her head back on the head rest and closing her eyes. Callie led Erin through the door as Arizona followed with her bags.