Ok, So let's get this intro over with…

This story's about what happens when Ferris and Sloane meet up after she graduates. Happy Reading!


I just got home from class. The last day of my freshman year at UPenn. Yep, I scored high enough on my SAT to get in. So did Cameron. And Sloane, she didn't know it yet, but she was going to have the best summer of her life. I was in Chicago for the summer, and I brought Cameron along. We were on different planes, and he arrived half an hour before me. When I got off the plane, I heard Sloane.


I immediately recognized her voice. I greeted her with a kiss, but she wouldn't stop there. We were making a scene at the airport. An entire group of people coming from Pennsylvania looked at us. It was embarrassing…and Ferris Bueller is not one to be embarrassed. "Sloane, Baby." I said as soon as she stopped. "You just graduated, right?"

"What do you think, Silly?"

"And remember when you said you would never get married?"


"You're still sure about that?"

I knelt down, and pulled a box out of my pocket. Her face took on a grimace of horror. "Will you, Sloane Peterson…accept this promise ring?"

She stood there with her mouth open. Then she started laughing. "You idiot!" she laughed as she playfully punched my arm. "I hate you! Same old Ferris."

"Same old Sloane."

"Listen, I have to go do some Laundry. My mom doesn't know I'm here! I'll meet you at your hotel later. B-Bye, Honey!" she kissed me again, and left. I stood there shuddering. How could I tell her the truth?

Cameron had a girlfriend, of course, but she treated him like dirt. He envied my long-distance relationship with Sloane. But, come to think of it, who wouldn't? She's amazing. She's the sweetest, kindest, funniest girl I know. I wasn't surprised when he asked about her. We were sitting in our hotel room, and he started talking about her.

"So, you picked her up at the airport today?" he asked. I knew he had a thing for her, but she was still my girl.

"Why do you care?" I responded.

"I miss her."

"Shut up."

"What, I can't miss someone I haven't seen since last year?"

"Back off!"

"Alright, Ferris! You don't have to get all hyper!"

"She's my girl!"

"Your girl? What about Lucy? Admit it, Ferris. To you right now, Sloane is just another one of your old flames."

I was just about to punch him in the neck when I heard Sloane at the door. "Ferris," she said. "Who's Lucy?"