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Well this was a great way to start the day. After going for a short swim, Luchia, Hanon, and Rina were captured by the Black Beauty Sisters, servants of Gaito. Though Gaito lived with Luchia's friend (yeah… suuuuuure) Kaito, he still has the powers of the Panterassa at his command though this was unknown to him.

Suddenly Luchia was snapped back into reality when hearing a beautiful, melodic voice powerfully say,

"Golden Pearl Voice!"

The princesses all looked up to see a beautiful young woman, about Hanon's age, singing Legend of the Mermaid. Her long golden hair felt to her hips and her rusty gold eyes twinkled with mischief. Part of her hair was turned into pigtails in front of her shoulders, the ribbon tying them bunching up hair above it and letting the hair below fall to the same place as her loose hair on her back. A silver knee high dress shined on her beautiful form, with pretty gold trim and a large bow in the back, her pearl shell hanging gracefully around her pale skinned neck.

"Nanairo no… kaze ni fugarete… Tooi misaki wo mezatashiteta…"

Her beautiful voice pierced the ears of The Black Beauty Sisters and Mimi screamed, teleporting away with Sheshe right behind her. The mysterious mermaid princess freed Luchia, Hanon, and Rina, smiling warmly.

"Who are you? I thought there were only 7 mermaid princesses!" Hanon said in curiosity, careful to not offend the princess who just saved their fins.

"I am Hiyori, Golden mermaid princess of the hidden golden kingdom. My kingdom and it's residents have been hidden by Aqua Regina-sama for millennia." Hiyori bowed her head to the other mermaid princesses in respect.

The three princesses smiled at Hiyori and returned the gesture of respect. Finally, Hanon spoke up, "Come on! We should get back to the surface and introduce Hiyori to everyone!"

Hiyori nodded politely and turned into her mermaid form, the same hair style that was similar to Sara's idol form hair, and a shining golden fin. She followed the pink, aqua, and green mermaid princesses to the surface and they all changed into human form. The other princesses watched curiously as Hiyori changed into human form.

Hiyori's hair was the first thing that changed, turning from golden to a fiery orange at the top of her head, and gradually turning darker so it was midnight black by the time it was at the end, which resided below her shoulders. Hiyori's shells and fin turned into a pair of faded jeans and a silver tank top which straps were hanging loosely off her shoulders. A wolf's face was created out of fake gemstones on the top and she smiled at her chosen attire.

Just then Kaito ran up and Luchia's face lit up like Christmas, waving and smiling. When he was talking distance she said," Isn't there a surfing competition next week?"

Kaito smiled and patted his surfboard, replying," Yeah. I hope you come." He turned to Hiyori," Who is this?" he smiled politely," I am Kaito Doumoto."

Hiyori smiled," I am a friend of Hanon's visiting for a while. My name is Hiyori Nishiyami. It is a pleasure to meet you." She replied just as Gaito, Kaito's older brother, came running up.

Gaito looked at Hiyori up and down without shame as she blushed and said," A pleasure to meet you, Hiyori. I am Gaito, Kaito's brother" His eyes danced with mischief before gesturing to Kaito and saying," We're hosting a party tomorrow night. You girls want to come and have some fun?"

The girls laughed and nodded, Hanon speaking up," We'll be there at eight sharp." Before the girls left, Hiyori following their moves like she actually knew where everyone was going.

When the girls got to the Pearl Piari, Nikora and Taki came and greeted them warmly, obviously recognising Hiyori. Luchia was confused, but Nikora told her,"The shell around her neck is gold, we know she is the Golden Pearl Voice. Her kind was worshipped by the other kingdoms for centuries until they went into hiding."

The three girls made an O out of their mouthes and nodded, wide eyed that the polite, young girl's ancentoral line was worshipped as if goddesses like Aqua Regina.

Hiyori nodded,"The honor is mine, for you have shown kindness through welcoming me so merrily."

Taki bowed her head, not bothering to read the princess's fortune, and lead Hiyori to her room.

Hanon wheeled around the second they all entered Hiyori's room. The wallpaper,carpet, and bedspread were gold, the pillows and wood of the bed silver. A mirror and closet were on the side of the room opposite of the door, the bed in the center against the wall with a gold and silver chest of drawers against the opposite wall.

Hiyori turned her attention back to a wickedly grinning Hanon as she heard Luchia quietly close the door behind them, locking it.

Hanon rubbed her hands together evilly,"Time to make you sexy for the party..." she muttered.

Hanon: *laughs evilly*

Hiyori: Oh god please don't make me a half dressed peacock!

Rina: Tough luck, she's gonna

Luchia: *giggles in the corner*

Hiyori: *runs away with Hanon at her heels* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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