Hiyori rolled her eyes as Hanon and Luchia helped her put on the skimpiest dress she had ever worn. A slick silver dress of knee height with gold trim which's neckline was suggestively low and a V back that showed some of her back. A gold bow finished the dress's design, and was all together a very suggestive choice.

Hanon smiled," This is awesome! You look so hot!" she squealed, her own dress much less skimpy as well as Luchia and Rina's. Luchia giggled and nodded. Rina gave Hiyori a look of sympathy from the wall she was casually leaning against.

Hiyori grinned evilly, for once giving in to her bad side," Oh it is on. You girls ready to bring that party to its knees in our honor?" At this Rina scoffed but Luchia and Hanon gave her respectful exploding fist bumps.

As the girls entered the party as Maki-san's place, they were all instantly separated, going after their boyfriends, and leaving Hiyori alone. She huffed at their nerve before walking to the dance floor, smirking as Remedy blared through the speakers, starting out with techno notes that tempted her. Hiyori instantly gave into the music and got her groove on.

About an hour later Hiyori found herself dancing suggestively on top of the bar as dozens of guys secretly drooled and cheered loudly while Katy Perry's "E.T." blared through the speakers. Hiyori felt the natural sway of her hips hypnotize her audience, unaware of the slightly possessive silver-haired boy hidden in the crowd.

That's when some stuff broke out. Hiyori tripped and fell into the arms of a guy who was currently reaching out, as if knowing she would trip, and she fell into his arms. Here's the catch: The guy caught her under her arms, and one hand basically got a handful of boob. So not good.

The first thing Gaito felt was rage. Pure, blinding rage. Before he knew what he was doing he was next to the teenage boy who had a hand on Hiyori's 'girly bits'. He punched the guy in the face and helped Hiyori outside. The minute they were away from all the curious eyes and ears, he turned to face Hiyori, who was looking at him in shock and fear.

"Why did you do that?" that was her first question.

Gaito sighed, rubbing his forehead,"Honestly I have no idea. I just... I'm sorry."

Hiyori stepped towards him, drawn to him for reasons she did not know,"No. Thank you." she stepped up and pressed her lips lightly to his before running back to the Pearl Piari, not wanting to return to the party.

Hiyori sat in her room, laying on the bed and looking up at the ceiling, and muttered,"Why am I drawn to him?"

Just then Hanon and Luchia burst into the room,"Hey Hiyori, who are we drawn to, exactly?" the look on their faces said they knew the answer to the question.

"Gaito." Hiyori's answer was blunt, not trying to hide it.

Hanon and Luchia exchanged glances before saying,"You're in love."

This made Hiyori jump.

"With a HUMAN!?" she was shocked.

This made all three of the mermaid princesses laugh, Rina coming in just in time to hear the reaction.

"That's what we thought too... it's kind of the trend, I guess." Rina laughed at Hanon at that comment.

Hiyori sighed,"How could I fall for a human?" then she felt something in her pocket.

Hiyori hesitantly pulled out a flower. "He must have slipped this into my pocket when I kissed-" she covered her mouth.

Hanon grinned wickedly,"You kissed him?! Kawaiiiiiiii!"

Luchia and Hanon squealed, Rina rolled her eyes, and Hiyori officially kicked them all out of her room.