Hiyori continued to pack her clothes, shoving them into a suitcase to donate as she planned where to go when she went back to the ocean.

"You can't go, Hiyori-san! Please don't go!" Hanon cried desperately.

"I have to! I CANNOT fall for a human!" Hiyori said, continuing to pack.

Hanon sighed, snapped her fingers, and Luchia appeared out of nowhere.

They nodded to each other, and a surprisingly strong Luchia grabbed Hiyori as Hanon picked up her suitcase, smiling with pride, and shoved it out the window.

"WHAT THE HECK!?" Hiyori yelled, breaking free of Luchia. The two princesses ran away like hell was nipping at their heels.

Kaito watched in amusement as his brother paced the room," You won't get her to go out with you by pacing." He stated. Gaito turned to him, his silver gray hair messy. "What do you suggest, then?" He asked, his eyes narrowed. Kaito shrugged innocently as Gaito walked out.

Gaito walked along the beach when he saw Hiyori in the distance. She looked around cautiously before slowly walking toward the water, disappearing into the waves. His eyes widened and he ran after her. As he crashed into the waves he saw a beautiful golden mermaid, being held captive by a…. water dragon?

'Crap….' Thought Hiyori as a water demon came her way, capturing her. She sent out a distress signal with her gold pearl and soon Hanon, Luchia, and Rina came in mermaid form.




"GREEN PEARL VOICE!" the mermaids cried, turning into idol form and began to sing.

"Nanairo no kaze ni fukarete…. Tooi misaki wo mezashiteta…" She sang and the water demon cried in pain. "Yoake mae kikoeta merodii sore wa totemo natsukashii uta" was all they had to sing.

"Love Shower Pitch! How about an encore?" they said in unison with a sly wink.

"No thank you!" The water demon said, disappearing as Gaito passed out from lack of air.

Hiyori gasped and quickly carried him to shore. She hummed Legend of the Mermaid, her golden tail swaying in the beat as Gaito woke up. For a moment, he saw the beautiful golden mermaid, then Hiyori was standing over him," Gaito! Gaito, are you ok!?" She said, helping him up. "Wait… I thought… never mind." Gaito said as Hiyori helped him up and they walked back to the hotel.

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