Hiyori sighed as she sat on her gold and silver bed.

Hanon and Rina smiled.

"You know, you could just do what Luchia is trying to do with Kaito. Mess with his head until he figures it out… She calls it giving hints." Rina suggested. Hiyori smiled in thanks.

"I'll try it." She replied. Before they could answer she rushed out the door.

Gaito walked down the beach, getting bored of watching Kaito's surfing. Looking at the seagulls above, then to the waves. He heard a soft voice in the water, a sweet melody. He jogged into the crashing waves and swam through the blue water.

Looking around, he didn't see a source of the singing at first and started to swim back to the surface.

"Gaito." A voice called. He turned and saw a hint of gold. He swam quickly in effort to follow it. When they stopped, he saw the beautiful golden mermaid from before.

"A… mermaid…" he thought in wonder. The mermaid smiled," Find me Gaito. I'm nearby, I promise. I'm always nearby…" the mermaid said and swam to him.

He was frozen in place by the mermaid's words. Who did she remind him of? Suddenly there was a split second where he saw Hiyori, not the mermaid. He shook his head, knowing that he needed to concentrate on the mermaid's words. She was watching him? Suddenly before he could react, the mermaid kissed his cheek and disappeared.

Realizing that there was a distinct lack of air in his lunges, he shot up to the surface and swam back to the beach. Hiyori ran toward the waves," Hey Gaito-san!" she said, smiling. Luchia and her friends came behind her," Hiyori made a bento for you!" the blue haired girl, Hanon, said while shoving the basket into Hiyori's arms.

Gaito laughed, he would find out what the mermaid meant later.

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