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Lizzy's P.O.V.

I loved summertime in New York… especially when you get right out of school. I turned my head towards the sun and let the ray's warm my face as my friends and I walked down the street towards the lair. School had finally ended… three weeks after the incident. The first week was ruff, I'm not gonna lie. Since Donnie had put me on bed rest, I was immensely board. Yeah I had my laptop, but hearing the laughter of my friends in the distance saddened me. On the plus side, Mikey rarely left my side. So we'd watch movies and play games on the laptop, but then we'd both grow bored. Once that happened, we had no choice but to disobey Donnie's orders to stay in bed. When Mikey and I did that, we'd use our ninja abilities and hid from him. Sure, it hurt when I did that, but I'd rather be hurt than be bored. Then Donnie would go in my room to do his doctor thing, find out I was out of bed, and starts rampaging through the lair to find me. Someone always ended up ratting me out, but eventually I stayed, but only because he threatened to stand guard if I didn't. In the end, I ended up staying on bed rest for two extra days than expected… but I didn't have to go to school till the next week Tuesday. Unfortunately I didn't get to pitch at the last game that Saturday, but we won. Of course I was in the winning the picture holding the trophy, after all, I did help the team get there. Well, now school was over and summer vacation was finally here.

"So what are we going this summer girls?" I asked happily.

"Stargazing," Katie smiled.

"Moonlit walks in central park," April replied.

"Rocking out," Cade grinned playing an air guitar. We laughed at that.

"What about you Lizzy?" Katie questioned as we turned into an alley.

"Sleeping in till noon," I giggled as Cade lifted off the lid. The girls rolled their eyes.

"Of course that's what you wanna do; you tend to avoid work by sleeping," Cade murmured before jumping down skillfully.

"Yeah… HEY!" I wined following down and running up to her side. I heard two splashes indicating that our other friends were down.

"I do not do that Cadence," I declared crossing my arms. I could feel her turn and glare at me.

"What did you call me?!" she stomped angrily.

"You heard me Cadence," I taunted grinning.

"Don't you ever call me that," Cade threatened.

"Whatcha gonna do if I do Cadence," I continued. She surprised me by gripping my jersey and pulling my face inches away from hers.

"You don't wanna know what I'm going to do," she threatened in a low voice that would totally freak me out right now if I wasn't enjoying this so much.

"Alright Cade, she gets it, don't you Lizzy?" April stated nodding at me. I sighed and nodded along with her. Cade huffed and let go. April and Katie came up between us as we began walking again.

"I don't even know how you knew my full name Liz. I didn't tell you," Cade grumbled.

"Elementary my dear Watson," I mimicked in a British accent.

"Huh?" my three friends chorused, but I just rolled my eyes.

"I took a sneak-peak at Katie's yearbook," I flatly stated.

"Oh yeah, I did let you look at that, didn't I?" Katie mused with a smirk.

"Yes, you did. Thank you, by the way," I giggled.

"Yeah, thank you Katie," Cade echoed as we entered the lair. Upon entering, we saw four turtles, one for each of us.

"I'm FREE!" I cheered dropping my bag and skipping over towards Mikey, who smiled.

"FINALLY! Now I can have you all to myself 24/7!" he declared picking me up and spinning me around in a circle.

"Good! Take her. I'm already sick of her," Cade grumbled walking over to Raph, but smiled when he pulled her into a strong embrace.

"Ignore Miss Grumpy-pants over there," April stated with a smile as she approached Donnie, who pulled her close and gently kissed her lips.

"So how was your last day?" Donnie questioned pulling away.

"Great, especially since we didn't do much," April smiled.

"Yeah, they just let us loose," Katie continued while Leo wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Really? I wouldn't expect that," he stated before suddenly grabbing her hand and twirling her. She giggled as he twirled her out and back into his arms. He's been doing things like that a lot lately. I giggled at the two.

"Nice moves twinkle toes," Raph said sarcastically.

"At least I have moves," Leo retorted. Mikey and I began laughing.

"BURN!" we laughed together. He glared at us as we made our way over to the couch and sitting down.

"Yeah well… whatever," he grumbled taking a seat on the couch with Cade as well. The others soon followed and eventually we were all sitting.

"So how should we celebrate the first day of summer freedom?" April asked.

"Well… maybe a movie marathon," Donnie thought aloud.

"Yeah," everyone chimed. Mikey then leaped off the couch and dived into the pile of unorganized DVD's.

"We could watch all the classics," he began pulling them out and holding them up, "The Breakfast Club, all the Back to the Future's, Bill and Ted's Excitant Adventure, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, the Sandlot, and to kick it off, I Know what you did Last Summer," he ended in a spooky voice.

"Those aren't bad choices actually," Raph approved.

"Yeah, something for each of us," Donnie agreed. Mikey smiled and put in the horror movie before sprinting back towards me. Life couldn't get any better for me. for us. for our little family. And sure there would always be trouble, but we'd kick their butt no matter what! I used to ask, why me? But now I knew why. I was always meant to be with them, and nothing could ever change that.