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"Hmmm..." "C'mon! Please say you'll do it!" "I don't know..." "Hey! When have I ever steered you wrong?" "Do you really want me to answer that?" "...Now that I think about, no not really..." "And that is why-" "JUST DO WHAT SHE WANTS AND STOP ARGUING!"

Cammie clutched her ears and cringed when her fathers shout rang through the house. Ever since he got captured by the COC and escaped, thus training his only child with his wife, her sister and his bestfriend, he has been a lot more strict. Though he is still the same loving parent before that fateful day, he hates it when his baby girl and her aunt have a battle of wills. And it seemed as though Aunt Abby has won by default.

"Ha squirt this proves he loves me more!" Though Aunt Abby knew this wasn't true, she loved to get her neice all riled up. Abby believes that with that attitude of hers, Cammie is more like her than her own mother. "No way! He loves me more, and mom scares him more than you do, so all you can do is annoy him the most!" Cammie spoke looking smug at her favorite (and only) aunt. "That is not true, Joe annoys him the most." Cammie's mom, Rachel Morgan, said just as said godfather walked through the door.

"Well, don't I just feel so warm and fuzzy." Joe spoke with the dry sarcastic ability that every sarcastic person wishes to master. "Of course you do Joe, you get it everytime Abby is in seeing distance." Joe and Abby turned to see Matthew leaning on the door frame to the living room. "Oh, don't pretend that you didn't get it, and still don't, whenever you see Rachel." "Well I can say that I do because I'm man enough to do so." Matthew took Cammie's mom by her hand and brought her for a hug. "Well as nice and dandy this is, Cammie still hasn't given me an answer yet." Aunt Abby exclaimed, pointing at the youngest in the room.

Cammie sighed. It's not like you can get out of it, you'll have to just brace yourself and hope for the best.

I'm sure you're all thinking that Abby was trying to get her neice to do a top secret mission with her.

Or hunting for terrorists in a different country.

Maybe trying to stop a drug ring!

But no, Aunt Abby would have no problem trying to get Cammie to do any of those things. The true reason is...

"I guess I have no choice really. Fine, I'll go to the mall with you."

...Cammie hates shopping and Aunt Abby loves it.

"I knew you wouldn't let me down squirt!" Abby hooted in joy, finally being able to spend time with Cammie while not in a dangerous situation. Joe and Matthew just shook their heads, knowing that Cammie hated shopping as much as they did. Rachel just smiled at her daughter, knowing that she would try her best just for her aunt. And she also knows about the little trip they would soon be taking together, perhaps the whole family too. "Kiddo, your aunt has left out the most important part!"

Abby smiles sheepishly at the glare from both her older sister and younger niece. "It was suppose to be surprise! But fine I'll tell you now anyway." Abby motioned for Cammie to come closer, when she moved Abby told her what was happing during that time. Cammie grinned and hugged her aunt, then launched herself at her godfather. Everyone laughed at the enthusiasm that the teenager showed. And it was in her head that the plot began.

I can't believe it! Gallagher and Blackthorne are going to be in the same mall that me and Aunt Abby are just going to so 'happen' be there! I can't wait to see what they're made of!