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BTW: Don't I just suck at 1st person? This is why I write in 3rd person.

A few days had passed as all challengers warmed up for the upcoming fight.

All were waiting in silent anticipation for the duel about to be taken place. It was between one of the best seniors Gallagher had to offer and Cammie Morgan, the Chameleon. It had been explained to all that the reason for this was because they have yet to see her skills. Not that they don't believe her, or they find her lower than their previously set standards, but because the person they've been taught to admire is right in front of them and they still haven't seen the things that make Cammie Morgan worth their respect.

Though, of course, there will always be the small group of few who didn't care who she said she was, just to see her ass get beaten was enough to get them out of their rooms and to the P&E barn outside from the school.

Well... nothing ever turns out how you think it would.

Of the course of three hours, senior after senior and even some juniors and sophomores had gone up against Cammie. Slowly yet surely, Cammie's stamina was draining away with each new challenger. One by one each girl was beaten. Limits on both sides were tested and pushed until their knees almost gave out. Harsh panting and thuds of blows landing their marks or feet hitting the mats, sometimes backs.

Punches were thrown, and were blocked. Legs went swishing by, only for her opponent to go into a crouch. Hands were raised, forearms out to take damage. Multiple moves, both legal and illegal were brought to light. Yet not one girl could get Cammie to stay down for any length of time before she bounced back up on her haunches. Some were desperate and tried to claw or bite. This only ended with broken fingers and jaws.

Never has the room been stained with this amount of body fluids, but since the challengers kept coming, Cammie would stay standing until no more.

Bruised, bloody, and broken, Cammie turned from her last fight, visibly drained. Yet, as her body sagged, letting Zach with Bex race to hold her up, her eyes demanded respect. Those whom wished to see her down and beaten bowed their heads in shame. Some more reluctant than others, yes, but they grudgingly gave Cammie their respect. Because she had proven herself worthy of her name, and proven that she is, indeed, the Chameleon.

The grueling fights, the burn of her tensing muscles, the sounds of her labored breath, and the sinking light outside were the last things Cammie registered before she let her consciousness fade away.

I woke up easily in Bex's room. I only remember me going down after three hours of going head to head, and, occasionally, tooth and nail with some of the girls; so how I had gotten here was a mystery. Though the bigger mystery has to be why I'm in here and not in the infirmary...

As the thought went fleeting by, I swung my legs off the bed and planted my feet on the floor just as the door burst open. However, who was standing there surprised me. Instead of a short, blonde Southern gal, a female version of tall, dark, and handsome, or my tough, British best friend in the doorway, was a boy. He was tall, had shaggy, brown hair, and emerald eyes.

There's only one boy like that.


The rest of Cammie's friends had slipped back to the boy's room, feet making the distance grow as they raced back. They didn't want to miss a single thing! Bex mowed down some freshman, Macey's wrist caught in her fist while Liz was thrown over her shoulder in a fireman's carry. Their plan was sure to work!

Macey saw the gradual warmth over the past few days coming from Zach aimed at their chameleon. Bex just knew that Cammie was, after everything cooled from Aaron, growing closer to all the boys. One boy in particular being the guy that landed himself in the infirmary for Aaron; Bex just knew that sold Cammie. However, it was Liz that came up with the plan. Of course it's not the most original, and, really, kind of childish, but all three girls wanted to nip this in the bud before those two started making sad puppy eyed looks at each other.

Sure, it was rushed and fast, but hey! Why not?

The girls launched themselves (i.e. Bex launched all three of them) into the room, landing on the floor of Zach's room. It was shared with Grant, Mike, and Jonas. They got ready to see their work unfold. (Earlier in the day, when Cammie was still sleeping, they had pretty much raided the room and placed microphones along with cameras everywhere. Seeing as Cammie just woke up as they shoved Zach in the room, neither would have time, or would think to, search the room.)

They had just made it to hear Cammie say, "Zach?"

Why Zach of all people was in the girls' room, I didn't have a clue. I did, however, have a guess as to what was going on. Well, if they wanted to play this game, I hope they know I'm a sore loser. I kept my poker face, even as I wanted to smirk, at least I get something out of winning.

Besides the priceless look on Zach's face, of course.

I tried to contain my giggles, placing my hand on my mouth, but the confused-puppy look he had going on was just too... precious. Oh, man, he would kill me if he heard that. Well, try at least.

His eyebrows were quirked, his eyes bewildered as the landed on me, while his mouth was thinned out. Wait... his eyes on me... my eyes snapped to his.

Those bright, green eyes stared unblinkingly back, as if he couldn't believe I was there. My hand dropped.

Ever since the infirmary incident, I've spent a lot of time with Zach as of late. I've noticed it, and I'm sure others have as well. When I spoke of having secret admirers to Bex, I knew that they had secret admirers. Having someone with a crush on me? After I beat their asses and went psycho-bitch on Grant, all of which said Blackthorne Boy in front of me saw, I had an admirer?!

The look in those unblinking eyes said, no, screamed, "YES!"

I could only wondered what showed in mine to make Zach take that one step and...

All throughout the Gallagher Academy were screams. No, not in pain or fear, and not even that many people were screaming.

Just three girls that pretty much saw their best friend swept off her feet by Prince Charming.

They didn't even think it would work!

Yet, on Jonas's computer screen was Zach up close and personal with the world's best teenage spy, said teenage spy responding with great enthusiasm. Cammie's legs were between Zach's slightly spread ones, her arms wrapped around his neck. Zach was straining down, his back arching up as he leaned down to kiss Cammie. Cammie's back was arching inward as she pressed herself to Zach's chest as he kissed her.

Macey switched to a different camera as the boys were planning how to tease Zach with this, their noise drowned out by the girls happy squeals and sighs. They were pretty sure they did the impossible. Get Zach, the ex-douchebag, and Cammie, the possessive yet nice psycho-bitch, together.

Bex saw them slowing down and hissed at the boys to shut up. This is going to be good...

Zach slowly withdrew from me as I unwound myself from Zach. I placed a finger on his lips before he could open his mouth and turned my head to the right. "Bex, Macey, Liz, please tell me you're not in the boy's room?" Zach saw what I was looking at and picked up the bug to bring to closer to his eye before squishing the device between two fingers.

I shook my head with a smile. I hope they got something out of watching me and Zach make out. My eyes snapped open... I just made out with Zach. With Zach. Zach. I ripped my finger from his lips and turned my head so that my face was looking at the wall and not into his eyes.

However, I heard a light chuckle before fingertips lifted my chin his way and he kissed me sweetly. But, considering it's Zach, he had to say something with that damn smirk of his.

And, let's just say, the name kind of... stuck.

"Huh, didn't realize that even you had your girlish moments, Gallagher Girl."