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Chapter 1: Homecoming

It was a gloomy and windy day in San Romero at it's graveyard as today a funeral was underway .

"Today we're here to lay rest to Catherine Carver…a beloved mother of three who now will be joined with her family."

The priest kept on with the traditional words from the good ol book as the coffin was lowered into the ground slowly as looking down on it was a lone soul with his head down.

"Ashes to ashes…dust to dust." the priest went on.

As it ended the lone person looked at the grave and the others next to it.

Why am I the survivor?

Why'd you have to go Mom?

The burial ended as he took a handful of dirt and threw it into the grave as it spread onto the coffin.

He took one last look at it and blew a kiss to it.

Your with everyone now Mom, say hi for me

The priest then approached him. "My child if you are ever in need of spiritual guidance or-"

He interrupted him as he put a hand to his shoulder. "Padre it's ok, I've dealt with loss many times and I do appreciate the offer but I'm sure I'll be fine." he said to him as he nodded an left.

Time to go back home.

He left the gravesite as the gravedigger began filling the grave and got into his car as he headed into town and passed the various sites and even saw something that he could not look away from.

Dedicated to those who lost their lives in the San Romero Massacre

Seeing that made him angry but also confused as he continued onward as he headed into the suburbs as he passed all the houses and people outside theirs until he took a left turn and headed down the street towards the house on the end, parked the car up the driveway and stopped the engine as he got out of the car and looked out at the house.

Home sweet home

Looking at the outside of the house the place had all the windows boarded up, the front lawn looked like an urban jungle and the house itself was covered in graffiti as the words all over comprised of…






Yeah right so much for that!

Going up the path he went towards the door and began pulling the wooden barricades off he then opened the door and headed on in.

Stopping to look around his mind was filling with flashbacks.

"Mom! They took my dollie!"

"Daddy watch me!"

More memories flooded his mind as he continued to look through the house seeing the place was in desperate need of renovation as it had not been touched in many years and who could blame them.


He had looked around a little more but found nothing but a derelict home holding memories which he'd rather forget.

Maybe I should take a walk.

Deciding that he left the house and took a stroll down the street he looked around as not much here has changed at least.

As he walked past a certain house a woman outside doing her flower garden noticed the man looking around the street and had a closer look at him, he had short black hair, blue eyes and wore a black blazer and suit pants, dress shoes with a plain white shirt and black tie.

Noit can't be? Can it?

"John!" she called out to him.

He looked over to see a woman calling to him.

"John Keller?" she called out to him as he went on over.

"I'm sorry do I know you?" he asked.

"It's me Elizabeth Starling!" she said coming over to him.

"Mrs. Starling? Wow! It's been such a long time." John said as he greeted her.

"Yes I think about fifteen years now right?" Elizabeth said as he nodded.

"Yeah around that and by the way it's been John Carver since I left." John said.

"Oh took your mother's maiden name and how is she?" Elizabeth asked.

He sighed at that. "Mom died a few weeks ago and I just brought her back here to be buried." John said as Elizabeth was shocked and saddened to hear that.

"Katie's dead? How did this happen?" she asked.

"House fire, the police said it was an electrical accident and caused the place to go up, my Mom just died from suffocation." John explained as this upset her.

"Oh I am so sorry! I wish I was at the funeral if I'd have known I wo-"

He interrupted her. "M'am it's ok, I mean it's better this way and besides my family doesn't have a good reputation here after…"

Both knew what he meant but refused to say anything.

"Yes even though it's been years now the day is still in people's minds, I still remember it very well." Elizabeth said remembering that fateful day.

"Did any of your family get hurt?" Jon asked.

"Luckily no my husband and daughters are fine." she said as he smiled hearing they were ok.

"I must be taking up your time and I think it's time I should go." John said.

"Oh no your not young man! Your coming in and staying for dinner tonight and also the family will be present and I bet they'll be happy to see you." Elizabeth said.

He was a little weary of doing it but realised it wouldn't be such a bad idea. "Alright I'll stay for dinner m'am." he said as she led him inside.


Gideon Starling came back into the house from the garage working on his bike as he was wiping his hands clean from the motor oil.

"Hey baby do we have any-" he was stopped by the unknown person sitting in his living room.

"Son who are ya and why yer in my house?" Gideon asked him.

He rose from his seat to explain himself. "Sorry sir but Mrs. Starling invited me for dinner, I'm not sure if you remember me but my name is John Carver?" John said introducing himself.

"Carver…Carver? Nope never heard of ya son." Gideon said as he was cracking his knuckles as John could see that look in his eyes.

"Oh honey here you are! I see you've met John." Elizabeth said entering with some drinks.

"Baby who is he?" Gideon asked.

"He was known as John Keller." she said reintroducing him.

"Wait…Joe and Katie's son? Now I remember!" Gideon said as then he realised the relation to a certain person. "You're his brother aren't you?" he said now getting in his face.

"Here we go." John said as he got himself ready for a fight.

"Dear please don't start this I just cleaned the place." Elizabeth said trying to calm her husband.

The front door opened. "Hey Mom we're home!" the voice belonged to Juliette who behind her was her sisters Cordelia and Rosalind.

"Would've gotten faster if Rosalind didn't try to squash that possum and almost collide into a tree." Cordelia complained at her sister's road rage.

"It gave me a funny look!" Rosalind chimed in her upbeat attitude.

But they were welcomed with their father and a guy locking eyes as it was a standoff.

"OMG! Daddy what's going on?" Juliet asked as he looked to his daughter.

"Darlin say hello to John Keller." Gideon said introducing the young man.

As the realisation set into her. "Swan's brother!" she said not believing it.

"Wait this guy is related to that psycho?!" Cordelia said bringing out her Weston gun and pointing it at John.

"Hit him Daddy! I wanna see some blood!" Rosalind cheered on.

As both men were at a standoff…

"EVERYONE STOP!" Elizabeth shouted at the top of her lungs as all stood silent.

"Now then, this is John Carver and yes he was known as John Keller but he just came back to bury his mother today now show some respect and no fighting." she commanded.

Gideon backed off a couple of steps as then Cordelia lowered her weapon and the tension began to ease.

"Alright I'll give ya a chance since it ain't a good day to do it but if yer tryin to pull anything over on us, you and I will be havin it out." Gideon warned him as John nodded.

"Ok then now both of you shake hands forget about this and have a peaceful dinner." Elizabeth asked both men.

John backed down as did Gideon and they reluctantly shook hands as John felt the tight grip of the elder Starling as they released their hands but the look was still going on as he left the living room.

"Little Johnny Keller is all grown up huh?" Cordelia said as she slapped him on the back hard.

"Cordelia still have a love for guns I see, but then again you did present it as a science project to show if a Colt 44 could make a guy's head explode but when you used a watermelon and it went into pieces but the bullet hit the vice principle in the ass, I'm surprised they let you off with just detention and confiscating your gun." John said getting a light chuckle from her as he got a massive bear hug from behind from Rosalind.

"Johnny! Oh you look so old now!" Rosalind said as she continued the hug with John trying to get out of it but she stopped eventually.

"Oh…Rosalind haven't forgotten about you I mean the last time I saw you, you were yay high and now still hopped up on a lot of sugar." John said as she giggled crazily at that.

But then he saw the middle sister. "Hey John." Juliet said.

"Hey Juliet, been a very long time." John said as he saw that he wasn't the only person that had changed over time.

They hugged as he got a good look at her and saw she had grown up, her hair was done in a ponytail and she was wearing a San Romero High School tracksuit uniform.

"Hey you working up in the school now?" John asked.

"Yeah like I work as the Head Coach of Athletics and also my favourite Cheerleading." Juliet said as John smiled at that.

"Knew you'd end up having a career as a cheerleader, you always dreamed of being one." John said remembering what she said when they were younger.

"Totally! I mean it's who I am, so what're you doing with yourself now Johnny?" Juliet asked.

"Not much really, trying to find my place here." John said.

"Your thinking of coming back home?" Juliet asked.

He thought on that. "Not really sure, but I got enough to keep me afloat until I can think of something, but until then I'm re-furbishing my house and try to sell it." John said.

As then in came Elizabeth. "All right dinner's ready." she said as they all headed in the kitchen.


Night had descended on San Romero as the zombies were out and feasting on the living.

It was a small group of them gorging on the remains on a person as they tore the flesh off the bones of their victim.

"Yo!" a voice called as they turned their heads with a growl.

"Who's first to be shish kebab?" as the individual drew out a couple of blades.

"ARGH!" they all screamed as they ran at him.

He just sidestepped the one and cut his head off with one swing of his blade, then the second one came for him as it lunged for his arm he grabbed it's head and just rammed it into the concrete wall leaving nothing but a bloody mess and no head, but the last one caught him by surprise as it was trying to bite his neck but his used his blades to block the attack and using some of his strength he threw it off and plunged one blade into it's abdomen as it screamed and he faced the zombie who was looking at him with it's dead eyes.

"Things like you need to be put down, your nothing but parasites draining the life from this world, you, Vampires, Werewolves, Demons are all alike and I'm going to stop all of you!" as then the zombie had a blade put right through it's skull stopping it completely as he threw it to the ground.

Looking down at the bodies he left laying, he looked out to the moon.

San Romero is my home, but I will find the truth what happened ten years ago

No one can know my secretNo one!

Well John was sort of welcomed back but still people never forget. What will happen next? Will he find what he's looking for?

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