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Chapter 7: The beginning

"I just left High School and by then I was seventeen and wanting to make a difference and joined the army." John said. "I completed basic training and I was sent out to Afghanistan and that's when it all happened…"

Ten years ago

A small military vehicle was traversing the sandy lands of the middle east as it stopped outside a village and out stepped several soldiers as they all looked around.

"Alright guys scope the area!" The Lieutenant said.

"Carver!" he called out.

As a soldier came running to him and saluted. "Sir!" John said.

"Get on the radio and tell command we've arrived at the destination and what are our objectives." The Lieutenant ordered as he went to do so.

"Command, this is Red Eagle, we've arrived at our destination what are our objectives?" John asked.

"You are to do reconnaissance and investigate why Blue Eagle has ceased communications."

"Understood sir, First Officer John Carver out!" John said as he cut comms and went back to tell of the objectives. "Sir! We're to recon and investigate the whereabouts of Blue Eagle." John informed them.

"Alright then, Hunter take point, everyone else use extreme caution." The Lieutenant said as they followed orders.

The team scouted the area as the entire village was deserted, no people, no animals and no signs of any human life whatsoever as it looked like they all had vanished into thin air.

"Hunter any activ-"

"OH MY GOD! HOLY SHI-" he screamed over the comms.

"Get to Hunter's location MOVE!" The Lieutenant ordered as they ran to their comrade.

They got there only to discover the most horrific sight since they arrived in the war zone.

"Hunter?!" As all they could see was his body and it was being surrounded by people who were EATING HIM?!

"Holy Shit." one of them said not believing it.

"L.T. what do we do?!" as the people turned to see them and their eyes just looked dead, their flesh rotting and they had just eaten one of their squad mates.

As then a loud growl was heard and they all came running at them.

"FIRE! OPEN FIRE!" The Lieutenant ordered as they all got their guns out and just unleashed a hail of gunfire as bullets ripped through the hostiles but they did not stop as then John nailed one with a bullet to the head.

They all did the same and managed to put them all down but then the noise attracted more of them as the growls and screams were echoing throughout the area as more were coming for them.

"Fall back! Fall back!" The Lieutenant ordered as they all did just that and ran back to their vehicle but saw it was blocked off by more of them as they saw they were cut off from both ends.

"OVER THERE!" John shouted pointing to an abandoned building as they just ran for it and they pursued them but as all soldiers made their way in they slammed the doors shut and began barricading it with them on the outside trying to get in.

"What the hell is happening man?!" one of them shouted.

"It's like a horror movie or something! What were those things?!" another shouted not even believing it.

"Is this some sort of a cannibalistic disease?" John asked.

"No idea but we have to get to Blue Eagle's HQ and try to get contact to thisthis outbreak." The Lieutenant said trying to make a plan.


"Zombies…they were all zombies right?" Juliet asked.

"Yeah the entire village became infected somehow and that wasn't the only problem." John said.

It had been a few hours and the horde of the undead were still outside awaiting them as the platoon were trying to come up with a plan.

"We need to get to Blue Eagle's HQ."

"But there's how many of them between us and the HQ, how do we get past them?!"

"Carver, can you get to higher ground and look for anyway around them?" The Lieutenant asked as John nodded and went to do so.

John went to the top of the building and managed to gain rooftop access as he looked out and saw stragglers of the undead below, he took out his binoculars and began to scout the area as he saw it was swarming with more of them and then he spotted the headquarters and there was life as he saw two of the Blue Eagle soldiers on top of the watchtower and sniping some zombies.

He rushed back down to report his findings.

"Sir! Blue Eagle's alive and well their fending off the hostiles but there are more of them out there." John reported.

"Alright guys we have one objective, we find a way through there and we find out what the hell is going on here." the Lieutenant said.

"So did you all go out there and face the zombies?" Juliet asked.

"Pretty much we had to fight our way through and I still remember how it all ended." John said as he flashbacked again.

The decision was made to leave the building and get to the HQ and find out how this madness all happened and try to put a stop to it.

"Keep giving them hell!" the Lieutenant shouted as they managed to get past them barely as the hordes of the undead were relentless.

"Hey! Blue Eagle! Red Eagle waiting for assistance!" John called out as they saw their comrades and gave backup taking some zombies out as they approached their HQ they quickly let them in and shut the gates behind them.

"First off, good to see your alive and second WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS!?" the Lieutenant said as then out came the Commanding Officer of Blue Eagle.

"Those things are part of our futurea future of Rot!" he said and just brought out his gun and shot one of Red Eagle's team mates in the head as both teams were at a standoff.

John however seeing one of his own team mates die in front of him by one of their own just quickly went to fire but was stopped by his Lieutenant as they all tried to stay calm amidst the chaos.

"Who are you people?" the Lieutenant asked.

"We follow the true rulers and this world will be nothing but Rot." the CO said as the rest of his team revealed their zombie transformations.

"Holy sh-" he couldn't finish that sentence as they attacked them and it was them vs. the now zombified squad.

John in the fight had lost his gun and the one zombie soldier came at him trying to bite him but he was blocking him with all his strength as he looked around and saw in the ground a machete as he tried to reach for it he then took a huge risk and kicked the soldier off him as he bolted for the blade and had it in his hand and as it came at him John with one massive swipe cut it's head off clean.

He went to help the rest of his team as he saw that most of them were dead and only he and his Lieutenant remained.

"Carver it's just you and me and we're now on the main course." the Lieutenant said as the remaining zombie soldiers came for them.

"The battle didn't go down too well and let's just say it was the moment that changed my life." John said as he flashbacked again.

They had managed to kill a few of the zombie soldiers but they now had to deal with the deranged Commanding Officer.



He was shot dead by the Lieutenant as now they had seemingly stopped him and his plans.

"What now sir?" John asked.

"We can't save these people, we have to call in an air strike and napalm the hell out of this place." the Lieutenant said.

"But won't we get court marshalled for this?" John asked.

"To save more lives yeah, we're going to need a quick escape are any of the vehicles here active?" the Lieutenant asked.

John looked at the two military vehicles and one was working. "Sir this APC is fine we can get through the horde and escape in time." John said.

"Alright I'll unlock the gate and you get this thing started." the Lieutenant said as he went to unlock the gate and John started the vehicle.

The gate was unlocked and he swung it open and within moments the undead began coming for them as he ran for his life as John driving the APC came towards him and opened the door as he jumped in and slammed it shut.

He just flattened anything that moved as bodies were being hit as the Lieutenant made the call. "Tango one niner, come in Red Eagle here we need a green light on hostiles, the entire village has been infected and need air strike." he said over the radio.

"What do you mean infected Red Eagle?"

"As in they've all gone crazy and we need a bomb dropped on em now before It spreads!" the Lieutenant shouted.

"Red Eagle you have a green light."

"Carver! How far out are we?!" he asked.

"Almost out they dropping the bomb?" John asked.

"Yes get us the hell out of here we only have five minutes before they do!" the Lieutenant ordered as John stepped on it as they were able to make it to the outskirts of the village as then the sound of jets were heard overhead and they passed the village and unleashed a hail of fire over it as it was engulfed in flames and they managed to escape in time and watched from afar as the flames burned on.

"Sir what now?" John asked.

He grabbed his tags and ripped them off himself. "Nownow we disappear." he said throwing his tags away.

John did the same as they drove off into obscurity.

"After that we went dark and of course on that same day the massacre happened and I hear about it weeks later, I was just devastated that I lost my brother and I couldn't contact my mom because technically I was dead, so I managed to write letters to her but made sure she got them at various drop off points but when I went travelling I had to send postcards in another name." John explained it further.

"You were dead for a long time?" Juliet asked.

"Yeah best way to protect my mom from any sort of danger, I made a lot of enemies when I started slaying." John said.

"So how did you learn that zombie cure?" Juliet asked.

"Believe it or not I was also bitten once but lucky for me some monks at a nearby temple in Tibet found me and saved my life and after that I learned their ways of healing and I learned that very thing and it has saved many lives." John explained.

"Ok then I guess you've slaying since?" she asked.

"Yeah pretty much, Juliet there's something I need to ask you how did my brother die?" John asked.

She remembered that day and how it happened, it still haunted her. "Swan…he…he…shot himself to activate the ritual to bring forth the zombie god KillaBilly" she said.

"He killed himself? No he wouldn't do that out of his own will, he's not a suicidal maniac!" John said defending his brother.

"Johnny…he did it and I'm sorry I tried to save him but he was so angry and upset he just wanted us all to suffer…I still wish I could've saved him." Juliet said as she began to sob.

John went to comfort her as he knew how sometimes you can't save everyone and felt the sting of that many times.

"Juliet, no matter how hard you try not everyone can be saved…you do what you can, I've lost friends and family but I drive on to keep this world safe from supernatural evil." John explained.

She wiped her tears away and saw the look on his face and it was one who has suffered greatly but refuses to give in to the past tragedies.

"Sorry about everything that's happened to you Johnny, your not Swan." Juliet said looking directly into his eyes.

"Yeah but even after he did what he did it got me and my mother persecuted for being related to him, we still loved him and I am determined to find out what really caused him to do this." John said as he was still convinced his brother was pushed to it.

"If he was then I'll help find out, we all will." Juliet said as she held his hands.

He looked to her as he could see she wanted to help and he nodded. "Thanks Juliet, I could do with some help on this." John said.

Their eyes locked and their faces were getting closer to one another as their lips began to touch and were back where it had started…


Gideon went to talk with John as he was banging on his door but there was no answer.

"Goddamit!" Gideon said out loud in frustration.

As then he heard footsteps and turned to see a man in his thirties and holding a few bags and had a hood over his face.

"Can I help ya son?" Gideon asked.

"Yeah I'm looking for John Carver." he asked.

"What's it to ya?" Gideon asked.

"He's an old friend of mine and he's expecting me." he answered.

"Do ya have a name?" Gideon asked.

"My name is Wade Rogers I'm John's ex Lieutenant and contact." Wade introduced himself.

"So your tha guy who helped him out there and taught him what he knows." Gideon said shaking his hand.

"Not everything but to keep us both alive pretty much, where is he?" Wade asked.

"Last I heard he went to see mah daughter." Gideon said.

"I'll wait for him." Wade said.

"C'mon boy, you can wait at mah home, I wanna know more about John and yerself." Gideon said as Wade took the invitation and followed.


"This wasn't a mistake right?" John asked.

"No it's so totally not! I like you, you like me what's not a mistake?" Juliet said.

"Well we didn't do it out of compulsion or the fact we both had a lot to get off our chests, but I'm glad I can be me around people and not lie about what I really do for a living." John said as he felt good to be honest for once.

"Yeah it does feel good to tell my secret and not lie about where I've been to people or why I disappear at random." Juliet told him of times she had to lie or go off to save people.

"I need to be honest about one thing and it's about me being in a relationship." John said ready to confess.

"Whatever it is Johnny I won't think differently of you." Juliet said reassuring him.

"I haven't been with anyone in a few years, my last relationship was an inn keeper in England, it wasn't serious but I only stayed there to stop this werewolf gang intimidating people for protection money, I eventually stopped them but they found out where I was staying and I came back and found the place destroyed and her ripped to shreds, I was on a path of bloody vengeance and I just killed them all." John told her more of his past torment.

"Johnny…it wasn't your fault it happens and if your afraid of me getting hurt, I've been there and I can take care of myself, I killed my first zombie at six months with a sharpened rattle." Juliet said reassuring him once more as that bit of knowledge surprised him.

"You've been doing this all your life that must've been real pressure carrying on the family legacy?" John asked.

"It is but when it's all of us we get through it and Johnny your not alone we're with you…I'm with you." Juliet said as she brought him in for a kiss.

They went back at it as the moment was perfect…

"Hey Juliet! Johnny! Dad wants us back home an-" Rosalind came bursting in and interrupted the tender moment between them and she had a huge grin on her face.

"OMG! Your going study! You guys getting married?! Now we can have a guy who has more balls than dad! You guys had sex yet? Nasty sex all over the place?!" Rosalind said in her hyper state.

Both were just lost for words and let her continue her random spark of words to them.


Wade was at the Starlings home as he was there to explain why he has turned up on John's doorstep.

"What do you all know about The Book of Rot?" Wade asked.

John's past is revealing itself more and more now with the arrival of Wade what will he reveal?

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